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Get ready to be blown away with's fabulous Fantasy Gifts. Even for the woman who seems to have everything, this is a truly unique experience that will capture her imagination due to its highly personalised nature. “To have the ease, support and advice of a dedicated Personal Shopper is next-level service,” says Sarokin. “The curation of an expert to guide them through the process can open a woman to a world of style and beauty that she may not have considered before.” 

The Fantasy Gifts are treats that provide the ultimate products and service, namely: 

The Endless Shopping Bag – Price: Unlimited 
Unlimited store credit for a year, along with a dedicated Personal Shopper to assist with styling needs, access to What’s New first, exclusive previews and the ability to pre-order. 

Shoes Every Week of the Year – Price: £26,000 
Your choice of shoes every week, chosen with the help of your own dedicated Personal Shopper, get first dibs on new products and the ability to pre-order.  

The Bag Subscription – Price: £18,000 
Choose from the ultimate tote to the party-perfect clutch with the help of your Personal Shopper – every month for a whole year. You’re also given access to all new bags first and the ability to pre-order. 

A Stylist for a Season – Price: £15,000/£30,000 
Your dream closet with your own dedicated Personal Shopper who will be on-hand to help you with all your styling needs for six months. Enjoy access to What’s New first, exclusive previews and ability to pre-order any of the items you love. 

The Ultimate Beauty Kit – Price: £2,000 
A bespoke kit of your dream products. You can now make it happen here by working with’s beauty experts to pick out must-have products and cult favourites perfectly suited to you.

The festive holiday season usually equates to a lot of travelling, whether it be for that long-awaited vacation to your dream Christmas destination or a quick road trip with friends and family. No matter where you may be going, we've all come to expect that any form of travel would require sitting in cramped spaces for an extended period of time and dealing with the the surge in holiday travellers. 

So to put you at ease this holiday season, we've made a list of 5 ways to stay fresh while travelling. Be sure to keep these tips on hand for fresh, fuss-free travel!


Dress Comfortably

photo by AnnaPatrish

Plan your outfit ahead of time, keeping in mind the type of travel you'll be doing. If you're anticipating multiple transportation transfers or even if you'll just be sitting in a car or bus, opt for maximum comfort in your attire, such as skorts, sneakers, a loose fitted top, and a cardigan in case you get cold. Dressing comfortably allows you to stay relaxed throughout your travel, and you'll reach your destination, fresh and well-rested. 

Stay Fresh Faced

photo by charleneajose

If you'll be travelling for more than three hours, aim to head out of your house with minimal makeup on. Nothing takes away the feeling of freshness than caked on foundation. If you absolutely must wear makeup, opt for something lightweight, such as a tinted moisturiser. But we think the best way to deal with stepping out of the house without makeup is to pop-on a pair of fabulous sunglasses and a dash of tinted lipbalm for that fresh-faced, travel-appropriate look.

Bring A Book

photo by Elaineebao

Travelling---especially during the holiday season---means having to deal with delays and lots of waiting time. So to keep yourself from stressing out throughout the whole journey, pack a favourite book along with you. It'll allow you to disconnect from the crowd and keep your mind occupied on something else.

Time-Out, Tune-Out

photo by demmiefermin

If all that travelling is starting to bring you down and you notice that it's starting to take a toll on your freshness-level, take the time to tune-out and breathe. Find the quietest spot around, close your eyes, tune-out the travel noise, and breathe in-and-out until you calm yourself down. This quick tip will reboot your mind and body and keep you feeling fresh, both inside and out.

Pack The Essentials

photo by chinobcena

Now here's the important part of every travel: beauty essentials to keep you looking fresh despite a long journey. We recommend the following items: mineral pressed powder for that quick complexion fix, tinted lipbalm for rosy lips, travel-sized perfume to keep your scent fresh, a small hairbrush to tame the frizz, and Closeup Deep Action toothpaste to keep your breath fresher for longer. It also has Micro Shine Crystals to polish your teeth for that extra bright, white smile as you step-off the plane, bus, or car. After all, a fresh, dazzling smile is always the best way to kick-start a long-awaited holiday getaway. Closeup Deep Action comes in cool minty Menthol Fresh flavor and intense zesty Red Hot flavor.



Our Clozette Ambassadors are constantly impressing us with their expertise in all things Fashion and Beauty, clearly tuned to the pulse of the latest trends and products in the region. Since we've previously done an Ambassador Style Talk, we thought it's about time we highlight our beauty and makeup loving Ambassadors. So we sat down with 3 of our Clozette Ambassadors from Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore for our first ever Ambassador Beauty Talk which puts the focus on our ever-beloved makeup experts from around the region.

We got Carmen (MY), Adana (PH), and Roxanne (SG) talking about what piqued their interest in all things makeup and to give us a little sneak-peek at their holiday makeup look just in time for the coming Christmas and New Year celebrations.


Get To Know Carmen, Adana, and Roxanne

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Carmen Low (CarmenLayrynn)

Tell us a little about what sparked your interest in makeup?

Back when I was a little girl, I always adored girls who have makeup on because they looked very pretty and confident. I wanted to be like them when I grew up, especially those models I would see in fashion magazines. I was always secretly hoping that I could be like them someday. 

Has your makeup taste changed over the years? 
Yes it has. I actually have seen a change in my taste and style. I used to have Avril Lavigne's eye make up when I first started seeking inspiration for my makeup look when I was a teenager. That style of makeup focuses on thick black eyeliner and thick false eye lashes. But nowadays, my everyday makeup look is more natural, with thin eyeliner and natural fake lashes, with a stronger focus on eyebrows. 

