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Ah, K-stars! From their poreless and radiant skin to their flawless and youthful makeup looks, we can't help but wonder about the secrets of their beauty routines to make them look this good. But aside from the well known 11-step skincare routine that's been making rounds all over the Internet, we decided to get the answers to get ulzzang (best face) beauty, straight from the mouths of our favourite Korean leading ladies. 

Lee Sung Kyung's secret to a great face base

In a recent interview for a beauty launch, the model and actress shared, “Always give your face some time to fully absorb each layer before adding the next [product]. Here’s a good rule of 'thumb' (and I mean this quite literally): If your fingertips feel damp when you press them into your face, give the product another minute, then test again."

Kim Yoo Jung on the importance of caring for your hands and neck

In an appearance on MBC's Sunny's FM Date, Kim Yoo Jung shared a beauty tip she got from Kim Hee Sun, who played her mum on the series Angry Mom, saying: "The face you can make pretty somehow later on, but you need to take care of your hands and neck now. She told me to put on hand cream and take care of my neck, so the next day, I started putting it on."

Song Hye Kyo spilled the beans on maintaining a youthful glow

From her days as Ji-Eun in Full House to her role as Dr. Kang in Descendants of the Sun, we can't help but wonder how it's possible that Song Hye Kyo looks even more radiant as years go by. Apparently, the actress took the meaning of 'mother knows best' by heart by keeping this tip from her mum in mind:  "My mother told me it’s better to start using anti-ageing [products], even at a young age, especially since I’m an actress and I’m constantly under stage lights or exposed to a lot of sunlight. To keep the skin moist throughout my travels, and within a tight schedule, moisture care is necessary." 

Kim Tae Hee on being proactive when it comes to your skin

The actress, considered one of South Korea's most beautiful women, spilled the beans about her glowing skin in an interview saying, "Since I'm in a career that requires constant camera exposure, I check my skin closely. If I feel like my skin is going to break out, I go and receive treatment from a dermatologist before filming. If my skin feels dry, I use masks or apply a lot of moisturising cream before sleeping. If I feel like I'm going to get blemishes, I lightly apply lotion only. I'm always vigilant about taking care of my skin."

Kim Go Eun on keeping fresh and hydrated even on a tight schedule

When you see her on Goblin,  Googling her age would be the initial reaction as she can pull off being a high-schooler flawlessly. But surprise, surprise! The actress is already 25. So we can't help but be in awe with how radiant and youthful she looks. Sharing her version of the fountain of youth in an interview,  Go Eun said she drinks at least two litres of water a day, keeps her face moisturised at all times when on the go with the help of a face mist, and would put on a sheet mask combined with two drops of essence before sleeping to ensure that her makeup would look natural and fresh the next day.

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