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We’re sure you’ve already heard experts, and even your friends, harping about how you should always use sunscreen to help protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. It’s true – sunscreens help make sure that your skin doesn’t get burnt by the sun. But it’s not the only thing they can do. Anessa sunscreens, Japan’s no. 1 sun care brand for 17 years, offer benefits beyond just the bare minimum. Did you know that your sunscreen can work this way too?

They’re the best anti-ager

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Aside from the immediate physical effects that it wards off, sunscreen acts as a great anti-ager because it shields your skin from early signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. And you know what they say: prevention is better than cure.

They double as skincare

A rectangular bottle of sunscreen

Aside from prevention, sunscreens also offer great skincare benefits. The sunscreens from Anessa don’t just have premium ingredients for sun protection but also ingredients that take care of the skin as serums do.

Packed with Super Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Collagen, Rose Extract, Aloe Extract, Green Tea Extract, Sakura Leaf Extract, and Tormentilla Extract, the Anessa Perfect UV Milk, Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Gel, and Anessa Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel nurture the skin and make sure it’s hydrated and moisturised. Meanwhile, the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Spray, Anessa UV Sunscreen Mild Milk, and Anessa Essence UV Sunscreen Mild Milk contain Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that keep the skin’s collagen production up and retains the skin’s moisture.

They double as a pre-makeup product 

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There’s an ongoing debate on whether sunscreens should go before or after makeup, but there are sunscreens that actually go so well under makeup that they can be considered a primer. The airy, silky, non-sticky texture of the Anessa UV Perfect Milk makes it great for wearing under makeup because it doesn’t pill or crack when other products are applied on top of it.

They lower the risk of skin cancer

No matter how much you think your skin’s “strong enough” for the sun, you need to protect it to ensure that it’s healthy. Various skin cancers, including melanoma, are triggered by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. So make sure that you wear something that has strong protection. The Anessa Perfect UV Milk has SPF50+ and PA++++ which protect the skin from UVB (that leads to premature skin ageing) and UVA (that causes sunburns) respectively. Make sure you apply generously and re-apply every two hours.

The Anessa Perfect UV Milk and other Anessa Sunblock variants are now available at Lazada. Head there now for a special discount of 16% when you buy a pack of two Anessa Perfect UV Milk bottles.



If you've had a tiring working week, these news bites we're about to share may just lift your spirits up. From a popular beauty brand launching an exciting collection to a fashionable, thrilling theatre play, these end-of-the-week updates are nothing but a treat. 

Colourpop X Disney Princess

Earlier this week, we published an article on how to recreate Disney Princess looks and it was a happy coincidence that a day after, Colourpop unveiled a makeup collaboration with Disney inspired by our favourites princesses. The collection will feature highlighters, an eyeshadow palette, single pan shadows, lip glosses and classic lipsticks. You can preview the products here

UNIQLO presents "Modest Travels"

Notes with travel stories are pinned on a wall.

Count on UNIQLO to showcase their latest collection in a unique way. As part of their 2018 winter travel campaign, the fashion brand presents a guided theatre play called "Modest Travels," which depicts four real travel stories submitted by UNIQLO fans. With the experiential setting of the play in the Temenggong 18/20 colonial bungalow, guests can look forward to an exciting adventure where they will be taken on a journey alongside the cast. The event will be open to the public until tomorrow and each ticket will cost SGD30 but is fully redeemable for UNIQLO products after the event.

Australis Cosmetics is now available in the Philippines

Beloved Australian beauty brand Australis Cosmetics is now in the Philippines! Their must-try bestsellers are the Banana Powder (PHP595) that helps banish redness and the GRLBOSS Pout Perfection (PHP445), an award-winning lippie with a soft and velvety finish. Grab yours now at BeautyMNL and watch out for their openings at Landmark Trinoma and Alabang this coming weekend.

Raf Simons' first fragrance for Calvin Klein

Two hands holding a bottle of pink perfume.

Devised by perfumers Annick Menardo and Honorine Blanc, the Calvin Klein Women EDP is the first fragrance developed under the vision of Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons. The fragrance is a play on contrasts featuring harmonious floral and woody notes. Even its packaging reflects the allure of the scent, an elegant classic design that every chic woman will cherish. You can bring home this lovely perfume for SGD165/~USD121.02 (100ml). 

