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Our Favourite "Crazy Trends" From 2016

From the glamorous to the most outrageous

2016 has been a crazy rollercoaster ride of outrageous beauty trends. No matter how weird these trends and beauty challenges are, it's somehow very satisfying to see how beauty gurus are becoming bolder and more adventurous.

So with the year about to come to a close, let's hit that throwback button, and take a look at some of this year's crazy beauty trends that truly took makeup to new heights. 


The "bra insert as a beauty blender dupe" trend

Probably one of the most recent of them all, beauty gurus have been raving about using a silicon bra insert to apply and blend your foundation. This happened when the silisponge came into the spotlight – a silicon-made sponge that supposedly absorbs little to no product compared to a brush or a beautyblender. The big question is... does it work? The answer will surprise you. 

Glitter roots

Just when you think mattes owned this year, galaxy and glitter also had their fair share of the crown. As a trend that we probably won't try but will still continue to have our eyes on, glitter roots simply look psychedelic and pretty. It definitely made 2016 a little bit brighter... and shinier.

Glow-in-the-dark hair

We've got pastel hair, balayage, ombre, and just about anything that we can do with our hair. But glow-in-the-dark locks just beat everything to the punch. Instead of yapping about its amazingness, why don't you check out the video above? 

Full face using only highlighters challenge

Blind them with your glow? Yes, queen! This trend may be the most (and probably overbearing) glamorous look that beauty gurus have done this year. It may not be a wearable everyday look, but hey, it's still fascinating to watch from start to finish.