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Black and white are the two most common and beloved colours in the fashion world, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re both chic, sophisticated, and they can be paired with anything! Now most people we know live by having one to three shades in their wardrobe, which are mostly neutrals. But, there are those with loud and bright wardrobes who have a fashion game just as strong as their neutral-loving counterparts.

So if you're afraid of wearing prints, like we often are, don't be! With these week's OOTD roundup, we are saluting these beautiful and bold ladies who decided to sport whimsical and majestic prints, thereby proving that you don’t necessarily have to wear a “plain” outfit to look gorgeous and high-fashion!




Admit it, you loved tie dye once too! Giving a throwback to the times when hippies were still cool, this rainbow-esque dress from Clozette Ambassador AnicoHannaMG is perfect for casual dates and lunches! She paired this with some slip ons and wayfarer sunglasses for a fashionable daytime look that will surely turn heads! 



While camo is usually green (and worn in the military), Clozette Ambassador CrystalPhuong managed to make this print look like it was hot off the runway! With mixtures of white, bright blue, and periwinkle, she made the piece pop out by matching it with simple and slim accessories such as her strappy sandals and jewellery! 



Need an outfit for date night? Then this number by Clozette Ambassador cforcassan will be your new go-to! Her boldly patterned A-line dress, coupled with silver heels, jewellery, and purse, make this look a sparkly must-have for all night time occasions!



This flirty and floral top and bottom combination by Clozette Ambassador RochelleAbella injects a warm ray of sunshine into this gloomy winter season! Even the outfit's details, from her stark white shoes to the top’s frilly fringes, complete the look by adding just the right amount of texture and brightness! 



Need some NYE outfit inspiration? Then take note of Clozette Ambassador Dominique_Tiu’s party-ready outfit! Her lacey dress and beige purse make for one festive look, while her sneakers make a nice touch that proves we can all have fun day and night, without hurting our feet! 


Which OOTD was your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below!

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(cover photo from Vanessaxlim)

One of the many things that is great about the holidays are the sales that come after. All brands are trying to get rid of old products to make room for the new year and for new stuff. It’s all fun and amazing, until it’s not — you spend too much money or you can’t find the items you’re looking for, someone pushes you to get something, and more.

Shopping holiday sales can be stressful too. So to avoid that and take shopping back to what it truly is (therapeutic and awesome), here are some tips we have come up with to make your shopping trips feel like a breeze!


Get digitally connected

(photo from AnicoHannaMG)

First thing’s first: make sure you have the inside scoop on your favourite brands, because many give sneak peeks of discounts and limited edition items via e-mail blasts and social postings. How can you plan if you don’t know the deals? Like how CLINIQUE is having incredible deals and discounts, and events this season TANGS!

Take time, make a list (for them)

(photo from ideastolife)

There’s a difference between knowing you should make a list and actually doing it. Take 30 minutes to map out exactly what you want to buy for holiday gifts. With it, you’ll navigate sales like a laser beam—and be less likely to get sucked in by the thrill of the deal.

Take time, make a list (for you)

(photo from charleneajose)

This time of year, temperatures start to dip—suddenly, you’ll need the lush moisturiser that you couldn’t imagine buying last month. Make a checklist of all the things you wish to buy and focus on those. Being able to focus on something you want will actually drive you to find it, instead of roaming endlessly through racks and piles of items you don’t know if you should or shouldn’t get.

Go with a team

(photo from Joannelummz)

If you're heading to the mall, you'll need all hands on deck. Examine everyone’s lists before you shop, pinpoint any overlap, then divide and conquer. Even if you only do this for checkout—one person waits in line while the other grabs the last few items—you could easily save yourselves an hour.

Do online purchase, in-store pick-up.

Check whether your destination retailer is honoring this system during the sales. If so, you’ll deal with a separate section of the store and a lot less people. Plus, you get to combine the comfort of browsing online with the instant gratification of on-site shopping. Hello, efficiency!

One thing to always purchase during holiday sales? Holiday kits, aka limited edition kits, because these contain products that cost so much more when sold separately. Like with the CLINIQUE Holiday Travel Sets, you literally get a lot of bang for your buck with their vast collections of skincare and makeup packages!  

If you love your eye makeup, a good holiday kit to purchase would be the CLINIQUE Power Up The Drama Set (SGD $38) as this contains an eye cream, mascara, and eyeliner for incredibly full, lush lashes and hydrated smokey eyes for all your parties! Or if you’re more into skincare, the CLINIQUE Moisture Favorites (SGD $75) is the one for you to keep you well hydrated and plump for the entire winter!

Wear a hands-free outfit

(photo from StilettoesDiva)

Sales are not the place to wear sky-high heels or tight dresses. You want to be able to move freely and comfortably wherever you go. An old-fashion T-shirt and jeans look with some flats are perfect. And the more pockets you have, the better—you won’t need to carry a handbag.  Or worry about that handbag while you’re shopping!

Shop the “doorbusters”—maybe

(photo from christyfrisbee)

The extra-super-bonus discounts that retailers offer at the crazy hours (late night, early morning) might only be worth it if you’re buying multiple items at one location. So do the math before you wake up your household at 4 AM.

Park far away

(photo from HLRYYS)

There's no doubt that you'll have to battle the masses and wait in long lines when you're inside a shopping center. But the exit lane from the parking garage is one you can skip! Simply park far from the doors or elevator bank and closer to the parking lot exit. The walk to the store while you’re still fresh will also give you a sweet endorphin rush for happy shopping.


Got any more tips for shopping during holiday sales? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!



(cover photo from Aggylow)

Do you hold a Secret Santa gift swap with your friends every holiday? If so, don’t you wish you can give beyond the usual chocolate candies and scented lipgloss? We hear you – so here are 5 goodies for your gift exchange you’d be proud to hand to – starting at $14. And since the price tags are guilt-free, you can even buy them for yourself!

Plus if you want to give more love on a limited budget, make use of Clozette Shoppe’s Holiday Gift Guide for discounted pieces up to 70% off!


Something Fancy

(Get It Here)

Looking for a gift that bears comfort and luxury? This Pussycat London Poncho hits the right notes. It’s made from fine knitted material and falls generously over the body.

Something Useful

(Get It Here)

If your Secret Santa giftee is the minimalist kind, treat her to something she can use everyday that also complements her style, like this nude Zalora Structured Bucket Bag. She’ll love you for it!

Something Soft & Cuddly

(Get It Here)

Stop stressing for this one, go ahead and buy her an infinity scarf such as this mint green Ana Accessories Inc. Cat Person Circle Scarf. It’ll warm her neck and shoulders while curling up like a kitty in a cold room.

Something Sparkly

(Get It Here)

For this, jewellery is an obvious answer. But you can surprise your friend with a beautiful and offbeat piece of bauble like this Factory Stone’s Throw Chain Hand Piece, which features a gold chain, and red, green and marble gemstones.

Something Pink & Sweet

(Get It Here)

A Nordstrom exclusive, Bella J. Warm Neutral Swirl Eye, Cheek And Lip Palette is perfect for the makeup-addict Secret Santa participant. She’d think you’re such a sweetheart for giving her a mini makeup kit with all the beauty essentials she needs to doll up. As a bonus, it comes with a hidden charm too. Sweet!


Which Secret Santa gift are you going to give? Let us know in the comments below!