OOTD Roundup: 5 Ways To Style Elegant Monochrome | Clozette

As much as we want to usher in new trends and push back those that had their time under the spotlight, there are still those that remain strong with our community. For this week, we found that the trend Clozetters love most is Monochrome. We witnessed a torrent of OOTD photos in 2 shades or less but instead of the usual "basic" black & white monochrome style, we saw a variety of elegant monochrome ensembles.

Here are the 5 elegant monochrome OOTDs that made it to our list!




This may seem like your normal monochrome, but the fact that Clozette Ambassador Elaineebao wore a blazer and a pair of slip-ons together makes it one of the top looks for the week. It achieves the cross between elegant and casual. The striped tube top and skort added femininity while the blazer and slip-ons balanced if off perfectly.  



Nothing is more elegant than a haltered white top and a structured skirt paired with a statement necklace. Clozetter Guesswai pulls this one off flawlessly and there is no doubt that even the way she poses fits the classy and feminine standard of what elegance is all about. 



Clozette Ambassador cforcassan sported the wide-leg pants trend with a cropped peplum top that is chic and feminine. We also love her play on jewellery-- drop earrings, bracelet, and watch for a hint of glam to her casual vibe. 



Clozetter marieanjelica always adds a touch of quirkiness to her looks and this elegant monochrome OOTD was no exception. Her take on monochrome is pastel mint and her take on accessories is with a milk carton bag. She balanced it out with a feminine silhouette and a pair of classy heels. 



Of course, how can we ever miss out on Clozetter Ambassador HLRYYS' OOTD? The queen of glam herself showed us her take on elegant monochrome with a little white dress, a pair of edgy sandals, and a bit twirling action. Bravo! 


Which look was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!



We may not get Fall/Winter here in Southeast Asia, but it is starting to get a little bit cooler compared to the past few months. So yes, sweater weather is finally making its way into the region! But that doesn't mean you have to throw away your style to keep warm and comfy. All you need are cool pieces, layering, and a bit of colour coordination for a chic and cool outfit!

Here are 4 styling ideas to sport that cool, sweater-weather vibe this season with our Fall/Winter finds from Bershka


Jeans + Tee + Jacket + Sneakers

This combination is the most basic casual outfit idea ever, but if you wear it with a varsity jacket, it adds a cool back-to-school feel to your OOTD. Make sure you wear the classic skinny jeans instead of something loose and baggy so it's feminine and flattering to your body.

Jumper Dresss + Plaid Polo + Plaid Scarf + Sneakers

This jumper dress (and basically everything else) is from Bershka's Back-to-school collection and it was love at first sight. This kind of dress spells young and casual at its best and you can layer it with anything! Since the cold season is here, the classic plaid polo is the perfect match for the jumper dress, and we added a plaid scarf for a print on print (or plaid on plaid) action. 

Sweater + Plaid Scarf + Jeans + Sneakers

We love Bershka's fresh take on denim this fall, that's why this pair of ripped boyfriend jeans is the highlight of this look. You can easily glam this pair up with heels and a sleek top or polo, but why do that when you have an equally cute and chic Mickey Mouse sweater? Wrap a plaid scarf for an added urban vibe and you're good to go!

Striped Top + Camou Pants  + Sling Bag + Sneakers

For a more a fashion-forward look this season, combine two clashing yet classic pieces such as this striped top and fitted camou pants from Bershka. Break the print on print combination with a sling satchel bag and white sneakers to achieve balance. They key is to work with neutral shades or pieces that fall on the same colour palette. If you always have that in mind, you're bound to set a trend everyone will notice! 

Which look was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!



At this day and age where the creative and entertainment industries are at its peak, we focus our eyes on one career type that is as rare as finding the perfect bright red lipstick--spinning. Spinning or more commonly known as DJ-ing has been alive since the disco fever arrived in the 70s. What started as disco parties back in Chicago has now found its way in different parts of the world in places and events such as clubs, underground parties, raves, and music festivals. It's one whole gathering for music enthusiasts to enjoy different genres. And whether you're into pop, rock, EDM, or house, there is one person these famed events cannot live without--the DJ. 

With Road To Ultra Singapore coming up on 19th September 2015, we're putting DJ MIJA under the spotlight. Know more about how she started out, her take on her chosen career path, and of course, her equally gritty and cutting-edge fashion sense in our exclusive interview with this EDM star herself. 


What’s the full story behind “Mija”?   

I started as a rave promoter in Phoenix, Arizona and from there learned how to  DJ. I played nu­disco, disco house at raves and they didn’t really get it at the time so I moved onto playing residency lounge type settings (restaurants, hotels) and clubs. I was invited to DJ at Bonnaroo in 2014 where Skrillex found me  playing at this art car. We played a b2b set which went viral and from there it  was up to me to keep the momentum going by killing festival sets and learning how to produce music. It’s been a crazy ride so far.    

To date, what has been your favourite music festival to play at?  

That’s tough because I’ve been playing some amazing festivals. So far I would  say my favourites have been Hard Summer, Shambhala, and Coachella. The  crowds I had at those events were insane.    

If you could play any festival in the world, what would it be and why?  

ADE or Glastonbury! Mostly because I’ve never played in Europe before.      

You’re excelling in an environment that is still predominantly male, how does it feel and what is your take on this?  

I don’t think about it often, ­­only when asked in interviews. So far in my career I haven’t felt discriminated against because of my gender. At least not from my peers in the industry. I find that it’s the collective EDM audience that make a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be. I’m just doing what I love and hope that I can inspire other females to have confidence in their art and stand alongside the big dogs.         

You have a very distinct beauty style. From pink to blond to aqua  green hair, what hairstyles have you not done before and are dying  to try next?  

I’ve tried everything. I’ve had weird hair since I got my first job and could afford  to dye it. I really like the aqua seafoam green tho.  

If you could invite any fashion designer to your gig, who would it be and what would you spin for them?  

Jeremy Scott and I would play some crazy nightcore vox/trap remix of spice girls.

If you were asked to put together an office­ appropriate outfit – from top to toe – for just one day, what would be it based on your  personal style? 

I don’t even like thinking about having to dress for an office. I’d just humour myself by wearing my slayter tee.     


Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s to come at Road To Ultra Singapore, in terms of your music and fashion style?   

I have some new music that I am definitely going to be playing. One of which is a  remix I just dropped the other day of Major Lazer ­ Be Together. As far as  fashion goes, I have some weird pieces that were gifted to me recently that I’m going to bring. Platform shoes and what not. I also want to go shopping in Singapore and wear a bunch of new stuff.