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Our Picks From Netflix's Upcoming December Releases

Ready the popcorn

The air is getting chilly, fairy lights are already up and popular coffee shops have started serving their limited edition drinks. Truly, the holiday season is officially here. And when it comes to movie releases at this time of the year, you know what to expect from Netflix — cheesy winter-themed romantic comedies. It's really become a new tradition, don't you think? Last month, we had the cliche-ridden yet adorable Let It Snow and Knight Before Christmas starring the new queen of winter chick flicks, Vanessa Hudgens. So what else is coming? Much more interesting titles than you would expect. Ahead, our picks from Netflix's December releases.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (December 5)

Who knew that a seemingly run-of-the-mill Christmas movie will have three instalments? A Christmas Prince is back and it's looking deliciously cheesy. In the Kingdom of Aldovia, Queen Amber is now pregnant with the royal baby and heir to the throne. However, it looks like this firstborn will be cursed. If that seems like a dark turn of events for a supposedly lighthearted movie, don't worry, it's not. In between signing truces and running a kingdom, there's gonna be lots of cutesy scenes like a mandatory baby shower sub-plot. Okay, so who wanna bet the baby will be born on Christmas Day and that the magic of Christmas will prevent the curse?

V Wars (December 5)

It's very probable that the writers who came up with V Wars thought to themselves, "What would Damon Salvatore do after becoming human?" Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries is back again in the world of the supernatural television, but this time, he's on the other team. No longer taking the role of a vampire, the actor will play a doctor who seeks a cure for an ancient disease that turns people into vampires so he can save his loved ones from turning into blood-thirsty monsters. Ahh, doesn't that plot take you back to the good old days?

Marriage Story (December 6)

Tired of the cheesy holiday lineups? Want a movie that will truly tug at your heartstrings? Well, you asked for it so Netflix and A24 (the production studio behind Lady Bird, Moonlight, and Eighth Grade) is here with Marriage Story — a film that will make you ugly cry. It's about "a marriage breaking up and a family staying together". Forget the popcorn, go grab the tissues instead.

The Witcher Season 1 (December 20)

Ever since Game Of Thrones went off the air, so many writers and producers have attempted to create the next big thing in the medieval fantasy genre but, as of now, nobody really succeeded. Even proposals for the prequels (which are part of the canon, by the way), are facing some challenges. However, there's a worthy contender in sight: The Witcher. This novel turned video game franchise is now also a TV series that will delve into political intrigue and feature big battles and complex characters (plus, saucy scenes). Not convinced? Well, you might just change your mind when you learn that Henry Cavill (from Man of Steel, The Tudors) will be the lead. 

You Season 2 (December 26)

There's no denying that the first season of You is a sleeper hit. Who would have thought that the same people behind the mess that is Riverdale (to be fair, the first two seasons were good) will be able to create a gripping thriller that's also clever and insightful? Now that it's back for another round, we're so excited and eager to know where the story will go next. Is Beck still alive? Will Paco crack and give away Joe's secret? But more importantly, who's the next victim? 

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