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When it comes to choosing your outfit for today you need to consider 3 things: what you'll do for the day, who you'll be with, and the vibe you want bring to the table. All of those things can be summed up to your outfit's colours. An all-black look is more edgy, a white look paired with pink can be girly, while brown paired with red is a bit more serious and mature. The colour combination of the pieces you'll wear more or less dictates the whole vibe, it's just up to you how you want to play with it!

To give you an idea, here are the top 5 looks this week for you to score a flawlessly colour coordinated look!   




If you're running from event to event and want to keep it casual yet still achieve a polished look, a white and beige ensemble is the way to go. It's not too casual but not too overpowering either. What we love with this look is how Clozette Ambassador Klaopin made it feminine with a lace top and shoes.  Everything is seamless and it ever matched with her hair's vibe! 



For an edgy yet feminine look, balance out your black leather accessories with an oxblood leather skirt and cutout top such as this worn by Star Clozetter aponytale. The look made use of the classic "match your shoes with your bag" tip and made it work for her personal style. And also, did you notice that her background choice matches the aura of her look too? 



The standout piece of Clozette Ambassador claudiaxtong is obviously the bag. She took the colours of that piece and matched the blue eyes with a blue skirt and balance everything out with white pieces. This is a great example of feminine and playful--a nice twist to the usual girly looks! 



There is no better way to have colour coordinated look than to go monochrome. This look by Clozetter chchanelc stood out the most because she chose olive green instead of the usual black and white. This reminds us of the outdoors, but a super chic and fashion forward version of it. 



We love a girl with statement hair 'cause not everyone can pull it off, but this one from Clozetter Huiminxoxo has got to be the most colourful and outstanding one yet! She matched her Burgundy Red hair (with pink, orange, violet, teal, and blue at the ends) to a long-sleeved polo of the same colour. To tone the colours down a bit, she used black pieces--and that made it stand out with its edgy vibe more! 


Which outfit was your top pick? Let us know in the comments below!



It's October and more and more brands have been spreading the word about the cause behind the little pink ribbon. The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign is all over beauty industry and it has infiltrated the fashion industry as well.

One of the staunch supporters of the Breast Cancer Foundation since 2013, PAZZION has released a limited edition shoe every October to raise funds for the cause. 

In keeping with their drive for social awareness, they have released a specially-designed loafer this October. Made from supple pastel pink lambskin and topped with a bow, the loafer will be available in PAZZION stores in Singapore and online from now until the 31st of October. Hurry and catch a pair today before stocks run out!


(cover photo from nuguidmonina)

Walking in the middle of the swirling wind, dramatically falling leaves, while harvesting the feelings you planted the whole year--those are just some of the reasons why everyone loves the Fall season. For fashionistas, it's a 'street-friendly' season as it's neither too hot nor too cold--just the perfect temperature to strut the street in your stunning street style looks. 

So if you're on the hunt for the perfect street-style outfit ready for Fall, here are our favourite OOTDs for inspiration!


Tuxedo on-the-go

(photo from aprilnunez)

Tuxedo is one of the fall essentials for stylistas. The good thing about it nowadays is that it is already acceptable for your street looks. Just find a way to distract its formality by folding the sleeves or by pairing it with blue jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Dance with the Fringe

(photo from everestsays)

Give the crispy wind something to play with while you're strutting down the street. Wear something with fringe and pair it with your favourite sneakers. A cut-out ankle boot would be a nice idea too for an edgy street look.

Leather Forever

(photo from lecinlurve)

Leather is an all-time fall favourite. Take care of your leather pieces because each year, you'll probably rock them all over again, especially that biker jacket. Just wear it with any neutral-coloured tank top and pants and you're good to go.

Fall-made Plaid

(photo from nuguidmonina)

Fall always brings plaid back to life. The pattern enlivens the spirit of Fall through its red and green colours. Thus flannels and plaid skirts are always in demand when September comes. You can match bold-coloured tops and black ripped jeans with the pattern and make it as your 'on-the-go' fall outfit. You may also consider wearing a skirt, knee-high black socks, and a pair of black combat shoes to add an edgy vibe to your fall ensemble.

Sweater Weather

(photo from awfullyamanda)

When the air gets cooler, your "transition" outfit game gets stronger. This time around, the perfect choice are sweaters. Sweaters are undeniably casual, cosy, and suitable for your daily errands. You can count on them for a comfy chic look this Fall! 


Did we miss anything? Comment your street style outfit ideas below!

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