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The holidays are all about giving and sharing. But it can also be about heading out, going from one place to another and sleepless nights. All the festivities are fun to partake in, but they can take a toll on your skin. Don’t let the stress of all the planning and partying leave you with dull skin and make sure you bring back your glow right on time for the new year. Here’s how to do it with the help of Origins.

Don’t forget your body

Your body’s skin needs some lovin’, too. So make sure you keep it hydrated and glowing with extra-hydrating moisturisers. For skin that’s velvety-soft to the touch, be generous with the Soufflé Try Me Trio (SGD58). Leave the stress away and even play with this array of Ginger Soufflé Whipped Body Cream, Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Cream and Smoothing Salt Whipped Body Cream that are all great for keeping the skin smooth and soft but also scented to suit whatever type of mood you have.

Hydrate and rejuvenate

Just like our bodies need hydration in order to be re-energised and refreshed, so does our skin. Forget flakiness and dryness by making sure you moisturise well. The Make a Difference Rejuvenate Regimen (SGD89) ensures you’ll have skin as soft and smooth as silk even with the stressors of the holiday season. Formulated with ultra-hydrating Rose of Jericho, Lychee and Watermelon hydra-sustain complex, you’ll be able to quench your skin’s thirst for hydration. The regimen consists of Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum, Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment, Make A Difference Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk and Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion.

Melt away the stress 

The glow won’t come out if your muscles are knotted and your mind is clouded. It truly helps if you have a positive mindset despite the busy-ness. But we understand that it’s easier said than done, so here’s a little tip: wash it away. Having a warm bath is a sure-fire way to calm your nerves and make you forget your troubles. It’s even better when you have a bath-time and after-bath arsenal that’s made especially to melt your stress away. The Warm Ginger Wonders Set (SGD78) is perfect for those who want both warmth and zing during the holidays. It contains Ginger Soufflé Body Cream, Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash, Ginger Body Scrub, Ginger Gloss Smoothing Body Oil, Small Ginger Candle tin and Body Puff.

Renew, repair and promote radiance 

It’s been proven true that stress can lead to premature ageing… even for the skin. Ensure you mirror the radiance you carry from within by taking care of your skin by renewing and repairing it when needed. A regimen that’s made especially to keep a youthful glow, like the Three Part Harmony Nourishers Set (SGD138), is key. Infused with various skin-loving ingredients such as Theobroma Seed Butter, Tazetta Lily Bulbs, Myrtle, Crambe Oil and Scutellaria, the products in this set is sure to make your skin revived and renewed from cleansing to treatment. The set contains Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream, Three Part Harmony Foaming Cleanser, Three Part Harmony Triphase Essence Lotion and Three Part Harmony Oil-infused Serum.

Joy in a jiffy

Sometimes, you just really don’t have time to spare. That doesn’t mean you have to completely let stress take away your glow, though. Pamper yourself in a jiffy with something that’s warm but also spicy. We all know how much scents play a part when it comes to getting more energy and conjuring up imagery. So you can imagine yourself being at the top of your game even during the busy holidays with this fresh yet warm Ginger to Go Kit (SGD88). Envelop yourself with the warmth of ginger while the collective scent of lemon, lime and bergamot gives you the pick-me-up you need. Indulge in the kit that contains Ginger Essence Sensuous Skin Scent, Ginger Essence Intensified Fragrance roller ball, Ginger Soufflé Whipped Body Cream and Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash.

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When it comes to style and trends, anything can happen; the rule of thumb is to always expect the unexpected. But even if that’s the case, some trends are on the brink of becoming so huge they’re infiltrating our wardrobes and vanity indefinitely. We’re no psychics, but we can still make some calculated guesses on what beauty look or fashion trend will become the most popular for 2019. Curious about the next big thing? Know what’s in store for you next year in the realm of style. 

The comeback of the classic red lip 

This year was all about the gloss and the glitter. Matte finishes were tossed aside in favour of more festive textures. As a result, experimental hues like oranges, purples and vibrant corals took centre stage. But based on the latest beauty launches, the crowning shade of lip colours — the classic red lip — is about to make a big comeback. From CHANEL Rouge to Lisa Eldrige’s Red Velvet lipsticks, beauty brands are shifting their gears towards red lipsticks formulated in hydrating mattes.

