OOTD Roundup | Clozette
The Clozette Fashion Community has been on a roll this week with loads of outstanding looks and flawless OOTD shots. We saw more than the usual trends and spotted our fashionistas exploring more styles.

As a regular tribute, here are our top 5 favourite looks for this week! 



It's a tough competition if you want to be on top of the monochrome trend but #ClozetteAmbassador Chevronz blazed through the list flawlessly with this chic look. The striped jumpsuit is just the perfect piece to beat the heat while the nude-coloured vest and heels finished it off with a dash of elegance and simplicity.

For starters, triissy's hair is already a given standout but she complemented it well to amplify her look with a patterned tunic and a lazy summer sandals. It's eccentric and stylish!


#ClozetteKPartyMY has just concluded and we caught this look as one of the fun and colourful K-pop looks around. Who knew a cutout dress with animal and aztec prints would work? #ClozetteAmbassador GraceMyu definitely knows how to make it work for her. 


Black is deemed not to be summer or spring ready but #StarClozetter melndrums doesn't really mind. The fact that she wore a cropped top, loose culottes, and a beautifully printed fringe kimono actually makes this a breezy black summer outfit. This is where monochrome, minimalist, and boho meet all in one look. 


Last but not the least is this beach perfect OOTD from #ClozetteAmbassador and April #AmbassadorINSIDER AnnaPatrish. It's carefree and sun-proof--a simple yet striking beach look that's fun to play around with. 



(cover photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

If we had to name three styles the fashion community usually wears, it'll have to be monochrome, girly, and classy. However, there's a new style on the rise, the boho trend! Whether its all-out boho or boho-inspired, we're definitely loving this carefree, loose, colourful, and pattern-rich look. 

We asked a few of our Clozette community members how they sport a boho/boho-inspired look this season, and here's what they had to say. Check out their answers below!




"When it comes to boho, I love pairing white lace and a long skirt. Since the weather is hot, going for a slit skirt helps to keep you a little on the cool side. A headband is also a statement piece for the boho look, so you can get creative with it such as opting for flower or feather ones. Lastly, I like playing with layering of simple delicate jewellery such as necklaces to finish the outfit."



"By adding a flowy kimono to your daily outfit! H&M has just released a new collection "Coachelle" which is pretty similar to the boho styles! Kimonos spice up any outfits, along with a chain of gold accessories from Forever 21 and complementing patterns and colours. Boho-inspired clothes are really causal and they usually are really comfortable and made of thinner materials, which is really suitable for this season! "



"I am a boho kid at heart, so I incorporate the free-flowing, easy-breezy style of the Bohemians by wearing maxi skirts or dresses. I match it with my usual normcore pieces to make the look still on par with my personal style."



"I've been incorporating more lace & pastel/earth-tone colours in my wardrobe this season and for my make-up I've been trying to go for the no-makeup look! I usually never tie my hair up but these days I've been giving my hair a bit more love by braiding it. "



We don't know about you but we've been feeling summer everywhere! People have been travelling, going to beaches, and sharing their summer looks--so we thought we'd give you a peek into what we saw in these videos. Get ready to take down notes because this will be a run down of trends, tips, and how-tos. 

Have fun watching, Clozetters!


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