OOTD Roundup | Clozette

Now that another week is over, we looked back at the week's worth of amazing OOTD uploads and have handpicked these 5 stand-out posts from our Fashion Community.

Read on to see if your #ootd made the list!



When you've got a piece in a colour that pops, make it the focal point of the whole look. We love how jassiechia has kept this bright purple the focus of the entire ensemble by pairing it with a black crop top and black oxford heels.


Statement tanks need not be relegated as a go-to piece for a casual shirt and jeans ensemble. Here's a funky yet feminine way to style a statement tank by pairing it with a baggy mustard yellow cardigan and printed bottoms.


When you want to elevate your typical ootd shot into an eye-grabbing statement shot, you can't go wrong with balloons and a sweet little jump shot. It helps too when your pink and white floral ensemble matches the pink balloon styling of the photo.



One of the videos I enjoy watching on Youtube are those "What's In My Bag" type of video where the vlogger basically shows every single item she keeps in her daily handbag. Very riveting stuff; and it's clearly something that resonates with most girls based on the number of views such videos receive. 

I would boil it down to our immense love for bags and our over-packing resourcefulness when it comes to filling our favourite bag with our daily essentials. Whether, you're a small bag kind of girl or prefer a huge hobo-bag, there's just no denying the lure of wanting to find out what other girls carry in their bags.

So naturally, I turned to our Featured Fashionista for October, Adele, and asked her, "So, what's in your bag?"

Click next to read Adele's response to my request to take a peek into her bag >>

With small bags, I have to prioritise the important things that I know I would definitely need. So these following items are my must-have every time I am heading out.

1: iPhone -- Definitely cannot leave the house without this!

2: Prada Walet -- Love this wallet because it has enough space for all my cards and cash.

3: Charger -- Portable charger and usb cable that I desperately need every single day without fail!

4: EZ-Link Holder -- Can't go around Singapore without this!

5: MAC Studio Fix -- For quick makeup touchup through the day.

6: iPod & Earphones -- I love plugging in to music through the day, so I always need this with me.

7: Lipstick -- The lipstick choice changes depends on my mood or what I'm wearing.

8: Hair tie/clip -- For when I need to get my hair out of the way when the weather gets too warm or when I am eating.



This season, Philippine Fashion Week pushed the envelope when it came to promoting the ready-to-wear styles coming down the runway by taking the runway looks straight into the hands of the fashion-lovers. Pop-up booths of both brands and designers awaited the audience after each show and one can only imagine the shopping mayhem that ensued as Manila's fashionistas snapped up the hottest items. 

Now that the Fashion Week fever has calmed down, we've put together a list of our Top 10 must-have looks from Forever 21, ( Sfera ), and Suiteblanco that we can't wait to get our hands on next time we're out shopping.

So get your shopping list ready, ladies.


Forever 21

This is part of Forever 21's Brit Street curated looks and we are utterly in love with this plaid skirt and dark gray coat ensemble. The coat would be perfect for end-of-the-year holiday travels to cooler climates, while we see the skirt as a versatile item that will work through seasons.


Midi skirts are very in-trend right now and this one from spanish brand, Suiteblanco, is one we see ourselves wearing all the way until Spring of next year. We're particularly loving how its soft pleats gives the whole look a soft, airy flow with every step. Plus point: it's also a great way to incorporate a touch of colour to your Fall outfit. 

Forever 21

We love layering and this New Bohemian look from Forever 21 definitely caught our eye with its netted cardigan layered over a dress and cinched with a belt. Layers, dual textures, and a flattering silhouette.... what's not to love? We can't wait to don this outfit during the coming sweater weather season.

( Sfera )

Faux-leather will always be trendy and we love this look from Spanish brand, Sfera. It's a look that combines edge with soft femininity. While leather is not something we associate with a work attire, this is an outfit we actually see ourselves wearing to the office.

Forever 21

When we saw this walking down the runway, the first thought that popped in our head was "Sweater weather...where are you?" We really just can't wait for the weather to finally cooperate so we can stay cozy in this fabulous Poncho scarf from Forever 21. It's hippie-bohemian comfort at its best.


This ensemble from Suiteblanco is a great mix of Fall and Spring/Summer trends and we just can't get enough of it. Featuring one of Fall's hottest colour, the aurora red top paired with a floral skirt gives you two distinct pieces that you can wear all through Fall and up until Spring/Summer 2015. 


This outfit from Suiteblanco touched all of our monochrome loving hearts. We've said it over and over again: monochrome never fails. A monochrome look that plays around with prints: perfection. 

Forever 21

This checkered shirt, sweater, and jacket layered ensemble from Forever 21 just made us wish we were in University forever. All this look needs is a sturdy book-bag and we're good to go!

( Sfera )

Not to be outdone, Sfera blew us away with this monochrome look (told you, we love monochrome a lot!). This checkered dress paired with a faux-leather jacket and black booties touched our little monochrome-rockstar heart. 


We spotted flowy, wide-legged trousers during the Paris Fashion Week and we spotted it again during Suiteblanco's show. This whole ensemble is just comfort perfection for casual, dress-down days. Best thing about it, the separates are great stand-alone pieces that'll work with a variety of styles. We'd pair the sweater tucked in a faux-leather skirt, while the pants would look great with a blank tank, a trimmed structured blazer, and heels.