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Our Fave Looks From Stylist Bea Constantino

(cover photo from @beaconstantino)

Filipino stylist Bea Constantino wasn’t always into fashion. In fact, her passion for it came to her like fate - there was an opening for a fashion assistant at a local magazine, and since she desperately needed a job, she took it! She eventually fell in love with the industry, which came as a huge surprise to her, and hasn’t looked back since.

Describing herself as a stylist and a ballet dancer at heart, Bea boasts an impressive clientele such as Kim Jones, Solenn Heussaff, Ruffa Guttierez, and even Paris Hilton, styling the heiress-turned-businesswoman while she was here in the Philippines.

Watch her feature on ClozetteTV below:

In her special feature with ClozetteTV, she described the ups and downs of being a stylist, as well as her journey into becoming one, and of course, finding her own personal style! So to celebrate her passion for fashion, here are our 5 favourite looks from Bea’s own style!


Pretty in Pink

The pop of colour from her blazer perfectly pulls her outfit of neutrals together, for a simple and fun look! Whether you’re casually strolling around the city or heading over to a business meeting, this outfit is perfect for any of that.
A Nod to Mod

The Mod era was definitely the best time for dresses, A-line dresses to be specific, because they just flattered everyone. Bea applies her loves for simplicity with this black and white A-line frock, but makes it stand out even more by sporting a statement lip and bold sunglasses.
Suit Up

Everyone needs a power suit, and this gray suit and red polo definitely screams that! But remembering to stay comfortable, Bea opts for a relaxing and loose fit, instead of a structured one, reminding all of us that suits can be fun too.
Back to Black

Bea’s laid back style turns this all-black ensemble into a 2-in-1 — it’s all about business in front with the button down and trousers, and party at the back with its flirty heels and backless top.
Cool and Comfy in Pastel

Going back to her love for laid-back looks, this lavender button down and heels combo goes well for any casual day out on the town. But the best part is that it can be dressed up for the night - just add a large blazer and add a little more height to your heels and you’ll be good to go!


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