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Most of us assume that once a product hits the shelves, it's completely safe for consumption. But if there's anything we learned from recent exposés and ingredient analysis by experienced beauty enthusiasts, it's that some products that may pose harm to consumers can still find its way in the beauty market. However, most of the time, the issue is not as simple as black and white — sometimes it involves neons. Confusing? Stay with us.

While beauty products that contain blatant illegal substances such as high amounts of mercury are automatically recalled or seized by the authorities, others which have ambivalent safety standing can be cleverly marketed and pass standards via loopholes. 

Just recently, Instagram account Estée Laundry spotted something shady with the newly released Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palettes. Yes, they were not explicitly advertised as eye palettes but most of the promotional images feature the shades from the palette being used on the eye area. But the thing is, at least in the United States, these palettes were labelled "not intended for the eye area" (in small font text, mind you) on the back of the packaging along with its ingredients. 

It turns out, some of the pigments used to create the neon shades are not yet approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration. But here's the catch, it's deemed safe for use in the European Union and in some countries in Asia. So some people think it's just nitpicking, and the result of a slow process to update their approved ingredients list.

But Huda Beauty isn't the only popular brand to experience this. Urban Decay also ran at the same problem with their Electric Pressed Pigment Palette which, as you may notice, was never marketed as an eyeshadow palette but was just a multi-palette. 

As always, netizens are divided with their reactions on this news. Instagram user @musicandflowers_21 commented in response to Estée Laundry's post, "It doesn’t bother me in the slightest —  because as far as I’m aware, the regulations that state it’s not safe for eye use doesn’t apply in the UK and Europe. I think if it wasn’t really safe, surely we’d have the same rules as the US? It’s always something I’ve viewed as the FDA being very very overprotective about, similar to the way they view SPF as a drug."

On the other hand, others are not so happy that some brands are not properly disclosing warnings. "I just think that information should be transparent. Maybe these regulators don't update their benchmark quite as frequent but, when a company hides from the customer such warnings — that's just not cool. It's like your lover cheating on you emotionally but not telling you because he/she thinks that it isn't harmful to the relationship or to the other person. I want every information to be transparent. Period," says Instagram user @rakhikumari01

So the question remains, are these safe to use? Just as there are different safety standards per location, it does depend on several things such as your personal skin type. What may be okay to use for some can be extremely irritable for those with sensitive skin types. However whatever your skin condition may be, keep in mind that when it comes to beauty products or anything you put on or into your body, it's always better to be completely safe than sorry.


Your comb, the carpet, your linens — these are just some of the places you might find hair, aside from on top of your head, of course. While seeing them in those places can be annoying, it’s completely normal for us to shed some hair. Did you know that we lose about 80 strands per day?

So when do you take it seriously? The easy answer is if you notice that you’re shedding more than normal, it’s time to pay more attention. But aside from visibly seeing more strands shedding, you should also keep an eye out for feelings of sensitivity and itching on the scalp. When you notice these, start a routine that’s specially tailored for hair loss.

But first, did you know that many hair issues — including hair loss, dryness, dullness and lack of volume — stem from scalp problems? Which makes sense when you think about it because the scalp is where the hair takes root. So before the hair can grow abundantly, you need to tend to the scalp first. For this, products that nourish the scalp as they nourish the hair is the answer. Our pick? The Ryo Hair Loss Care range.

All the products in the range have Korean Ginseng, which has been proven effective in slowing down ageing. When used for the hair, it rejuvenates and strengthens the scalp, leading to better hair growth.

Aside from Ginseng, the products also have green tea from Jeju, which is rich in catechins that help reduce hair fall and Polyphenol that promotes growth. They also contain precious beans and Camellia flower to keep them moisturised and soft.

Your new routine

Step 1: Deep clean the scalp

For a more thorough cleansing, the Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler Ex should be on your to-get list once it releases in July. Made with a unique Scalp Scaling Solution, it gets rid of dead skin cells, cleanses off excessive sebum, soothes and cools the scalp and strengthens and nourishes the hair from root to tip. It does all that while being extra gentle on the scalp with a pH level of 5.5.

Step 2: Cleanse your scalp and hair

After that, you’ll need the Ryo Hair Loss Shampoo, which comes in two variants — one for normal and dry scalp and another for oily scalp. They contain an herbal complex featuring Johwadan (ginseng, Cnidium, pine needle and camellia) and Haesodan (ginger and green tea) that ensures healthy hair and scalp stress relief. It also has a five-free formula, which means it doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic colourants, triethanolamine, and polyacrylamide.

Step 3: Treat your scalp

Next, indulge your scalp in goodness with the Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment, which has been proven effective in preventing hair loss by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Plus, it contains ginseng extract, houttuynia cordata extract and red ginseng extract that moisturises and cools the scalp while nourishing the hair. It’s safe to use every day for best results.

Step 4: Give it some extra care

Give your scalp extra strength and protection, too, with the new Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence. The same way essences in skincare fortify the effect of a serum or a treatment, this essence will enhance the effects of the Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment. It contains 20x the power of fortified Korean Ginseng Extract. Plus, it has menthol that cools the scalp for a refreshing touch. Simply apply the essence on the scalp after shampooing and drying, twice a day. Massage it on with your fingertips, making sure to concentrate on problem areas.

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With the rise of the clean beauty trend, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to their local makers and experts for a more holistic beauty experience. Check out these Malaysian beauty brands to enhance your journey to better, healthier skin. 

Good Virtues Co. 

Commonly seen at drugstore chains like Watsons, Good Virtues Co. is no stranger to Malaysian consumers with their wide range of products that nourish the hair, face and body. The brand has halal certification and boasts 100% non-animal derived ingredients, as well as being free of mineral oils, SLES, ALES, parabens and synthetic colourants. If you’ve been looking for a body scrub that is gentle and effective, check out the Radiant & Renewing Body Salt Scrub for a spa-worthy experience.

By Eggs 

The first thing that catches your eye should be the adorable packaging, thoughtfully created by the two co-founders of By Eggs, who believe in nourishing your skin with quality ingredients. Their pilot product, Gelato Clay Masks, generated rave reviews from users that pushed them to continue producing a range of complementary products – cleansers, toners, moisturisers — for a complete skincare regime.

Kopara Essentials

If your skincare goals involve reducing the clutter on your dresser, we believe that Kopara Essentials can provide various beauty solutions with just one product. The Golden Jojoba Oil is versatile enough to act as a makeup remover, moisturiser, lip balm, and even as hair oil for stronger, smoother locks. Best of all, the product is organic, unrefined and suitable for all skin types.

Fawn Beauty Co

Dive deep into the world of artisanal soaps with Fawn Beauty Co, handcrafted with care and patience, formulated with only the best organic and vegan ingredients. These beautiful soap bars are much more than meets the eye, promising to be both sustainable and effective for an all-natural experience.

Jelita KL

Built on the belief that beauty comes in many forms, Jelita KL strives to keep their products honest, halal and animal-friendly, without the need for harmful chemicals to promote beautiful, glowing skin. Their bestselling Saffron Toner is made fresh every day and contains no preservatives — all the more reason to use this religiously — to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

(Cover photo from: @goodvirtuesco)