Also, when I first started really using makeup, I always went for affordable cosmetics---like the products sold in Sasa outlets because back then I didn't really have much pocket money to spend. But now, my makeup taste leans more towards quality and long lasting cosmetics. I always have events and outings to attend, so I need some products that are of better quality and last a lot longer.

Ever made a makeup mishap in your life so far?

That's a tough question for me to answer because so far I have not encountered any makeup or beauty mishap before. If I need to think of one, I think it would be drawing uneven eyeliner for both eyes when I first started wearing makeup.

What are the items in your daily makeup routine? Do you change your routine often?

I have actually filmed my daily make up routine over on my Youtube channel! I've listed all my daily makeup products and tips to create my everyday makeup. 

Do you have any tips for aspiring makeup girls out there?
There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers and there will be YOU proving them all wrong. Shine your own way, and be confident to what you're doing. You are beautiful the way you are.

Now, we’d like to pose you a challenge. Show us your take on a holiday-makeup look and tell us about the inspiration behind the look?

I really do love this holiday make up look below and will probably be wearing that this New Year's Eve. I just can't get enough of gold eyeshadow and red lips for this holiday season.

Where can we find more of you?

Blog, ClozetteInstagram, Facebook, & Youtube.

Adana Bautista (Halfdaydreamer)

Tell us a little about what sparked your interest in makeup?

I got inspired by the Mod makeup, the likes of Twiggy and Eddie Sedgwick. The first time I got interested in makeup artistry was in my photography class during my college years. A group of students needed a make up artist for a photoshoot and since I was the only one around who knew how to put makeup on, I volunteered. It was then that discovered I had a talent for makeup because people would ask me to do their makeup for them. After a year of teaching myself via Youtube tutorials and various magazines, I became a freelance make-up artist (MUA). Years later, it has become my sideline and now I have hopes of building my own make up empire and really excel in this craft.

Has your makeup taste changed over the years?
Yes! From the simple and basic look, to the avant garde, and now even special effects. I love makeup artistry so much that I have explored every aspect and variety of it. Like I said, I started with just the simple Mod makeup I adored, the usual big perky eyes and heavy eyeliner; and over the years, all sorts of makeup fads arose such as the Ulzzang look and the Korean dreamy look. I have tried every trend over the years to develop my skills more.

Ever made a makeup mishap in your life so far?

There was this KPop cover group that needed to look a certain way and they had to have really dark eyeliner. Every time I would try to put some, they would often tear up. This was bad because when I would repeat the process, I also giggled. I finally solved the problem by using waterproof eyeliner. Unfortunately, I have yet to perfect the art of how not to let make-up virgins cry when I put on eyeliner for them.

What are the items in your daily makeup routine? Do you change your routine often?

I sometimes use BB cream or Colorstay foundation, natural eyeshadow, gel liner, peach blush, and nude lipstick. I have tried some different approaches, but I always end up with my personal favourites in the end.

Do you have any tips for aspiring makeup girls out there?
Don’t be scared to explore. Try different looks and accept constructive criticisms. Basically, if you’re flexible in all types and techniques of makeup, you’ll eventually learn what fits your personality best. Makeup is not about hiding your imperfections, it’s all about enhancing what you have and how successful you've applied it to yourself.

Now, we’d like to pose you a challenge. Show us your take on a holiday-makeup look and tell us about the inspiration behind the look?

Here's the look I created. It's a shimmering metallic eye makeup with a bold red lip for a sophisticated holiday-ready look!

Where can we find more of you?

Clozette & Instagram

Roxanne Chia (RoxanneChia)

Tell us a little about what sparked your interest in beauty and makeup?

I used to have really bad skin during my teenage years and it was extremely difficult to find a good dermatologist who could solve my skin problems. Then I thought of how great it would be if I could study the field of dermatology and help others who were like me. Well, I never got into that field but the passion for beauty still exists.

Has your makeup taste changed over the years?
Of course! I used to really love dark, smouldering makeup that had a lot of depth and mystery in it. I loved a crazy smokey eye look, regardless of whether it was blue, black, or purple! Now, I'm much more subtle and prefer natural-looking makeup. Brows to me are also very important because they can make or break a look.

Ever made a makeup mishap in your life so far?

Not filling in my brows! I look really weird in my earliest Face of the Day blog posts with bare brows.

What are the items in your daily makeup routine? Do you change your routine often?

I don't have much time in the morning for makeup, so I pick the necessities: My trusty Diorskin Compact Foundation, a blush from Bobbi Brown, and my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Saddle 61 for my brows. This allows me to look naturally put-together; and if I ever needed a boost, all I need is to add a striking lip colour!

Do you have any tips for aspiring beauty girls out there?
Don't stop. Keep searching for something that works for you until you find it. And even when you do finally find that gem, don't stop exploring either.

Now, we’d like to pose you a challenge. Show us your take on a holiday-makeup look and tell us about the inspiration behind the look?

I love holidays, especially when December arrives. It's a great time to bring out the sparkles and smokey eyes! My holiday makeup is a wearable smokey eye using products from Urban Decay and Laneige, and pink, glossy lips using a gloss from Chanel. Add some blush to the cheeks and finally shimmer to the cheekbones, forehead and chin with Guerlain's Meteroties!

Where can we find more of you?

Blog, Clozette & Instagram