Limited edition Tony Moly x Samyang collection is available on Shopee

Red and black-cased cushion foundations and instant cup noodles are laid down on a red surface.

We know you've been wanting to get your hands on the cute and quirky limited edition Tony Moly x Samyang collection. Well, good news! It's now available at Shopee. We're particularly eyeing the Hot Coverdak Cushion and Hot Edition Lip Sauce tints. How about you?

(Cover photo from: @colourpopcosmetics)

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Tattoos have held various meanings and significance. When the practice started could not be pinpointed, but the term was said to have rooted from the Polynesian tatau or tatu meaning 'to strike', 'to puncture' or  'to mark the skin'. From this, the body modification practice has since bloomed into three categories: purely decorative, symbolic and pictorial — all of which play a massive role not just in history but also in social perceptions of beauty and fashion through the years.

However, the stigma associated with tattooing is definitely challenging to overcome because of its use in Russian espionage, Japanese yakuzas (organised gangs) and prison culture, in general. Even when it became mainstream during the '60s when Hollywood celebrities started getting inked, people still couldn't shake off the negative notions that have been tied to the practice. 

Woman with tattoo on her back

Thankfully, with all the diversity and inclusivity being campaigned for in today's beauty and fashion industries, the call for erasing the stigma against tattooing is moving forward. Movements have also been created inspired by it. Project Semi-colon is one of the most popular, symbolising a stand for the importance of mental health. 

If you're reading this article, chances are you're either deciding to get your next tattoo or you're considering to get inked but are still on a crossroads. Whatever the sitch is, you know we got your back! Here's a roundup of celebrity inks that will solve your tattoo envy.

Emilia Clarke's dragons

The Mother of Dragons decided to commemorate Game of Thrones, the show that skyrocketed her to fame, in the form of three dragon silhouettes inked on her wrist. If you're a pop culture geek who's thinking of another addition to your inspired skin art, you may want to take notes from Clarke's chosen design. 

Selena Gomez's symbolic friendship '4'

While everyone's gossiping about Gomez's emotional state during Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement, the 26-year-old decided to subtlely let everyone know that she's more empowered than ever by getting matching tattoos with her BFFs. The minimalistic number '4' placed in different parts of their bodies — Gomez out hers on the arm — symbolises that, through thick and thin, heartbreaks and successes, the four of them withstood and will withstand obstacles together forever. Cheesy but sweet, don't you think? We're sure it left you wanting to call your BFFs for a group tat session, too.

Rihanna's henna style and traditional Polynesian hand tattoo

If you're looking for a more in-your-face and story-laced ink to add to your canvas, why not have something like Queen Rih? The one on Rihanna's hand was done using the Maori Ta Moko 'stick and poke' method  during her tour in New Zealand. On her other hand, she has a tattoo inspired by Egyptian and Indian henna designs that often symbolise religious ceremonies, festivals and other  suchoccasions.

Lucy Hale's lightbulb

This one may look random at first but the detailed lightbulb image inked just above the actress' elbow is her reminder to everyone that we should all 'be the light'. Simple yet symbolic, she also joked that she needed to apologise to her mum for yet another addition to her skin ink collection. If you're getting inked against your parents' will (especially since Asian parents are more conservative), then you might as well get one that has the same inspiring message as Hale's, right?

Demi Lovato's 'Stay Strong' permanent wristlets

As an advocate for body positivity and mental health, it's no secret that Lovato has faced challenges, some she continues to battle with at present. And with her celeb status, media scrutiny surely does not make things easier. But the 26-year-old who has a history with self-harm made a bold move to put the words 'stay' on one wrist and 'strong' on the other to serve as a reminder and a personal pick-me-up when things are getting tough. Tattoos, with their permanence, are often great ways to keep ourselves committed to something, and these inks on Demi that tethers her to the beauty of staying strong definitely proved that.

Lea Michele's musical notes

Just like her Glee character Rachel Berry, Michele's life is all about music. We can't blame her because the girl's got an insane vocal range! To express her passion for her craft, getting minimalistic tats that look gracefully elegant on her shoulder blade is something that we appreciate. This is our inspiration if we're going for inks that summarise our personality as a whole. 

Not ready for something as permanent as a tattoo? Try these empowering Disney-inspired makeup looks instead.