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We’re all familiar with MAC, Benefit, NARS, and the like. All these are world-famous makeup brands that experts and newbies use — and they’re all Western brands. But what about Asian makeup brands?

With the explosion of Kpop and the Korean beauty industry, it’s only now that Asian beauty brands are gaining popularity from all over the world. So, with that in mind, we have compiled our five favourite Asian beauty brands that we think are just as amazing as their Western counterparts, and give them the recognition and love they more than deserve!


Etude House

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Don’t be fooled by this Korean brand’s cute packaging, because their products pack a punch! From their foundations to their moisturisers, there’s something here for every one who loves makeup. All their long-lasting eyeliners and mascaras will give you that gorgeous doll-eyed effect, while their water-based skincare products will hydrate your skin to give it that plump, dewy glow that’s all the rage in Korea.


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If you’re someone who loves to play up your eyes every time, then K-Palette is the brand to go to for all your brow, liner, and mascara needs! Their eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels seriously set and don’t budge unless you swipe a high-powered makeup remover over them. And their mascaras and eyeliners beautifully curl and define the eyes for that chic, doe-eyed look!

Shu Uemura

(photo from SamanthaJoy)

While the Shu Uemura eyelash curler has become a cult classic that numerous beauty lovers and experts swear by, their brow pencils, eyeshadows, and cleansing oils are on their way to 'cult status' as well! With the hard brow pencil's innovative formula and staying power allowing thick, bushy brows to be attained every time, their cleansing oils thoroughly removing makeup while gently cleaning the skin, and their eyeshadow's creaminess and strong pigmentation make this brand a must-have for any makeup kit!

Dolly Wink

(photo from MelissaLSL)

Another amazing brand for those who are all about the eyes, Dolly Wink is famous for their volumising and lengthening mascaras as well as their budgeproof, sweatproof, and waterproof liquid and pencil liners! We're suprised that their eyeshadows and false lashes don't get much love — the neutral and smoky shimmery shades will seriously make your eyes pop and shine, while staying on for hours on end; and the falsies' flutteriness will give you lashes that are a mile long without looking too fake!

The Face Shop

(photo from tebisha)

Like Etude House, The Face Shop caters to all our makeup and skincare needs too. Their angled eyebrow pencils instantly give Cara Delevingne-esque eyebrows every time, while their famous sheet masks address all of our skincare concerns from dehydation to oil control! And if you ever want to jump on the cushion foundation bandwagon too, they have an excellent oil controlling water-based foundation that will be your new go-to product!


What's your favourite Asian makeup brand? Share it with us in the comments below!



(cover photo from lystraaaa)

For years, Maison Kitsuné has managed to combine the fashion aesthetics of Paris and Tokyo, an innovator of ‘East meets West’. Its fashion collections are known for reinventing classic pieces and mixing them with a bold range of colours, prints, and materials. And from fashion to beauty, it has begun to dip its toes into the beauty world by launching an exclusive collaboration with beauty giant Shu Uemura for this year’s holiday collection!

And with all the gorgeous, festive colours in the line, it’s definitely putting us in the holiday mood! So if you need a little holiday MOTD inspiration for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, or for any late night celebration you’re attending, keep reading below to find out how you can recreate this bold holiday makeup look, using items from the Maison Kitsuné for Shu Uemura collection!

(photo from KireiMakeup)



Known for their amazing brow pencils, start off the look by defining your eyebrows with the Hard Formula Seal Brown 02 brow pencil in light, hairlike strokes! This pencil is unlike any you will have ever used as it only releases its colour pigment when it gets in contact with the oils in your brow hairs! Its unique angled shape will guarantee you full, bushy brows every time!


For the star of the show, take the light blue shade of the collection’s Indigo Eye and Cheek Palette and apply it all over the lids for a wash of colour. Next, take the royal blue shade and brush it on your eye’s crease, focusing on the outer ‘V’ of your eye. For extra definition, blend a little of the gray color on the outer edge for a more elongated look. Take the white shimmery shade and dust on the inner corners of your eyes for that wide awake look!

