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If there's one pair of shoes you can wear for extreme comfort what would it be? Sneakers, of course! And for the past week, the fashion community has been showing it some love as more and more Clozetters have been wearing their sneakers with their outfits. And take note, we didn't just spot sporty looks, we also saw edgy, preppy, and even feminine styles!

Get the sneaker-fever with these top 5 looks that made it to our OOTD Roundup this week!




How about a classy look while wearing sneakers? Pull off this look just like how Clozetter AngelAdrade did--with a classy pair of white Nike sneakers and a black dress coat. It looks crisp and effortlessly chic!



Silver may not be the obvious colour choice for your sneaker but Star Clozetter Viviannvee made it work. The key is to balance it out with basic pieces for it to be the star of the show without being too loud. In this case, she made the look even more creative by wearing a comic, graphic top and a silver backpack to match her shoes. 



There are three things your top needs to sport a preppy look: it should be buttoned-up, printed, and tucked in. That's why Star Clozetter auracharisse's look is an A+ preppy look--with her white sneakers sealing the deal perfectly. 



Who knew a flower necklace, maxi skirt, and abstract print shoes would look good together? And despite the "chaotic" combination, Start Clozetter pupuren's OOTD shot seems so calm and serene. So yes, clashing styles can co-exist in one look as long as you know which pieces to put together.  



For Clozette Ambassador christyfrisbee, dressing up casual-edgy is natural. This look is a great example of how to own a trend--making it work for you to express your personal style. 



(cover photo from StilettoesDiva)

Wondering what are the trends on the streets of Seoul now? Wondering what’s fuelling the fashion trends in Korea right now? Get your fashion fix from street-style photographers who never fail to capture your attention. 

If you do not already know of these street style photographers, here is a list of representative Korean Street Style Photographers! If you are in Seoul right now, you might be able to catch them at popular street style photography spots Garosu-gil and Dongdaemun Design Plaza!


Real Street (Hyeong Seok Lee)

Hyeong Seok Lee does a fantastic job at capturing the essence of street style photography. His candid street style shots are really eye-catching. His blog is also very neatly arranged based on the events he took them at. Love Korean street fashion? His Instagram account is definitely a good fix for your daily Korean street style inspiration. 

You can follow him at his social media sites:

Blog | Instagram | Facebook

Ensorcelant (Seungwon Paik)

Seungwon Paik’s street style photography is also very candid, and his photos mostly feature Garosu-gil, a hot place for street style photography in Seoul. His blog isn’t very easy to navigate for non-korean users, but he updates his Instagram account where you can spot your favourite K-Fashion models (whom he shoots often) and see more of his candid street style photography.

Follow him here:

Blog Instagram | Facebook

Halo People Korea (Kyunghun Kim)

Kyunghun Kim is great at posed street photography. His background is very varied and dependent on where he shoots for the day. His photos are also very high quality and artistic and editorially styled.

Follow him here:

Blog Instagram | Facebook

JDINKOREA (Jaedoo Lee)

Jaedoo Lee doesn’t update as often as the others, but he does get very active during fashion week. He mixes up his fashion week shots with quality street style shots that are definitely magazine quality. 

Catch the JDINKOREA action here:

Blog Instagram | Facebook


The only non-Korean on the list, Alex Finch does an amazing job capturing his models on camera. He is a contributor to STYLE.COM and VOGUE US. His shots aren’t in-your-face street style photos, but they're well-styled and and edited. His instagram is a great place to start if you're looking for a peek into editorial styling.

Find him here:

Blog Instagram | Facebook



(cover photo from cristinadecena)

Taking Outfit Of The Day shots are not effortless, even if they may look like they are. In fact, it takes a lot of patience because you need to take note of lighting, the angles that best suit and flatter you and your look, and the poses--which are always the hardest one to master. You may have a signature pose but having a few more up your sleeves is a great way to show your followers variety.

Learning from Clozette's community of fashionistas, here are 5 poses you can use to step up your OOTD game. 


The Stand Still

(photo from Aggylow)

Starting from the most stoic pose of all, "The Stand Still," is one way to stop traffic. A bold, blank stare and a front profile of your whole look gives your followers a full view of the outfit. 

Side View

(photo from fayebalogo)

Another dramatic look is a shot of the side view of your outfit. This gives your viewers a portion of your look and is best if you want to give them a clearer view of your accessories. It's also the go-to angle if you want your readers to know how the pieces fit on you.

The Look Away

(photo from awfullyamanda)

"The Look Away" is the perfect OOTD pose option for those looking to create that though-provoking photo. "The Look Away" can either be looking to the side or looking down while showing the body's front profile.


(photo from penmyblog)

A candid  OOTD shot demands a skilled photographer (or someone's that's just really great at timing) as it tries to capture a raw and moving photo of you and your OOTD. This can stretch from wacky to a chic, paparazzi type of shot depending on your movement. Try walking, swaying your skirt or dress, or slowly doing your signature poses and let your photographer do the clicking. 

The Cross Over

(photo from cristinadecena)

"The Cross Over" is a no-fail way to get a flattering shot. Just place yourself in front of the camera and cross one leg in front of the other for the illusion of longer legs. It's up to you to experiment with your face and hands for an elegant and sophisticated OOTD shot.