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Fashion models have always been tall. And because they’re used as guides by every designer and clothing brand, all clothes are made with tall women in mind. The problem with that is most women aren’t 5’8 and above – they normally stand between 5’4 and below.

If you're one of the many petite women out there who's having trouble creating ensembles that won't cut off her height, don't worry because we've got you covered. 

While there’s nothing wrong with being short, if you want to change that perception when you go out into the world, then keep reading below for our favourite petite styling tips that will help elongate your body and make you look like a “glamazon”.


Opt for skinny belts to define your figure

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Skinny belts not only look sophisticated and elegant, they’re petite-friendly as well. They help to accentuate your figure without drowning your top, which is something that every petite gal should avoid.


Balance is key

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Pay attention to your top and bottom’s silhouette. If you’re going for a high-low skirt, pair it with a tucked in, fitted blouse. That way, it will elongate your gams, and balance out the structure of the skirt without sacrificing your beautiful shape.


Wear one colour from head to toe

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Love the monochromatic look? Aside from being trendy, you now have one more reason to keep wearing one colour from head to toe as it creates a single, uninterrupted line to make you look taller than you really are.


Go for pointed shoes

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Surprisingly, rounded heels are not meant for petite ladies. Because of their appearance, they tend to have a shortening effect on petite gals. Instead, opt for pointed heels as they elongate your frame while pairing well with any look you have.


Mini skirts are your best friend

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Anything ‘mini’ will always be your best friend. So whether you want to go for a wrap skirt, an A-line silhouette, or the classic pencil skirt, as long as it hits above the knee, you won’t have to worry about it cutting off your height.


Got any more styling tips for petite women? Share them with us below!



After sharing our style spotting report of the fashionable show goers at Singapore Fashion Week 2016, we now bring your attention to what our very own Clozetters and ambassadors -- with glowing SK-II Facial Treatment Essence prepped skin -- wore for the shows.

Watch our SGFW ’16 style diary below and keep reading to find out who’s wearing what.


(photo from Instagram/@becksko)

What she wore: Topshop jumpsuit, Chloe bag and Proenza Schouler bracelet

(photo from Instagram/@becksko)

What she wore: COS top, Uniqlo skirt, Melissa shoes, Miu Miu clutch

@chiamhuiy and @ssyndeyho

(photo from CelineChiam)

What Celine wore: Fayth dress, Givenchy bag and Tiffany & Co. necklace

What Sydney wore: Collate The Label dress, YSL bag and Valentino shoes

Who wore her look best? Tell us in the comment section below!



Once the festive season kicks in, one thing we plan out besides the gifts we're giving out is our outfits. But with the holidays being overwhelmingly colourful on its own, coming up with your outfits for the season can be a real bummer. So what's the key to a perfectly curated holiday OOTD? Getting your colours right, of course!

If you're mind is buzzing with green and red and you're worried of being washed out in all the festive scene, here are the best colours to wear for the holidays that will surely make you stand out from the Christmas card. 


Peachy Pink

The festive season is where colours shout their loudest. And the best way to provide contrast from your surroundings is to wear an item of clothing with a subtle touch of colour. Going for a peachy pink makes it easier to stand out from a sea of green and red without looking too strong or too muted. 


Do not confuse your purples and aubergines with violet, ladies! This bright variation of the shade is not only perfect for power-dressing, but it shapes up nicely in the midst of holiday colours as well. As a shade opposite green and red in the colour wheel, this complements the two colours without looking too much on the eyes and provides an elegant, unconventionally refreshing overall feel.  


Baby blue

(photo from fayebalogo)

Another subtle shade that provides contrast for the season's colours without looking too washed out or muted, baby blue is a good alternative to grey or silver, which is the typical go-to holiday shade.  


Deep burgundy

So yes, we said that it's best to go for colours that provide contrast, but why burgundy? Aren't we going against our own rules by adding this to the list?

Red and green may dominate the festive scene, but going for a deeper tone of a classic shade can still give dimension if you incorporate it in the right fashion piece. So if you love your reds but would still want to give it some 'pop' this season, go for burgundy pieces in matte fabrics and structured layers to avoid looking like an holiday ornament and blending in with the background. 


Classic black

Not the colour you expected? Well, maybe you did expect it a little (we're looking at you, all-black lovers). Black may not be the most festive colour and it can come across as a little too late for Halloween, but this versatile and classic colour can be transformed for the holidays by going for structured and playful cuts and the right accessories. 


Which of these colours will you go for this season? Let us know in the comments below!