Nail Art Ideas | Clozette
Gone are the days of plain nail polish in the standard colours of red, pink, blue, or black. Nail art enthusiasts have really pushed the boundaries of artistic expression by transforming their nails into a whole new accessory to complement their style. 

So check out these impressive nail art ideas we found in our Beauty Community and get ready to plan for your next manicure session!


For a sophisticated look suitable for a fancy dinner date, try experimenting with texture, clean lines, and peek-a-boo detailing that lets you show-off your natural nails. 

When you can't decide which design to get, why not get them all? This colourful nail art is perfect for the weekend when all you want to do is just chill and look at all the cute details on your nails. 

In the mood for floral? This sweet and girly floral nail art is perfect for a brunch date with your best girlfriends.

If you're aiming to give your nails a loud burst of personality, then this is the nail art to get. The fun gel accessories bring just the right dash of quirk and fun to your nails.

If you're in the mood for something snazzy, go for this orange and yellow toned nails with silver sparkles and crystal accents. 

You don't always need to head to the nail salon for your dream manicure. DIY nails are the best especially when inspiration from a cute nail tutorial beckons. So go ahead and grab your favourite shades and experiment with colour contrast!

These negative space nails are perfect for those who fancy intricate detailing. It's definitely a design that'll make for a great conversation starter.

Are you a monochrome lover? Then this is probably the perfect nail art for you! The grey with textured black accents complements the minimalistic monochrome style.



What we love most about our Beauty Community is their enthusiasm for giving their personal review on not only the latest products out on the market but also their long-time favourites. And one thing they all seem to really love (aside from Makeup, of course) is Fragrances. So we thought we'd compile a quick review on some of the fragrances our Community has been posting about lately.


Annick Goutal Petite Cherie
by Paperkitties

"This fragrance is described as the unique experience of womanhood, a celebration of the many transitions in a woman's life. A mother's beautiful vision for her child, this Eau de Toilette is classy, soft yet fresh and fruity." 

Miracle by Lancome
by fifiliciousify

"This classic scent is perfect for a light and flowery everyday wear and a lovely signature scent if you're looking for one! It's quite light and hence not that long lasting so you will have to spritz it throughout the day." 

Modern Muse by Estee Lauder
by Enabelle

"Modern Muse is captivating with it's harmonious Jasmine & Wood accords. Uncompromisingly feminine yet firm, this is one fragrance for the women of today." 

Lavin Me Eau De Parfum
by cassansaurusanaesi

"If you love sweet scents then this one is definitely a perfume you would want to check out. I am totally in love with this scent ever since I got the sample size and love the packaging which is classic and elegant looking." 

Untold Eau Legere
by musicalhouses

"It's a light, citrusy-floral scent with a wearable patchouli base. It's easy-to-wear as far as perfumes go, and is feminine without being either too sweet or cloying (my pet peeves in fragrances). Not to mention that the bottle is gorgeous as well!"

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt 
by silverkis

"Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt evokes a sense of nostalgia and transposes me to places I've loved. Ambretta seed lends a crisp freshness, whilst sea salt and sage gives the scent it's unique characteristic."



I love watching Youtube videos. There is just something enjoyable about taking time at the end of a busy day to browse through Youtube and watch beauty gurus talk about the latest products they've been loving (or hating) and getting style inspiration from video LookBooks. 

So here are some of the videos I watched this week that I thought I would share with all of you. It's a good mix of monthly favorites, style videos, makeup first-impression, and a home haul!  



August Favorites (and Flops): Beauty, Makeup, Candles

I have oily combination skin. So whenever I need to get a quick product review or just see what's good out there for someone with my skin type, I turn to MakeupByTiffanyD. Since she also seems to try out a lot of products, most often than not, whenever I'm curious about a product I'm contemplating on buying, she has probably tried it out and have done a review and swatch of it. Plus side: all those products she tries out makes for a great Monthly Favourites video!


My Hair Care Routine + My Hair Color & Favorite Products!

May I just say how gorgeous KathleenLights is...and her hair -- I want her hair. I struggle with taming my wavy hair so hair videos are one of my favorites. It's just nice to see the products girls use to get their hair in a state that makes me go: "how is she blessed with such salon perfect hair?" My hair is basically a frizz ball when I don't take care of it, so watching Beauty Gurus like Kathleen talk about how they care for their hair makes me feel somewhat inspired to attempt to take care of mine.


Styling a Basic White Tee

I like white t-shirts. But the problem I have with white t-shirts is that they are quite difficult to get right. Sure, they're easy and comfy and are just one of those style items that you can blindly grab from wardrobe and put on. The problem is this: they're so easy that sometimes I get tired of wearing them. First of all, finding a white t-shirt that fits you to a T can be quite a challenge. There are things to consider like fabric, cut, and length. Then once you've found the perfect t-shirt, it boils down to how to style it in a way that makes it seem fun and not at all boring (I'm talking about the good'ol t-shirt & jeans). So this video was fun to watch (and props to the editing style as well!). 


NEW Loreal Visible Lift Blur foundation first impression review

When it comes to learning about new products on the market, I turn to itsjudytime to get in-depth first impression reviews. I've gone through so many disappointing products that made me go: "I wish I could have seen how this wore through the day before I randomly purchased it." Then I discovered Judy and my makeup splurging habits have changed. I now make it a point to always check her channel for new first-impression reviews on products.


Home Bits & Clothing Haul

I have a dream and it is to one day own my own home and decorate it in a way that reflect my personality. Until that time comes, I am happy watching videos of Youtubers talk about their latest Home hauls. Extra fun-points for the clothing haul and the cute mustard-shade jumper that I now need in my life.