Our Favourite "Crazy Trends" From 2016 | Clozette

2016 has been a crazy rollercoaster ride of outrageous beauty trends. No matter how weird these trends and beauty challenges are, it's somehow very satisfying to see how beauty gurus are becoming bolder and more adventurous.

So with the year about to come to a close, let's hit that throwback button, and take a look at some of this year's crazy beauty trends that truly took makeup to new heights. 


The "bra insert as a beauty blender dupe" trend

Probably one of the most recent of them all, beauty gurus have been raving about using a silicon bra insert to apply and blend your foundation. This happened when the silisponge came into the spotlight – a silicon-made sponge that supposedly absorbs little to no product compared to a brush or a beautyblender. The big question is... does it work? The answer will surprise you. 

Glitter roots

Just when you think mattes owned this year, galaxy and glitter also had their fair share of the crown. As a trend that we probably won't try but will still continue to have our eyes on, glitter roots simply look psychedelic and pretty. It definitely made 2016 a little bit brighter... and shinier.

Glow-in-the-dark hair

We've got pastel hair, balayage, ombre, and just about anything that we can do with our hair. But glow-in-the-dark locks just beat everything to the punch. Instead of yapping about its amazingness, why don't you check out the video above? 

Full face using only highlighters challenge

Blind them with your glow? Yes, queen! This trend may be the most (and probably overbearing) glamorous look that beauty gurus have done this year. It may not be a wearable everyday look, but hey, it's still fascinating to watch from start to finish. 



When we launched the Clozette Beauty Awards last year, it was our way to give our vibrant beauty community a voice in honouring the finest in beauty. We gathered a panel of 50 beauty influencers around the region and received close to a whopping 40,000 votes! How’s that for a voice?

A few of the Clozette Beauty Awards 2016 beauty panelists

This year, Clozette Beauty Awards is all spruced up to continue on our search for the Holy Grail products of 2016. Our beauty panel from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines still remain as our VIPs in nominating products for the Community Choice category. But instead of four main voting categories like the previous year, we put the spotlight on two main categories – skincare and makeup – before delving into 22 sub-categories and dividing them into ‘Department Store Brand’ and ‘Specialty Store Brand’. Whether you’re looking to save or splurge, there are a total of 44 winning beauty goodness.

On top of that, we also introduced a brand new award category this year, the Editor’s Choice, where our Editors judge and award beauty products released within the past year. Our Editors receive and try new products all the time, so really, where better than the Clozette Beauty Awards to congregate our shared passion with the beauty community? So before you check out the 26 winners of The Clozette Beauty Awards 2016: Editor’s Choice, keep reading to know more about our five judging criteria.



(Photo from: AnastasiaLove)

Before we try a particular product, we make sure to read the marketing claims on the product and in the PR kit. Does it live up to its claims? Does it really do anything for our skin or hair? As far as we all know, the product is only as good as the final visible outcome reflected on us.


(Photo from: fionaseah)

The application is really about how the product feels, or smells, or sits on the skin or hair. We usually like to start off by doing a swatch of the product on our hands just to get a feel of its texture and finish. Just so you know, we’re very particular about how a product sits because comfort is a very important factor.



(Photo from: Vinvola)

Because beauty brands are increasingly coming up with amazing new products that we have not seen or experienced before, the word “innovation” has always popped up during our CBA preliminary discussions. We love how beauty companies are constantly pushing themselves to create differentiating products that are functional and in tune with the trends and our fast-paced lifestyle. That is why “Innovation” became one of the judging criteria for the CBA Editor’s Choice.


(Photo from: paradeoflove)

You know how first impressions matter? We are such visual creatures that we are always on a look out for all things pretty (hey, it’s beauty after all). But of course, we not only judge based on how “nice” the packaging looks, but also on the functionality of the packaging in relation to the product. Convenience plays a significant role when it comes to packaging. Is it going to make us "dig" the product out, or is there the convenience of a spatula or a pump?


Price point

(Photo from: queenofallyousee)

To save or to splurge – that is the big question. Is the product worth the value? Is it something that we would buy again? At the end of the day, it’s all down to our experience with the product. If it does beauty wonders, let’s just say we really don’t mind splurging just that little bit more.


Did your favourite beauty product make it to our list? See the 26 winners of The Clozette Beauty Awards 2016: Editor’s Choice here.


As soon as the festive season started kicking off, waves of green and red welcomed us with a bang. With everyone sporting the holidays' signature colour, wearing empowering shades of red can be a bit challenging. With the colour popping up in almost every place and wardrobe, it's easy to run out of ideas as to how you can play with it.

If you're worried about having all the holiday reds wash out the way you're wearing the shade this time of the year, we've got just the ways on how you can stand out with your crimsons this festive season.

Wear it on your lips

What better way to celebrate the festive season than by going with a bold lip? If you want to stand out from the myriad of greens and reds this season, save your crimson-shaded fashion pieces for when the season is over and wear this colour on your pout instead. 

Walk like a queen with it

Make a statement this season by playing with the idea of colour-blocking and mixing your bright tops and dresses with a splash of red on your toes. 

Use it as an accent, not a centerpiece

If you feel like you're missing out on all the "red outfit" fun, no worries! One way to prevent your reds from being washed out is by wearing it as an accent rather than going for a full-on red fashion piece. This way, you can still give off that festive vibe, and give more structure and dimension to your outfit without blending in with the Christmas baubles and wall decors everywhere.

Go for layers

With the weather cool and breezy, putting on layers is a practical option. To make your reds stand out this season, matching it up with fashion pieces that have edgy cuts. Mixing and matching with the idea of playful, sleek and chic will give divine results (trust us!). 


Play with textures and prints

Red is a powerful colour. Combined with the loud and bright festive feel of the season, there are more than enough reasons to kick things up a notch and be more experimental with this bold shade. Give yourself the liberty to reach for plaids, wools, corduroys, and other patterns and prints and be surprised at how this will light up and level up your holiday look. 


Want to take your holiday outfits to the next level? Revamp your outfits in a snap with these tips.