OOTD Roundup: 5 Ways To Make A Fashion Statement | Clozette

This week, we're giving the spotlight to the fashionistas who stepped up their game by wearing statement pieces that are absolute scene-stealers. These aren't your usual casual, monochrome, or sporty looks. So if you want to achieve something like one of these, then you better read on!

Here are the top 5 statement OOTDs for the week!




Let's start off with Star Clozetter DianFnk's all-white look. The colour choice is simple but when worn all at once, you'll surely make heads turn with how it's gloriously styled. The way the fabrics are loose enough makes it more casual-chic than usual and the accessories pop out well.  



We rarely see preppy looks from the community and the fact the Clozette Ambassador demmiefermin stuck out with that trend already makes it a statement. And besides, who wouldn't notice those windowpane pants from a distance? Those pants plus the denim jacket equals OOTD Roundup fave for the week!



What do you get when you mix boho and basic flawlessly? This look by Clozette Ambassador nuguidmonina is what you get. We love that the feather head accessory goes well with the details of her pants' design. And to top it all off, the overall silhouette of her clothes complement each other perfectly. 



Now this is a look that makes use of several statement pieces--the animal print top, the shape of the skirt, the bag, and the shoes are all pieces that would stand out if paired with basic pieces. However, Clozetter Ambassador CrystalPhuong amped up her ensemble by mixing it all up without going overboard by sticking to one colour palette and balancing the printed pieces with the plain ones. This outfit deserves a round of applause. 



For Star Clozetter jouatotherescue, you should always have fun with fashion. And that's the vibe we got from seeing this playful combination of a boho day-dress, gold necklace, and white sneakers. Who knew they would work? Well, you wouldn't know unless you try, right? 



When you look at Faye Balogo's Clozette Profile, you'd be amazed at how her photos look consistently perfect throughout her feed. She is always on "stye blogger mode" when it comes to her layouts, poses, and styling. But did you know that she once wanted to be in an entirely different career path? She has since found her true calling and has grown into a fashionista that constantly stands-out--with every photo, fashion style, and makeup on-point. 


Let's get to know more about this savvy fashionista style as we got her talking about how she got started as a fashion blogger, her fashion ideas for the back-to-school season, and her top tips for aspiring bloggers out there.


How did you get started in the Beauty​ & Fashion Industry? Were you always interested in ​makeup, ​skincare, and ​fashion? 

Ever since I was a kid I really loved to collect Barbie dolls, not because of the doll, but because of its various fancy outfits. I imagined myself wearing those and attending different parties. However, as I grew older and set my future goals, I was blinded by the title I can have after graduation. So I took Dentistry which controlled all of my time. I don't want to remember it so I won't go on the details. Finally, God enlightened me and I shifted to another course. Viola! Here I am now enjoying every moment of my life and practising what I want to do and what I want to be known as in the future. 

​You are a student and blogger. What are the challenges of balancing both at the same time?

Because I enjoy what I do, I make sure that I allot time for my studies and for my work (blogging). To make this possible, I plan ahead of time the activities or events I'll attend and the collaborations I'll accept.

Who are your​ style and beauty inspirations?​ 

Who wouldn't be inspired by Aimee Song?

​How do you describe your style and do you have a signature look?

Versatility is my bestfriend.

Any tips for our community who ​want to be a blogger like you?

Flaunt your style and don't let the opinions of others affect you.

Since school is just around the corner, do you have any fashion and beauty tips to share for the "back-to-school" season?

Every time you go to school, make sure you wear the most comfortable clothes you own which make you feel pretty and sexy--but still school-appropriate!

What is your go-to school outfit for you to look stylish and comfortable throughout the day? 

Since my school doesn't have a strict dress code, I usually wear cropped tops and Joni jeans. But for the cold season, I tend to wear pullovers instead of cropped shirts.



(cover photo from ClarabelleFaithNg)

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