For a smokier, grungey look, take the Play & Remix Drawing Pencil in M Indigo and apply it all over you lower lashline. Finish off the eyes with coats and coats of the Petal Lash Mascara and you have a party-ready, gorgeous blue smokey eye!


Since the eye is so bold, we wouldn’t want the blush to overpower anything. So just take the peachy blush shade in the Indigo Eye and Cheek Palette and lightly dust it on the apples of your cheeks for a natural, glowy flush!


And for the lips, instead of going for a classic nude (which is a staple when it comes to smokey eyes), apply a very light wash of the Laque Sparkler in Fleur Shine for a beautiful tinted, glossy pink lip! Because it’s so light, it won’t look like it’s contradicting the eyeshadow. If you feel that your lip colour is still too opaque or pink, just blot your lips and pat them with your finger tips after to really let the colour sink in and let it mesh with your lips’ natural hue!


Which makeup product do you love from the Maison Kitsuné for Shu Uemura collection? Let us know in the comments below!



When it comes to picking out the perfect highlighter to add to our makeup collection, we love turning to a selection of tried-and-tested favourites that our Community has loved through the years.

So if you're looking to get a new highlighter in time to add a glow to your holiday makeup, we've made a Beauty Quiz out of the finalists in the Highlighter Category of our recent Clozette Beauty Awards 2015

Take our quiz to see which highlighter you should be getting based on your personality!


On an ideal day, when you look out the window, what do you see? 

a) Clear, mid-cloudy sky with a light burst of sunshine
b) The sunset
c) Light showers with a dash of sunshine
d) Bright and Sunny—the perfect summer day
e) Sweater weather

On a weekend, who are you usually seen with?

a) Friends from work
b) The love of your life
c) Your best friend
d) On a date with someone new
e) Friends from High School


If you answered mostly (a): You're meant for the....
Lancôme Teint Miracle Instant Pen

While you may be the time who likes the finer things in life, you also like convenience and a quick, fuss free routine to match your active lifestyle. You want your highlighter to be easy to apply, adding just a touch of brightness to the face without being too shimmery or cakey. Since you're always on the go, rushing from work meetings to cocktails with your girlfriends, you also want your highlighter to be small enough to fit even your smallest purses, perfect for that quick touch-up through the day.


If you answered mostly (b):  You're meant for the....
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

You're all about achieving a glow that makes you look like you're not trying too hard. After all, you're looking to impress with a natural glow that looks great under any light--perfect for those up-close date-night moments. You are also definitely the type who basks in the mood of romance, loving that image of one day walking along the beach during sunset with your soul mate.


If you answered mostly (c): You're meant for....
Benefit High Beam

You're all about routine and keeping loyal to a glow that's been tried and tested through the years--having proved itself to give you that perfect glow anytime, anywhere. You also don't want to be spending too much time on your makeup, so this is perfect for those dab-go-and-glow moments. After all, there are more important things in life than just sitting in front of the mirror perfecting your makeup. You want to be ready in a jiffy and see the world!


If you answered mostly (d):  You're meant for....
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

You're the type who loves to glow with all the fun things in life. You're all about looking camera-ready to capture all the best moments in life, so you need that type of glow that can easily take you from a chill wine night with friends, to a fun night of dancing at the hippest clubs in town. Life is a party and you're set to make sure your cheeks are looking bright and glowy to match your sunny disposition.


If you answered mostly (e):  You're meant for the....
Etude House Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher

You're low maintenance and love multi-tasking. So what if this is technically a blusher--it also surprisingly gives your cheek a nice subtle highlight perfect for when you need to quickly give yourself a healthy flush of colour without having to use multiple products. 


Which highlighter product did you get? Share your results in the comments below!