OOTD Roundup | Clozette

Another week has passed which means it's time for another roundup! Last Week's OOTD uploads from the Fashion Community were a hodgepodge of casualwear, formal ensembles, summer-ready looks, and a handful of standout pieces. As always, we had a hard time trimming it down to 5 looks but after reconsidering the current trends, we've managed to come up with a list. 

Well here it is, the top 5 OOTDs who made it in this week's roundup!




Clozette Ambassador sharniehung always manages to wow us with her looks, every upload is worth featuring! This look satisfies the sporty-casual-glam look we've been searching for for quite a while, and it definitely stands out. And oh, that ash blue hair, we love it too!



We love seeing HLRYYS ' outfits because she's got it all figured out. All her looks, whether casual or formal, are glammed-up one way or another. This particular casual outfit of a simple top and denim shorts pairing looks instantly luxurious because of the hat, jewellry, heeled sandals, and signature bag. 



A laidback, boho-inspired ensemble rarely graces our fashion community so an outfit such as this by Clozette Ambassador demmiefermin automatically caught our attention. The hippie vibe is strong with this one--those glasses, that hairband, and the kimono cover-up made her look more interesting than the rest. 



Ah yes, the monochrome trend makes it in our top list again, but this time in a dapper, boyish style from Clozette Ambassador cassansaurusanaesi.  This is the perfect combination of monochrome, glam, and boyish, and the shoes literally and figuratively shines in this outfit.



Traditions meets modern fashion in this ensemble from Star Clozetter Everestsays-- a new way of standing out from the crowd. We love this look from head to toe, especially the details of her long chinese collar top. We might even try wearing this look for our next cocktail event! 



On special events, a casual-dressy look won't just cut it. You have to step your game up to look edgier than the rest. This is where haute looks come in handy. In French, "Haute" means "high" and is commonly associated with the word "Couture" which means "fashion". Thus, if you plan to go haute couture, you must be ready to step in the world of High Fashion. 

Here are 4 useful tips on how to make your look Haute-ready! 


Eye-Catching Add-ons

(Get The Items Here: False Eyelashes, Sunglasses, Eyeliner)

Bringing the haute couture vibe on the red carpet means you need to work your look from head-to-toe. You can bring vintage reflective sunglasses such as this one from Chicnova or bat Mini Black Crystal False Eyelashes from Shu Uemura. If those aren't enough, you can always bring your cat-liner game up with Dolce and Gabanna's Beauty Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Peacock 5. 

Lustrous Lips

(Get the Items Here: LORAC Lipstick, Burberry Lipstick)

Your lips must also be in their tip-top shape. Sport the perfect pout with these lippes from LORAC Alter Ego lipstick in the shade Vixen, and Burberry Beauty Burberry Kisses lipstick in the shade Bright Plum. Forget Red lips for a moment and go for a rarely-used shade of purple for a beauty risk worth the attention. 

Fabulous Claws

(Get The Items Here: Nail Polish, Nail Set)

Of course, you mustn't forget your nails because you certainly can't go to a haute event with naked and undone paws. Try Deborah Lippmann's Glitter Nail Color called Lady Sings The Blues for classic, jazz-inspired claws. You can also go all out with Elegant Touch's Lily Allen Littlest Things nail set. Its pointed tips and glitter finish channel a couture vibe unlike regularly-shaped nails. 

Dress-To-Kill Shoes

(Get The Look Here: Peep Toe Heels, Faux Leather Sandals)

Assuming that you've already figured-out your killer look, finish it off with these shoes. Remember, shoes can make or break your look, so best if you wear a pair that really speaks to you haute couture roots. Fergie's Maiden Quatro Leopard can make you feel like you're in the wild--in a strikingly stylish ensemble. This heeled sandals from Privileged called Montana Black makes you look fierce and edgy in an instant.



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Techie Mom

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Homemaker Mom

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Young Mom

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