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2016 just started but new beauty trends are popping like crazy! A mixture of bold and natural look that exudes playfulness and youth, the “baby face” trend is the next big thing in K-beauty. 

Want to know how to nail this look? Read up to learn more!


Dewy Skin

(image from ssydneyho)

Instead of putting powder foundation to seal your foundation and concealer, you can use translucent powder to not over-mattify your face. The “baby face” look is all about having soft and lustrous skin without looking greasy. So just powder over the T-zone and stay away from powdering your cheekbones for a natural looking glow.
Soft Brows 

A lot of us have been obsessing with brows lately—how to draw them in, shaping, filling— but for this particular look, keeping them more natural is the way to go. After shaping your eyebrows, a simple and soft fill is enough to just enhance volume of your brows. 

Dolled Up Eyes 

The thing about this trend is that you go subtle on everything except the eyes. Volumising and lengthening mascaras and/or falsies are your bestfriend in achieving this look because it’s all about making those peepers look fresh and fun. Tones like light orange, pale yellow, and peach eyeshadows can pump up this look. Just make sure you don’t overdo the mascara. A simple sweep is enough.

Plump Cheeks

A simple pinch-in-the-cheek is the way to go! Light shades of pink or peach tones will do the trick in complementing the youthful glow we’re aiming for.

Gradient Lips 

To complete the look, start off by using either a nude lipstick or lip concealer, blot the line where your lips part with lipstick and brush it outwards using either your finger or a lip brush. Once done, blot another thin layer of lipstick on the same place you started before and pat it down to accentuate the colour. To match the dewy look of your skin, sweep a light coat of lip gloss on and done!


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(cover photo from @moyou_london)

Love changing up your nail designs but don't fancy constantly taking a trip to the nail salon for a nail art update? We get it. Sometimes we wish we could all somehow possess nail art skills, like painting intricate patterns that add a touch of dimension to plain looking nails. 

Well, gone are the days when you'd have to drop by your favourite nail salon to get fancy nail art done. Because thanks to MoYou London’s Nail Stamping Kits, nail art that you can easily do in the convenience of your home is now easier than ever. 

Want to see what’s inside these kits? Then just watch the video below!

These nail stamping kits caught our eye recently so we did an exclusive interview with the people behind MoYou London to chat about their innovative product and learn more about what makes MoYou London so unique. 


Can you give us a brief background on MoYou London?

MoYou London creates Nail Art Stamping Sets with over 500 different image plates. Our gorgeous and varied themes mean that we’re able to cater to all types of groups and personalities. Each nail kit comes with everything you will need to create artistic nails. And the best part is that our design plates are made of stainless steel – you can use them over and over again – and each plate contains different sizes so everyone of all ages can enjoy beautifully-designed nails!

What’s the story behind the name ‘MoYou’ and what do you think makes it unique?

The name ‘MoYou’ comes from the Japanese word, which means ‘pattern’. And we decided to choose that name for our brand as a lot of the nail art culture comes from there. In some way the nail art culture is very influenced from Japan – some of our designs have even been a part of tattooing in Japan for many generations!

What was the inspiration behind each collection?

The inspiration comes from the diverse design team we have – there are so many different personalities in the team that it creates such a beautiful mix. For example, with the Doodles collection it was inspired by someone who isn’t afraid to draw outside the lines; Cook Book came from wanting to combine our love for creating sumptuous delights in the kitchen and nail art! The Hipster collection is perfect for those who loved nail art even before it was cool; Sailor was inspired by wanting to bring the world of the ocean to a look. And then the Tropical and Mandala collections were about wanting to give our audience something intricate, fun, and that felt like they were in another country.

Although we are in the nails industry, our team comes from fashion, music, and art. We follow trends on a daily basis and, therefore, are able to bring the latest and best into nail art.

What’s the process for creating the designs?

Sorry, but that’s a secret I can’t tell you right now. But don’t worry because you will all find out every month when the designs are released! We have huge collections coming out this year that are going to make a lot of noise in the nail art world, so keep a look out for those.

Which design is your most popular? Why do you think consumers are drawn to that specific one?

Since we sell globally and are in very diverse markets, every country has a different taste. There isn’t really that ‘one ring to rule them all’ type of thing. Also, because things are changing very rapidly with trends, styles, and fashion, our best sellers really vary with time.

Do you have any tips for nail art beginners who are new to MoYou? How can we perfect the MoYou nail stamping technique?

We have loads of video tutorials that are on our Instagram channel, at @moyou_london, worth having a look. Nevertheless, new techniques are being invented by customers every day so just exploring stamping nail art on our YouTube channel is fascinating. We really admire the creativity of our customers because they are the ones that make nail art kick ass!


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(cover photo from jin_photography)

Makeup, just like fashion, is an art -- you can create anything and everything by just using a few colours! And during New York Fashion Week, these works of art came out and beautifully complemented all the things the models were wearing.

But because runway beauty looks are all about creativity, often these don’t work in real life – from gold eyebrows to hot pink lids and everything else in between. If you wanted to take these runway looks to the streets, though, don’t despair! Just keep scrolling below for the list of beauty looks and trends from the runway that you can easily recreate at home!


Sophisticated grunge - 3.1 Phillip Lim

(photo from Instagram/@spanych)

While grungey looks are all about smokey and messy eyeliner, this new take seen in 3.1 Phillip Lim is nothing short of stunning and classy! Instead of smudging out the entire line, only mess up the inner corners to leave a sleek and straight line across the whole lid that extends all the way down to the outer half of the lower lash line! Rock and roll has never looked so chic!

Return to the 80's - Mara Hoffman

(photo from Instagram/@puckermakeup)

Thanks to this makeup look from Mara Hoffman, beauty addicts no longer need to be scared of 80’s beauty trends! First, forget all about dark, bushy brows and colourful shadow extending all the way to the brow bone. Now, concentrate most of the colour near your lashline and blend outwards for a soft, ombre effect. The ombre look is extended all the way down on the lips too, by pairing the bright shadow with a faded pink lip! To achieve this, use a hot pink shade on the outer corners, followed by a paler pink in the center for a fuller pout. 

Lashes for miles - Anna Sui

(photo from Instagram/@officialannasui)

If you want your makeup look to really stand out, take inspiration from Anna Sui’s beauty look! Layer up on your falsies (or mascara, whichever you prefer) for a stunning effect reminiscent of the Mod era in the 1960’s. And whether you want to finish it with red or nude lipstick is totally up to you!

Disco gold - Tommy Hilfiger

(photo from Instagram/@harpersbazaarus)

Amazingly, gold looks good on everyone. So for a chic party look that’s easy to create, take inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger and just apply some gold eyeshadow all over your lid with a darker brown on the outer corners for a more contoured look! Make sure your brows, lashes, and lips are soft for a gentle-yet-edgy vibe.

Taupe eyes & natural freckles - Sandy Liang

(photo from Instagram/@maybelline)

For a more youthful look, the models for Sandy Liang sported taupe eyeshadow and a good heaping of drawn on freckles! To recreate this at home, just take any taupe eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid, extending to the crease for a defined look. As for the freckles, just take your eyebrow pencil and lightly press it on your skin to add them! If you find that they’re too harsh, just dab your foundation brush or sponge over them for a softer and more natural finish.


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