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Want A V-Shaped Face? Check Out The New Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift

For a natural, contoured look

There's no denying that a sharp, defined jawline is still considered the ideal for most. In South Korea, jaw reduction surgery remains to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. That may be about to change. With all the movement towards body positivity and acceptance, brands are also listening and adapting to this shift in sentiment. French luxury skincare brand Clarins, for one, is a label that redesigned their product to cater to the new, modern consumer that values individual beauty.

Launched back in 1998, the V Shaping Facial Lift is now reinvented for the new era. It lifts, depuffs and tightens the skin with the help of its new ingredients. It gives you a sculpted, rejuvenated look without altering your unique features. You could say that it's like the MLBB of skincare — you, but better! Keep reading to know about its key ingredients.

The botanical ingredients

The key ingredients in the new V Shaping Facial Lift include Organic Agropyron Extract (anti-gravity plant extract), Organic Guarana, Plant Caffeine, Zerumbet Ginger Extract and Horse Chestnut Escin. All of these work together to lift sagging skin, reduce puffiness and help define the facial contours. The combination of Organic Guarana and Plant Caffeine limits the formation of new fat cells and destroys lipids to reduce fatty tissue. Meanwhile, the Zerumbet Ginger Extract and Horse Chestnut Escin reduces water retention and stimulates skin microcirculation. 

Clarins V-Shape Studio Pop-up Booth

In Singapore at the ION Orchard, Clarins has a fun pop-up booth where you can try the new V Shaping Facial Lift, get an intensive wrap mask and watch the staff do a demo on how to properly apply the serum for maximum results. Plus, the photogenic booth gives plenty of cute photo opportunities! The Clarins pop-up space is open until 23 June. 

The new V Shaping Facial Lift Contouring Serum retails at SGD122/~USD89.18. It's available in all authorised Clarins counters and on the official Clarins website.

(Cover photo from: @clarinsofficial)