The rise of ‘skipcare’ 

Here’s a diet anyone can get on board with: skincare diet, also known as ‘skipcare’. The concept is simple: use multipurpose products to speed up your skincare routine and save a couple of bucks, like using a hydrating toner as a substitute for moisturiser. This technique became increasingly popular after a recent feminist movement took off in South Korea, which saw local ladies expressing outrage over “laborious” beauty routines. With various skincare brands introducing hybrid products lately, we can all expect ‘skipcare’ to be the norm for 2019.

Hello, baby bangs and wavy ends 

There’s no doubt that runway hairstylist Guido Palau is a trendsetter. And if his latest works were any indication of what the next ‘It Girl’ hairstyle would be, then it looks like baby bangs and soft, wavy ends are the winning hair combo for next year. This snappy hairstyle was spotted in the catwalk last season for fashion brands like Miumiu and Prada. You might just spot the look on the streets next year.

A new era for lingerie 

Until recently, there’s a scarcity of lingerie that’s both stylish and comfortable. Thankfully, we’re ushering a new era where inclusive and practical yet super-chic designs are being offered. Brands like Savage x Fenty by Rihanna, UNIQLO and Aerie are currently some of the major players in this field. But because of the positive response from consumers, other established and upcoming brands may join in on the fun soon.

No more rough edges for handbags 

It seems like we’re ditching angular designs for well-rounded (pun intended) clutches and handbags. From bucket bags to circular clutches, round shapes have dominated the bag scene in the Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shows. Get ready to sport these cute bags soon!

Make way for maximalism

The minimalism trend may be staying, but there’s no stopping maximalism from taking over. This year, we’ve seen a string of trends that veered away from neutrals and clean lines. Instead, tiered ruffles, bell sleeves, logomania and pastels took over. And with playful and loud designs becoming more popular, it’s safe to say that maximalism is getting ready for its day in the sun.

(Cover photo from: @shrimps)

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We’re no strangers to the phrase “as soft as a baby’s skin.” But have you ever wondered why it is so? Well, you can attribute a big chunk of it to collagen. Yes, it’s that word that’s often thrown around in beauty circles, but what does it really mean?

Collagen is actually a protein found in the skin that’s responsible for making it strong and looking supple, smooth and soft. Unfortunately, its number depletes when we age due to many damaging or destroying factors — and stress is a major culprit. The result is dull, dry and wrinkled skin. So how do we make sure that we don’t lose more collagen than we’d like? Here are some easy steps to take that you can do every day.

Add collagen to your skincare regimen

We all follow a skincare routine, so it’s easy to incorporate skin-loving products as need be. To aid collagen production in your skin, try using collagen-rich products or those that have been proven to be easily absorbed into the skin.

The Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In is a perfect example of that. It has an Intense White Cocoon Foam that’s packed with water-soluble collagen serum that can easily be absorbed into the skin. Plus, it also has double hyaluronic acid, white cocoon essence and a moisture boost ingredient that soothes and moisturises the skin while it effectively cleanses it from dirt and impurities. You can expect clean, clear skin that’s supple and smooth as a result.

Help yourself with lots of good ol’ water

The collagen found in the body is actually made up of 60% water. So when its water content decreases, it becomes unhealthy. It’s an unconventional comparison, but liken the collagen to soil. Forgetting to water it can cause it to look dry and eventually crack. So make sure you’re drinking enough water to make sure that your entire body — including your collagen — is properly hydrated and healthy.

Go easy on the sugar

There’s no denying that what we put in our bodies affect not only how the insides work but also how what can be seen outside. If you’re a fan of sugary food, it’s time to go easy on them. Sugar clings to collagen, making it inflexible, which results to dry, ageing skin. Yikes!

Give your face a massage

Did you know that massaging can actually improve blood and oxygen flow in your skin, which leads to — yes, you guessed it right! — collagen production? We recommend giving your face a massage after putting on the Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Moist Mask, which gives the skin a boost of moisture that lasts for 24 hours. After 15 minutes of leaving the product on, using upward motions, massage the skin to help the Silk Essence and W-Hyaluronic Acid in the mask get absorbed.

Start your supple skin journey with the Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In. Discover Senka here.