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Have you ever wondered what a turtleneck would look like if it was cut in half? Two words - high collar. We’ve already seen this trend pop up in numerous stores, but it’s only now that we’re beginning to see so much ladies sporting them. And why it took this long to gain popularity is beyond us because it is a stunning collar that flatters everyone of every shape and size beautifully.

It may be simpler than your typical Peter Pan collar or heavy bow collar, but that’s the beauty of it, nothing can ever go wrong when wearing it! So, do you want to rock this trend (and why wouldn’t you)? Then continue reading below to check out how you can wear this flattering collar with our top 5 OOTDs for the week!




If you’re still dipping your toes in the trend, don’t break a sweat (literally) by rocking a casual t-shirt, shorts, and slip-ons combo like what Clozette Ambassador AaliyahBenisano did. This high collared t-shirt is perfect to wear in the heat and humidity because of the its sleeveless and loose finish for extra breathability and comfort.



For cooler days, take inspiration from Clozette Ambassador TheOctoberRoad and rock the trend with an all-black outfit. She gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘monochrome’ by wearing multiple textures such as a leather skirt, a figure-fitting, ribbed top, and suede boots. This outfit will surely keep you stylish and warm all day!



For an outfit that would be perfect for any day-to-night get together, add intricate details to a simple look like Clozette Ambassador Klaopin’s high collared, periwinkle dress, squeaky clean sneakers, and frilly ankle socks. The simplistic approach to the dress and shoes effortlessly emphasizes the frills’ texture, balancing the whole look together.



High collars can work with jackets too, you know! When you’re in the mood to be extra fashionable, work it the way Clozetter WannaPernito does by combining a fitted dress with a large, neutral green blazer. Top it off with a pair of ankle boots and a fedora for a look that screams you came from the best days of the 1980s.



Closet Ambassador Chevronz expertly wears the concept of a laidback outfit by wearing a loose, gray dress over a plain, high collar button down. The neutral colors of her clothing and accessories make the purple steaks in her hair pop for a fun ensemble!


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(cover photo from maybelinesim)

A new month means a new StyleScope post! This month we have our lovely Scorpio women taking the spotlight. They're the type who remain unnoticed and undercover; but once you take a second look, their personality drowns you in mystery, drama, and awe. 

Deep down they're the epitome of a quiet-yet-magnificent Girl Boss. They don't show off--because their success is their way of getting noticed. So if you're a Scorpio woman just like our Clozette Ambassador maybelinesim, here are the style and beauty finds tailored to fit your aura and style! 


What To Expect This Month

To be honest, Scorpios are one of the busiest women alive, and this month is no exception. Be ready to open up to several opportunities coming your way. However, you also have to take note that it's not always about work. Remember to prioritise your tasks and spend time with people important to you along the way. 

Colour of the month: Burgundy

(photo from mybeautyroad)

Scorpio's colour is in line with the Fall season as well: Burgundy. This shade certainly adds drama to any outfit and the best part is that this shade perfectly transcends Scorpio's natural seductive quality. This ain't your "glamorous" it's the #GirlBoss red. 

 Fashion Icon: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's role from a Disney Movie character to award-winning Les Miserables certainly says that she is one heck of a woman--and that she's the epitome of a Scorpio woman. Her go-getter attitude has certainly taken her places with her ultimate combination of wit and skill.

Style-to-Rock: Mysterious Stylista

(photo from AprilNunez)

The Scorpio's mysterious character is undaunted, and this is what makes them one of the sexiest star signs from the bunch. Keep your fashion style in line with this aura by wearing a colour coordinated look. Your best bet is a monochrome palette, but go the extra mile by playing with prints and textures. But remember: less is more.  

Beauty Item: Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

(photo from TeawithMakeupMagic88)

Unlike most girls, the Scorpio's unique beauty asset is her quiet magnetism. This is chanelled through her piercing gaze-- the type of look that anyone can catch across the room. Amplify that further with a classy smokey eye from Urban Decay's Naked Smoky palette. With a complete set of creamy, matte, and satin shades, your go-to smokey EOTD will always look on point.


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Go to any fashion event in a simple jeans and t-shirt and you will definitely be the odd one out - the flashier the outfit, the better, because clothes are works of art. Going to events like Manila Fashion Festival Spring/Summer 2016 is a privilege because you get to be surrounded by so many creative and talented people, make new connections with people you never thought you would, and of course, you get to wear your fiercest outfit - it’s not just the models who get to look gorgeous!

Attendees of the festival ranged from celebrities, to bloggers, and to your very own Clozetters who all got to show off their own personal styles in a variety of head-turning outfits. If you weren’t able to make it to the 4-day affair, we’ve got you covered below by showing your our seven favourite looks, from neutral, monochromatic outfits, all the way down to edgy and classic frocks!


Sharlee Inavit

Sharlee modernized her white, 70s-inspired lace-up dress by pairing it with a white blazer and cream pumps, and sporting a black bag to make the colours pop even more.

Nadine Zabala

Another outfit inspired by the 1970s - Nadine wore a dark green bell sleeved dress that looked sophisticated and flattering when worn with a pair of black wedges and a white clutch that brought out each piece’s colour.

Colin Dancel

Colin looked fabulous in her all-black outfit composed of a blazer, cigarette pants, sleek heels, slouchy purse, and a brassiere that was peeking through her sheer, lace top!

Elie Anne Santillana

Ellie rocked a grunge look by wearing a statement shirt dress, combat boots, and a dark, vampy lip. Topping off her look is her slick bun, allowing the focus to be entirely on her outfit!

Celine Mallari

Celine looked every bit a fashionista by mixing prints and textures with her satin cropped blouse, striped, mid length skirt, lightweight military jacket, and shiny, black oxfords.

Jol Galang

Jol opted to for a classic, fitted beige-gold dress with a plunging neckline and some black heels, which were all given a modern twist with her dark lips.