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Taking your makeup off before bed is a crucial step for any night-time skincare routine. However, it can be quite frustrating when you’ve swiped on your toner and still found traces of your makeup still peeking at you from the cotton pad. The good news is, an affordable new makeup remover has arrived on the market, and it’s approved by makeup artists. Say hello to the NIVEA Professional Micellar Water.

We attended NIVEA's launch last 17 April to witness the unveiling of their new product in Singapore. Tested by makeup artists in Singapore and the UK, NIVEA Professional Micellar Water’s lightweight formula penetrates deeply into pores to lift away dirt, oil, and sebum in one simple step, as shown on the demo with the model below. 

nivea pro micellar demo

Its unique Micellar Complex features a bi-phase formula that combines micellar technology and dry oils. Together, this fast-acting, fast-absorbing formula works like a magnet to trap stubborn makeup and impurities from the skin. This makes it easier to wipe off makeup without any unnecessary dragging or tugging at the skin, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

nivea pro micellar water

The addition of black tea extract gives it antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep skin clear and glowing — perfect for the city girl constantly exposed to smoke and environmental pollution. The formula is also fragrance-free making it safe for sensitive skin types.

If you're piqued, NIVEA’s new makeup remover has two variants. The NIVEA Professional Micellar Water (SGD19.90/~USD15 for 400ml) is recommended for heavy makeup users and is good for removing waterproof makeup sans the greasy residue afterwards that most cleansing balms leave. The NIVEA Professional Micellar Wipes (SGD10.90/~USD8 for 20 sheets), on the other hand, is a travel-friendly option, offering the convenience of makeup removal in one full swipe. Whichever you choose, it’s guaranteed to leave you fresh-faced and ready to proceed with the rest of your skincare routine.

(Cover photo from: @niveaitalia

The NIVEA Professional Micellar Water is now available at Guardian stores and will be available at Watsons stores from 25 April 2019. The NIVEA Professional Micellar Wipes will be available exclusively at Watsons stores starting 25 April 2019.



When fresh, dewy skin is in, it’s no surprise that healthy, moisturised lips with a glossy finish are making a comeback as well. Lipstick Queen, the purveyor of the perfect pout, released some exciting new products to help you achieve this look. Start with an even-textured canvas with the Lip Restore Scrub. Its gel-based formula hydrates lips and peppermint oil lends a cooling sensation while enhancing your natural pout. Follow up with the Lip Restore Balm, which is formulated with an ultra-hydrating formula consisting of vegetable lanolin to nourish lips and seal in moisture.

Add some mirror-like shine to your pretty pucker with the Rear View Mirror Lip Lacquer. This innovative gloss features a jelly-like stick that melts easily on to the lips resulting in a comfortable, high-finish, and non-sticky shine. Vitamin E helps retain hydration while film formers provide long-lasting wear. Currently, there are nine shades available to this range: Berry Tacoma (a bright raspberry), Drive My Mauve (a mauve-infused taupe), Fast Car Coral (a vibrant ruby red), Joy Ride Java (a subtle warm cocoa), Little Red Convertible (a classic true red), Low Rider Raisin (a deep plum wine), Magenta Fully Loaded (a lustrous bright plum), and Thunder Rose (a warm lively pink).

The Lipstick Queen products are available at Escentials Paragon, Escentials TANG Orchard, and Escentials Takashimaya.


Summer is always equated to hitting the beach, going on road trips, and basically everything related to having fun under the sun. However, the sad truth that comes with the hot weather is that we're also susceptible to many heat-related illnesses that could spoil your sunny disposition (pun intended) for the season. Now, don't call us killjoys, but as the famous adage goes, it's truly better to be safe than sorry. Just take our word for it and have these picks packed and ready before you get on with your adventures. 

Start with a refresher


SNAILWHITE Whipp Soap, PHP295/~USD6 (

One mistake we often commit when the sun is at its hottest is washing our face almost every minute. Sure, the sticky and sweaty feeling isn't exactly the best, but going at it every hour actually strips your face of moisture, which can lead to some serious dulling and drying. Our solution? Give your skin a refresher with a gentle facial cleanser that does the job done without the need for you to repeat the process constantly. Try the SNAILWHITE Whipp Soap, which is much raved about by influencers and beauty lovers in the Philippines. 

This beauty bar creates a rich foam that feels soft and fluffy to the touch, giving the skin a nice and refreshing treatment amidst the scorching weather. It also boasts a Micellar Technology that makes use of micelles that attract dirt and oil, effectively pulling them like away from the face like a magnet without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Definitely something worth keeping in your beauty kit for these hot days.

Amp up on the coolness

Kiehl's Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

Kiehl's Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream, SGD68/USD50

As we're advocating for less face-washing, you might be asking, "But how do I keep my skin cool now?" Kiehl's has thought it through with their new Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream. Hitting the shelves on 30 April, this pick is formulated with the highest of calendula extracts and contains five vital skin-soothing compounds to ensure your skin will have its burst of hydration even with the sun at its peak. The water-cream texture also makes it lightweight and easy for the skin to absorb, leaving you with glowing skin minus the icky feeling. Hold it on its promise to deal with irritation and redness due to the heat in as quick as one week.

Go for lightweight beauty

Lancome UV Expert BB Complete

Lancome UV Expert BB Complete, SGD75/~USD55

We know you're with us on this: summer isn't exactly the best season to wear a full face of makeup. This rings true no matter how much of a full-coverage queen you are. And if going bare isn't up your alley, we suggest a switch from foundation to BB cream to give your skin some breathing space against the fatigue-inducing weather. Our best bet for lightweight beauty that still boasts a bit of coverage and flawlessness, with an added bonus of sun protection is the Lancome UV Expert BB Complete

Infused with Edelweiss flower, this base product packs on skin repair and protection while being able to withstand extreme conditions and even high UV exposure. Not saying that you should bask in the sun mindlessly with this on, but it's good to know your BB's working great for you no matter your summer adventures.

Try hitting it up old school

Aveda Mini Paddle Brush

Aveda Mini Paddle Brush, SGD31/~USD23

Your hair also takes a major hit when the sun is blazing. So as much as using a curling iron is fun to achieve beach waves, you may want to reconsider and give your mane a much-deserved break. Swap the irons and the tresses-tolling styling methods with something old school and surprisingly therapeutic. The Aveda Mini Paddle Brush is not only optimised to fit your summer bag but it also features extended bristles for easy yet gentle detangling and hair pampering.

Internal care matters, too!

Sangobion Iron Capsules

Sangobion Iron Capsules, SGD18/~USD13 (

Did you know that your iron levels also affect how your body regulates temperature and how you experience fatigue? Feeling cold during the peak of summer is never a good sign (even if you wish it is) as it does not allow your body to detox from sweat properly. The combination of the heat and iron deficiency also spells trouble for your productivity, leaving you feeling tired and making you prone to feeling short of breath or developing constant leg and feet cramps as you get on with your day.

This is why getting a boost of iron, as well as other supplements good for your insides, should also be a part of your summer checklist. Add some Sangobion Iron capsules to your handy first aid kit to ensure that you andyour red blood cells are in top shape. You wouldn't want to miss out on all the summer fun because your inside workers are feeling low, don't you?

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