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Questions We Want Answered In Netflix’s ‘You’ Season 3

Caution: spoilers ahead!

With You being the fifth most popular show on Netflix, it’s not surprising that the streaming platform confirmed its return for another instalment. Based on books by Caroline Kepnes, the creepy Netflix series garnered widespread attention since its first season dropped in 2018. After all, You tricks you into sympathising with Penn Badgely’s Joe Goldberg, bookstore-clerk-slash-serial-killer. With its twisted revelations, the psychological thriller pushes you at the edge of your seat, therefore forcing you to just click the next episode button until you find yourself all finished and hungry for You Season 3. But more than that, once you peel away into the layers of its gripping scenes, the show pushes us to reflect on problematic aspects of romance. 

The first season was filled with refreshing content. By showing Joe’s toxic actions that he keeps justifying through his “love” for Becks, You subverts tropes we commonly see in romantic shows. It raises red flags on the stalking tendencies we usually ignore, forgive, and even love seeing from male romantic leads. And in the second season, this continues on, extending the discussion on morality. With Joe’s likeable character doing crimes with good intentions, we see that it’s not really black and white. It poses the question of what being good actually is. 

Still, after 20 episodes filled with twists and turns, we’re left with even more questions than ever. And with the show not returning until 2021, we have lots of time to think about what would happen next on the show. For now, we’re crossing our fingers that the following cliffhangers are cleared out in You Season 3. (Proceed with caution: heavy spoilers on the events of Season 2.)

Is Joe staying in Los Angeles for good?

A huge chunk of the second season was filled with Joe’s disdain for the City of Angels and its so-called pretentiousness. If he had any other choice, he wouldn’t leave Brooklyn to forge a new identity as Will Bettelheim in Los Angeles. But he found himself stuck there as he pines for his new love interest, Love. Midway through the season, L.A. residents list down seven totems, which, once seen, makes one officially part of the city. And Joe does see them, one after the other: the roller-blader in booty shorts, a police helicopter, two girls in the same dress, a pack of coyotes, a dog in a stroller, an off-brand superhero, and a palm tree on fire. Finally, towards the end, we see him moving into a new house with Love. So does this mean he’ll be staying here for good? What about the bookstore he’s tending to in New York? 

Will we see more of Ellie?

Though they’re still wrong, Joe’s actions are sometimes done to protect people he’s close with. In the first season, we watched him kill the abusive father of Paco. Here in the second, he’s gone through the same lengths to protect his neighbour Ellie. In the end, with no family left alive to care for her, Ellie flies somewhere far away to escape at Joe’s insistence. Ellie has come to no longer trust him, since the tragic events were caused by him, but she still receives allowance from him every so often. Will we see her return to avenge her sister? Or is it better that she’s just far away and safe from the toxic drama surrounding Joe?

Who’s the new neighbour Joe’s obsessed with?

Once they saw the scene, a lot fans speculated that this mystery woman Joe saw in between the fences as he was settling into suburban life was his mother. But Penn Badgely quickly shut down the theory in an interview with Bustle. So who is she really and what changes would she bring into Joe and Love’s lives? Is she going to turn out as creepy as them? We’re definitely looking forward how the show will play this all out without falling into the same formula. 

Will he end up killing Love too?

We all know the things Joe does in pursuit of love. Now with a new girl occupying his mind, would he ultimately have to eliminate Love, who currently stands in his way? It’s a plausible theory, considering that there seems to be a budding resentment between the two since Love showed her fatal side to Joe. After it was shockingly revealed that Love was the one who murdered Joe’s landlord, Delilah, Joe appeared to be scared of her. But he opted to stay with her as a form of atonement.

What happened with his mum?

In the second season, we saw snippets of Joe’s tragic childhood. Seeing his mum suffering under the abusive hands of his dad, Joe ended up shooting his dad to protect his mum. Young Joe was sent away by his mother for his good to a group home, and this lent an insight to Joe’s growth and further development of his trust issues and crimes later in life. But beyond that, we don’t know what else happened to his mother after he left. Everyone needs closure, and hopefully his mum does return in You Season 3 to turn his life for the better.

Is there still hope for Joe?

Lastly, the biggest question of all. Of course, we’re wishing he ends up in jail to pay for his crimes the proper manner, just as he did in the books. Still, all that is naught if he still doesn’t realise the gravity of his crimes. Joe seemed unlikely to change, but during the climax of the second season when his ex, Candace, finally showed him who he was, he somehow regained his conscience. For a moment, he faced the truth of his monstrosity and was ready to pay. We thought we would’ve gotten the end he deserved, but all that was ruined when Love surprised him with the news that she’s pregnant with his child.

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