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Here’s How To Ease Back Into Co-Working Safely

Restart at One&Co

Working from home has become the norm these days. But we’re sure you’re already experiencing cabin fever after being cooped up in your abode for quite some time. So we say ease back into exploring the world of co-working spaces. They’re perfect for those who need a temporary place to get stuff done quickly. We discovered, however, that there’s a spot in Singapore that allows you to do this — but also so much more. Meet One&Co. Here are just some of the things you can experience there, and how you can enjoy them safely.

Ample space to keep a safe distance 

The main lounge at One & Co has ample space for safe distancing.

One&Co has an open space layout where people can comfortably practice safe distancing.

One thing you’ll notice right when you step into the space is its openness. The high ceilings and the open bar countertop are intentional in giving you a feeling of being at home and open to sharing the space safely with other members of the community. They also have an open, lush patch of greenery that invokes a feeling of serenity and helps with concentration. Plus, you can drop-in to use the space — much like how you would drop at a cafe to work or meet with someone.

Different avenues for different work styles

Aside from the openness of space, One&Co also started utilising areas they used to not make use of. Plus, they’ve integrated new furniture to create more individual spaces for workers. If you're the type to need caffeine for work fuel, you'd be happy to know that they offer complimentary tea and coffee too. While they do not encourage gatherings at this time, they implore people to make use of their phone booths and concentration booths, which are great for virtual meetings — all of these areas and more are equipped with stable Wi-Fi, of course. There are charging points as well, so you'll never have trouble running out of battery.

There are different areas for working at One & Co, including their bar.

Different spaces for different working styles

At One&Co’s core remains collaboration and a sense of community. While gatherings and events, such as Japan Wine Night and Whisky Night, will be paused, for now, they will continue to provide avenues where camaraderie and collaboration are inspired. These days, more offices are looking to downsize and one of the areas that typically get a hit is the use of a physical office. With that in mind, One&Co can help with providing an alternative for flexible work styles. The same goes for being open for in-person onboarding of new employees and meetings.

Safety and sanitation are priorities

On top of catering to guests’ needs, they also follow safety protocols, guided by the measures on Safe Workspace Management set by the Singapore government. Hand sanitizers and anti-septic wipes are also provided in the space, and cleaning and disinfection of common areas have been increased in frequency.

A venue for widening your horizon

One&Co offers books for everyone to read.

Books for everyone to read — and talk about.

One of One&Co’s goals is to create a seamless connection between Singaporeans and Japanese not only through a shared space but also an exchange of culture. In collaboration with Kinokuniya, they also curate books in Japanese and English. These are displayed in the bookshelf area to not only foster continued learning but also spark a conversation amongst guests. A win-win set-up, if you ask us.

One&Co is at Twenty Anson #11-01, 20 Anson Road, Singapore 079912.