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Here's A Handy-Dandy Guide On How To Use The New Emojis

We've got our favourites already

Brace yourselves: a new batch of emojis is coming out soon. It includes necessary and long-awaited inclusive emojis like interracial couples and differently abled-themed ones. But it's also clear that some of the new additions are just for fun. A drop of blood, a smiling otter, an oyster (with a pearl inside!) and the much-talked-about pinching emoji are just some of the remarkable launches among over 50 new emoji variants. 

Although the Unicode Consortium already released related keywords to the symbols, we all know that most of these emojis will have further meaning than what was initially intended. Case in point: the eggplant emoji. Aside from the really obvious ones, most emojis remain open to interpretation and can be associated with any meaning we bestow upon them. With that said, here are our suggested ways on how to use five of the new versatile emojis in your future messages. Keep them handy!

The pinching hand 

Best for: pinching cute or irritating things digitally, to say how little you think something is, or how close you are to something or picking up things you find disgusting.

Example 1: "Oh my goodness, your dog is so cute! "


Example 2: "They're so irritating and I'm this  close to losing it."

Example 3: When someone sends you unsolicited nudes and your feedback is... 


Example 4: Ew, how come it's so smelly? (recommended to use with the new underwear emoji). As in "

Example 5: "Sorry, the traffic is so bad. I'm already so close, you just need to wait a ."

The smiling otter 

Best for: when you're feeling like a boss or when you turn out to be right all along when nobody believed you. 

Example 1: "You didn't believe me, but look who's sorry now. "


Example 2: "Do this and this and this ASAP. That's all. "

The kneeling emoji 

Best for: when you've completely given up all hope, when you're desperately begging, when it's already Friday and you find out there's a need to do some overtime, when you didn't save eight hours worth of work and now it's all gone or when you tried to do yoga and this is the only position you can master.

Example 1: "I beg you, please don't eat all the pizza.  Have mercy on my (and your) stomach."

Example 2: "Hey, girl! I did yoga today for the first time after the holidays and this is what happened... The yoga instructor was like, 'Okay, now transition to Eka Hasta Vrksasana.' And then I was like... "

Example 3: "What is my life? "

The bandage 

Best for: when you need to patch things up with someone, when you need to cover up something or when you're comforting someone who's emotionally wounded

Example 1: "I know. Life is tough but you need to pick yourself up and put on some  and lipstick."

Example 2: "Hey, aunt! My mom is so mad at you after you forgot to return her Tupperware. You have to come here and return it soon. So you can  things up."

The hanging sloth 

Best for: when you want a coy but dramatic entrance in a group chat or when you're about to fall but you're still hanging in there

Example 1: "Oh, you're asking me how work is? Hmm, well I'm still there. "

Example 2: "Hey, besties, how's it hangin'? "

(Icons and photo credits to: emojipedia.org)