OOTD Roundup: Powerful Earth Tones | Clozette
Black, white, gray, brown, beige, and other similar colours have one thing in common. They all belong to the ‘neutrals’ family. Neutral colours may seem boring for most people, but they can be just as bold and powerful as printed or brightly-coloured pieces!

Which is why for this week’s OOTD roundup, we wanted to show everyone that yes, neutrals, or 'Earth tones' as some may call them, are simple. But they can be just as loud as bright colours. So if you want to learn how to take your neutral wardrobe to the next level, check out our top looks for the week!




Starting off this roundup is Clozette Ambassador hannatantoco. Her black and white ensemble oozes mystery and elegance with her sleeveless top, plaid bottoms, structured purse, and Mary Jane heels! Accessorising with a gorgeous pair of oversized sunglasses and a thick black bracelet made her outfit pop more! If that doesn’t exude power we don’t know what else will.



If you ever want to master wearing an all-gray ensemble, look for inspiration from Clozette Ambassador Chevronz’s outfit! She took flared pants up a notch by sporting them in a beautiful striped gray colour, with her top and hat matching it perfectly. And to break the tone of the look, she simply took a chunky silver necklace and a textured black sling bag to add some fun and texture in!



Shirt dresses are so versatile, no? The shades of Clozette Ambassador chescademesa’s black and white shirt dress were beautifully brought out by her caramel-hued purse, and gold bracelet! Classic pieces that can be worn wherever, whenever. And to complete her look and make it even more sophisticated, she sported another classic look, bold red lips which never fail to make a statement. 



Adding a youthful and fresh touch this winter is Clozette Ambassador awfullyamanda’s all-white OOTD! Her simple top, shorts, and sandals were all emphasised by her navy gray tote bag and her edgy red hair! Who says you need other colours to stand out from a crowd?



Adding extra height and dimension to Star Clozetter Vanessaxlim’s OOTD are her light gray flared pants! She paired them with a fitted black and white crop top, some black sandals, and a chic maroon backpack! This glamorous daytime outfit can even be worn to special occasions during the night just by changing the sandals for heels!


Which OOTD is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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(cover photo from Slowbrogal)

If you haven’t heard, shopping is therapeutic. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, and words can’t even describe how incredibly satisfying it is. And in comes online shopping, which makes a shopaholic’s world 10 times better because it’s convenient, it’s easy, and often cheaper!

But there are downsides to online shopping too. So to avoid all that, below we have come up with 7 online shopping tips that will help keep your personal details safe, and which will help save you a lot of money!


Make sure you are protected

(photo from aponytale)

With the boom in online shopping today, anyone can create their own website and market it as a place to shop. So whenever you want to buy something online, always read up reviews on the website. Make sure they are verified, make sure they take precautions with their customers, and more. Don’t just willingly give up your personal details to an unverified website — always be cautious.

Shop on sites that offer free returns

(photo from RochelleAbella)

It might not seem much, but trust us, free returns will save you a ton of money. When shopping online, it’s common to get the wrong size because you don’t see the products in real life. So with free returns, at least you don’t have to worry about spending more money just to have a product exchanged or credited!

Use cashback websites

(photo from mybeautyroad)

A god-send when it comes to the online shopping world. If you don’t know what cashback is, you basically just have to shop online, and a portion of that is given back to you! Cashback websites offer different percentages of cashback for different websites. Others offer as little as 3%, while some go for as big as 15%! If you’re an avid online shopper, you’ll definitely want to sign up for this!

Sign up for their newsletter

(photo from JessyTheKLChic)

We know it can be annoying when online shops have pop-ups that suddenly offer you to sign up for their newsletter. And we’ve got two words for you — sign it. Newsletters give you an ‘in’ into a shop’s sales and discount codes before they’re advertised to the public! So if you want to get that sweater or heels at a cheaper price, just fill in a few blanks and you’ll be good to go!

Put your items in your cart and leave

(photo from chloewl)

Another online shopping hack to help you save a couple of bucks, is putting all the items you want in your cart, and leaving it. After a day or two, online shops will notice that you haven’t checked out yet, and will nudge you to make the purchase by offering you promo codes! Amazing, right?

Use multiple discount codes

(photo from christyfrisbee)

If an online shop allows it, go ahead and combine discount codes for an even bigger reduction in your cart’s total price! It’s like the Internet equivalent of clipping coupon codes from a newspaper!

Wait for a sale

(photo from PhyliciaMarie)

The biggest tip we can give you when it comes to online shopping is patience. If you’re in no hurry to make a purchase, wait for a sale. It’s during sales where the biggest discounts exist, and when websites bust out the promo codes, allowing you to make an extremely cheap purchase!


Got any more tips when shopping online? Share it with us in the comment section below!



(cover photo from thechicsubject)

You could say that 2015 was the year of comebacks such as flannel shirts, overly drawn lips, flared jeans, bell sleeves, and the like. Numerous people started dressing up like they were going to Coachella every day, and others like they were heading to a Nirvana concert.

While those styles are truly gorgeous, we all have to move on! They’re now a thing of the past. And while some of them have the ability to become classic and timeless, the others just have to go. So let’s make 2016 the year of “clean and sophisticated” style by changing up our wardrobes with these 6 fashion trends we hope to let go of this year!


Overly Ripped Jeans

(photo from AngelineZhang)

There’s nothing wrong with rocking a pair of jeans with a cut or slash here and there. It looks chic and down to earth, actually! But when they look like they were mauled by a bear, why even bother wearing pants? You would look better with a pair of distressed shorts!


(photo from NicoleYie)

Birkenstocks are oh-so comfortable and versatile. But there’s a reason they are used more when traveling or hiking or on other outdoor activities! These slippers-meets-sandals just don’t scream elegance and sophistication. If you want to rock something comfortable and practical, a high quality pair of flats or sandals will do more for you! 

Jewel Tattoos

(photo from christyfrisbee)

Jewel tattoos are beautiful, but they’re not meant to be worn every day in the real world. Why do you think celebrities only wear them to music festivals? But if you can't let go of this trend, rocking this on your wrists or on your neck will make them look like subtle and chic accessories! 

Dramatic Fringe

(photo from rhygnb)

Just like suede, fringe is being produced too much. From bags, tops, jeans, skirts, to accessories, you name it, they’ll have a fringed version. When fringe is worn softly, it creates a sophisticated and edgy look. But when it’s over-the-top, hello 1960’s go go dancer!

Hippie Fashion

(photo from AnicoHannaMG)

Remember how we want this year to be the year of cleaner and more elegant silhouettes? Well, hippie fashion has had its run, and it’s time to say goodbye! You can always come back to it during festival season, so it’s not gone for good!

3D Nails

(photo from tingjessie)

This cute and quirky nail trend made a splash in the fashion industry in 2015! But it’s 2016 now, and instead of having a manicure that will make everything you do seem hard, why not go back to polished manicures that can still look creative!


What fashion trend are you letting go of this year? Let us know in the comment section below!