No-Makeup Makeup For Summer | Clozette

It's the reign of the "no makeup" makeup look this season because summer is the time for your natural beauty to glow! But don't let its name fool you, this is pretty hard to ace--you need the right products and right amount of perseverance to make the look as flawless as possible.

Here are 7 makeup items that should be included in your "no makeup" #FOTD.


BB cushion

(photo from SamanthaJoy)

Using your usual foundation is fine but the BB cushion gives more nutrients while still giving great coverage. It's an ideal base for days when you are outdoors to ensure moisturised skin all-day long while keeping your oils at bay.


(photo from sharmaintang)

Here's where your blending skills will be put to test. Use a concealer one shade lighter to brighten up your skin a little bit. Apply it under your eyes and dab on spots that need concealing, then blend it out!

Blush and Bronzer

(photo from Beautyperkz)

Use a blush that rests more on the peach or light orange shade for a natural flush. Match it with a light bronzer and apply on areas that need slight contouring for a little boost on your face.

Brow Makeup 

(photo from beautifulbuns)

You can never leave your brows unattended, even during summer! With the heat and inevitable sweat, be sure to use a waterproof eyebrow product to perfect your brows in a way that makes it still look natural.

Nude Shadow Palette

(photo from GraceMyu)

Summer is the time to embrace nude shades like brown, beige, and tan. Apply a light shade on your lid then add a darker shade of brown at the outer part of your crease, slowly blending it inward, 


(photo from chloewl)

You can opt to skip this step; but if you do want to put on mascara, make sure to use one that makes your eyes look bigger to really emphasize your eyes. Apply on both your upper and lower lashes and skip using your falsies.

Nude Lippies

(photo from fifiliciousify)

For a natural, take a break from bright colours and go for a nude lippie instead, in shades of mauve or with a dark brown undertone. Or you can even go bare by wearing a tinted lip balm for a softer and more natural finish. 



(cover photo from chloewl)

Good Skin = Confidence. While it may not be the sole factor behind one's self-confidence, it does play a part in how you carry yourself through the day. We have to admit, walking around with a huge cystic zit or inflamed skin without concealer can be a confidence-buster, especially on days when you need to look your best--like during a big presentation for work or school, or a first-date. So what do we do? Cover it all up with makeup. But that doesn't really treat your skin issues at its core.

So here are 5 steps to get you on the right track to being skin confident. 


#1: Change Your Mindset About Perfect Skin

(photo from GraceMyu)

Perfect skin is a myth. No one has that perfect skin seen in glossy magazines--they're all just photoshopped or have been run through filters. The only thing that comes close is well-managed skin. It's all about understanding what your skin type is and identifying the products that can help correct and improve your skin condition. Have sensitive, easily inflamed skin? Find a moisturiser that is gentle and contains cooling ingredients like aloe vera. Have dry, flaky skin? Pick products that pump moisture back in your skin. 


#2: Treat Don't Just Cover

(photo from rinicesillia)

While it's so easy to just cover up any skin imperfections with makeup, it's vital that you take the necessary skincare steps to treat any issues. Covering it up and ignoring your skin issues may just exacerbate it further. There will come a time when covering up just won't work any more. So before it gets any worse, get your skin analysed and treated by visiting your dermatologist.


#3: Settle On A Good Skincare Regimen

(photo from RoxanneChia)

Settle on a good skincare regimen and avoid hopping from one product to the next. Give the products time to work on your skin. After all, just knowing that you have a skincare regimen that is treating your skin issues every day is half the battle won; because you know that eventually, after continued use, your skin will get better. As it does, you'll soon find yourself using less base cover up and embracing your bare skin.


#4: Exercise & Eat Right

(photo from WenhuiWang)

Having good skin isn't just a result of skincare, it also boils down to your lifestyle routine. Eating unhealthy food all the time without exercising doesn't give your skin the necessary nutrition and rejuvenation it needs to thrive. Not getting enough sleep also affects your skin condition. So revamp your lifestyle by eating healthier, getting into a good exercise routine, and sleeping for at least 7-8 hours every night. Your skin will thank you for it.


#5: Always Choose Good Skin

When in doubt, always choose good skin. As mentioned by Skin Expert, Dr. Melvin Ee, good skin will always give anyone a spring in their step, making them feel confident through the day. So choose good skin by putting together a skincare and lifestyle regimen that will give you the results you deserve.



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