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The Internet has grown to be just more than social media and browsing for information – it has become a shopping haven as well, allowing customers from all over the world to purchase anything they desire with the click of a button.

Which is why with the online shopping business booming, this past 21 February 2016, Japanese brand, JRunway, closed its store in Plaza Singapura due to their lease expiring, and will instead focus on their online site.

With their online store,, they will be able to continue being the market trend leader in the industry as it will be easier to feature more Japanese brands, selections, and also faster on-trend reports and photos than through a brick-and-mortar store.

Mr. Chigira Kenji, Managing Director of AWCG, explains that, “We have seen an increase in our online business, so this is only a small re-adjustment in our retail strategy. We will be organising various fashion pop-up events throughout the year, starting with Spring/Summer 2016 in Singapore (dependent on mall locations and consumers). We will then replicate this and take it around the ASEAN region.”

Members of the website can enjoy a constant changing of brands, allowing JRUNWAY to retain its freshness and appeal. By expanding its reach into the online world, it will also allow them to tap into the tech-savvy youths and their spending habits of today!

So if you’re a lover of shopping and Japanese street style, then JRunway is the perfect online boutique for you, which currently ships to Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand!


JRunway is currently available at, its Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Store in Singapore, and in various pop-up store locations in Singapore.


(cover photo from maybelinesim)

Social media is a wonderful source to get the latest fashion and beauty tips. And the latest trend to sweep the industry is Snapchat where everything is shared to you real-time! Not only do you get to have the lowdown on the latest trends as it happens, but you also get a peek of what it is like to live the life of a style/fashion/makeup blogger – it can’t get any more personal than this!

So if you haven’t caught on the Snapchat bug, the best way to start and immerse yourself in the app is to follow these snapchatters for a start!


Chriselle Lim

Get the dibs on how Californian entrepreneur @chrisellelim juggles changing outfits between fashion shows, travelling the world, styling outfits and being a mom. Her life can’t get any more exciting than this.

She’s such an avid user of Snapchat that Snapchat even made her her own filter for NYFW!

As a bonus you can also check out Chriselle’s handy dandy petite blonde personal photographer, Karen, on her snapchat @karenrosalie!

Aimee Song

Get to know how this style influencer lives her day as Aimee and as songofstyle. Also, find out how much she loves avocadoes on her account @songofstyle.

Also follow her partner in crime cum sister, Dani Song, on @handsomedani.

Andrea Chong

Relate to someone closer to home with Singapore’s very own influencer, Andrea Chong! She’ll make you jealous with her life of travelling the world, being lovey-dovey with her boyfriend, and getting dolled up for photoshoots.

Catch her snapchatting at @dreachong!

Irene Kim

Want to know what it is like to live your life as a rainbow haired model? Follow Irene on her colourful and funky life on her account @ireneisgood and get zoned in to all the fabulous outfits a model wears.

Maybelline New York & Sephora USA

Get a sneak peek into makeup trends and also get first hand updates on what new products will be coming out. From Maybelline’s snapstory from NYFW, we know that we can expect a new mascara soon and a new highlighter stick which will be out at the end of this year. Impress your friends with your makeup insider information from @maybelline!

Need even more makeup news? Hang around for Sephora’s updates on @sephorasnaps where they spring you with surprises and product previews!


Who do you recommend we follow next? Share your list of favourite snapchatters in the comments below!



(cover photo from jin_photography)

Makeup, just like fashion, is an art -- you can create anything and everything by just using a few colours! And during New York Fashion Week, these works of art came out and beautifully complemented all the things the models were wearing.

But because runway beauty looks are all about creativity, often these don’t work in real life – from gold eyebrows to hot pink lids and everything else in between. If you wanted to take these runway looks to the streets, though, don’t despair! Just keep scrolling below for the list of beauty looks and trends from the runway that you can easily recreate at home!


Sophisticated grunge - 3.1 Phillip Lim

(photo from Instagram/@spanych)

While grungey looks are all about smokey and messy eyeliner, this new take seen in 3.1 Phillip Lim is nothing short of stunning and classy! Instead of smudging out the entire line, only mess up the inner corners to leave a sleek and straight line across the whole lid that extends all the way down to the outer half of the lower lash line! Rock and roll has never looked so chic!

Return to the 80's - Mara Hoffman

(photo from Instagram/@puckermakeup)

Thanks to this makeup look from Mara Hoffman, beauty addicts no longer need to be scared of 80’s beauty trends! First, forget all about dark, bushy brows and colourful shadow extending all the way to the brow bone. Now, concentrate most of the colour near your lashline and blend outwards for a soft, ombre effect. The ombre look is extended all the way down on the lips too, by pairing the bright shadow with a faded pink lip! To achieve this, use a hot pink shade on the outer corners, followed by a paler pink in the center for a fuller pout. 

Lashes for miles - Anna Sui

(photo from Instagram/@officialannasui)

If you want your makeup look to really stand out, take inspiration from Anna Sui’s beauty look! Layer up on your falsies (or mascara, whichever you prefer) for a stunning effect reminiscent of the Mod era in the 1960’s. And whether you want to finish it with red or nude lipstick is totally up to you!

Disco gold - Tommy Hilfiger

(photo from Instagram/@harpersbazaarus)

Amazingly, gold looks good on everyone. So for a chic party look that’s easy to create, take inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger and just apply some gold eyeshadow all over your lid with a darker brown on the outer corners for a more contoured look! Make sure your brows, lashes, and lips are soft for a gentle-yet-edgy vibe.

Taupe eyes & natural freckles - Sandy Liang

(photo from Instagram/@maybelline)

For a more youthful look, the models for Sandy Liang sported taupe eyeshadow and a good heaping of drawn on freckles! To recreate this at home, just take any taupe eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid, extending to the crease for a defined look. As for the freckles, just take your eyebrow pencil and lightly press it on your skin to add them! If you find that they’re too harsh, just dab your foundation brush or sponge over them for a softer and more natural finish.


Which NYFW beauty look is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!