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My Philippine Fashion Week Experience

Why do I love fashion you might ask? It's because it serves as my creative outlet where I can express a part of my identity. What I choose what to wear every day is how I let people see a part of me. Not only that, but I also continuously learn and discover more about myself and my sense of style through my love for fashion. So can you imagine how ecstatic I was when I knew that I would get to attend an event that celebrates my passion? Euphoria!

I’ve always wanted to attend Philippine Fashion Week but for some reason it always never seemed to work out in my favour. So I really didn't know what to expect! I felt so anxious and excited at the same time during the first day. However, as I got the feel of the event, my anxiousness calmed down.

Before Fashion Week started, I did some research and browsed the designers and brands participating just so I would have a bit of an idea on what I would see on the runway; and I definitely fell in love with Jeffrey Rogador’s JPNY collection so I was super excited for Day 2! There might seem a lot going on on these sweaters but it’s such a statement piece! Plus, a Filipino twist was injected to it through the street names found here in Manila! My heart skipped a beat when I saw these on the runway. Definitely buying one of these!

Another favourite of mine was Kashieca’s Little Black Dress collection! I really enjoyed how they showed the different ways on how you can style each LBD. And being the girly me, my personal ffavouritewas The Party Dress by Sassa Jimenez. The poofy skirt plus the gorgeous low back detail gave out a very classy look with a subtle sexiness! 

During the 3rd day of PhFW, we also received goodie bags from Dominique Tiu and JL Ladrido! We were supposed to have a meet and greet but since JL had an emergency, they sent this out instead to us to make up for it. Very thoughtful of them!! Thank you Dominique and JL!!

When it comes to the trends though there were a lot I was excited about! I’m starting to stock my closet up with burgundy and green colours, which are the colours of the season and  some grid and leopard patterned pieces. However, the trend I loved the most though is from Suiteblanco – denim! They paired it with a lot of purples, pinks and different textures. One thing’s for sure, denim on denim is back and I am so ready to splurge on this jumper!

Deciding on what to wear for three days of Fashion Week really got to me. I felt like I had nothing to wear! But of course I was able to pull myself together an outfit. I opted to stick with black and white colors to be on the safe side since this is my first time. This is what I wore to Day 1: Forever 21 skirt, H&M necklace & Penshoppe top.

For Day 2, I was feeling a bit edgy and wore this knitted Zara sweater dress. It felt so comfortable I could have stayed in it for weeks! Again, I stayed in my self-proclaimed theme for PhFW, which is black. Zara sweater dress, So Fab boots, and SM Accessories necklace.

For the last day of Fashion Week, I used the models I saw at SMX as my inspiration for this outfit. I wanted to go with the model off duty kind of look by wearing ripped shorts, a black F21 top, and paired it with my chunky heeled mandals from H&M and a black Prada bag.

Thank you so much Clozette for this wonderful opportunity!! I really enjoyed being a Clozette Correspondent! Philippine Fashion Week was such a dream! 

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