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Using your fingers to apply makeup is great because the warmth from your fingertips allows the product to blend in well. But there’s just something different with how makeup looks when applied using a brush — the finish is more flawless, even, blended, and you don’t have to wash you hands!

Once you get the hang of which is which, and discover how certain brushes can be used for more than one thing, how you apply makeup will never be the same again.

So if you’re still confused with which makeup brush is which, and you’re looking to build your own brush kit with just a few things, keep reading below for our guide to makeup brushes!


Powder Brush

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Powder brushes tend to be big and poofy to be able to evenly distribute the product, without making your MOTD look cakey. Beginner or expert, you will always need a powder brush in your arsenal!

Used for: Powder, Blush

Stippling Brush

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The densely-packed bristles in a stippling brush make it an excellent makeup tool for those who want a more flawless, full coverage look; and the perfect brush for beginners as they’re very versatile. If you want a more natural look, though, all you have to do is use the stipple brush in circular motions, rather than dabbing it.

Used for: Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Powder

Tapered Brush

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Incredibly soft and flexible, a tapered brush strikes a balance between a dense stippling brush and a loose powder brush to cater to all your ‘cheek’ needs.

Used for: Blush, Highlighter, Powder

Flat Foundation Brush

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This flat, dense brush is similar to a paint brush in terms of applying product. Instead of using stippling or patting motions, you use “dragging” motions similar to how a painter applies colour on his canvas!

Used for: Concealer, Foundation

Kabuki Brush

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A fat brush that isn’t too dense or too loose, a kabuki brush is perfect for beginners as they can be used for just about anything!

Used for: Foundation, Powder, Blush, Bronzer, Setting

Eyeshadow Brush

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Similar to a flat foundation brush, but much smaller, the eyeshdow brush is designed to allow the user to “pack on” the eyeshadow on the lids for maximum colour payoff!

Used for: Eyeshadow

Angled Liner Brush

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If you find yourself having a hard time perfecting that wing, try using an angled liner brush! Or if you want a more natural brow look, you can use this same tool for creating hair-like strokes; or for smudging in a harsh line – great brush for beginners and experts!

Used for: Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Smudging

Fine Liner Brush

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For those who love a good 60’s cat eye or a soft line, a fine liner brush is the right tool for you. It’s small enough to create even the thinnest lines, but still perfect for creating thicker ones too!

Used for: Eyeliner

Crease Brush

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Whenever you’re doing eyeshadow, make sure to blend, blend, blend! If you want a brush that can do more than just apply eyeshadow, then add the crease brush to your makeup bag! Whether it’s dome-shaped or tapered, it will still be able to do most of your eye makeup needs!

Used for: Eyeshadow, Concealer, Setting, Smudging, Blending

Smudge Brush

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For easy smokey eyes, simply take a smudge brush, blend eyeshadow on your lower lashline, and you’re done! Excellent for pinpoint concealing and lip lining, this tiny tapered brush can do more than meets the eye.

Used for: Eyeshadow, Pinpoint Concealing, Smudging, Lips


Which makeup brushes are in your makeup kit? Share it with us in the comments below! 



Lack of sleep, stress, having a cold—these are just some of the reasons why we get puffy eyes; and we’re sure that you’ve looked for ways to get rid of them. But did you know that in Korea, the beauty trend 'Aegyo-sal' actually encourages highlighting your eye pouches to get that youthful, wide-eyed look?

So if you're all about K-beauty, here's how you can get in on the aegyo-sal trend!


Prepare your skin

First step is to moisturise your skin. This is to smoothen and lighten the redness that may be visible under your eyes and the rest of your face.
Make those dark circles disappear

Do your usual makeup routine and make sure to keep those dark circles well concealed. Aegyo-sal is all about having your eye pouch evident especially when you’re smiling, but without the blueish-purple tinge of dark circles.

Work on the outline

To start making the eye puff appear, draw an outline following the curve of your lower lash line using a cream-based contour (with a tight line eyeliner brush) or a brown kohl eyeliner. If you want to make the eye puff illusion even bigger, just adjust the curve you’re making.

Highlight and blend.

Put highlighting powder or an eyeshadow that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone between your lower lash line and the outline you made. Make sure that you completely fill in the space between the two. After that, pat down and blend everything in.


Aegyo-sal is all about highlighting that youthful and natural eyepuff that appears when we smile. So to completely pull off the look, show off those pearly whites and share that beautiful smile with the world. 


What do you think of this beauty trend? Share it with us in the comments below!


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We all try to eat healthy — to never miss a meal, to have our food groups balanced, to drink lots of water, and a lot more. But what we often forget is how the food we are eating can affect our teeth and our gorgeous smiles. Recently, we’ve learned that common beverages can actually stain our teeth. So to prevent our smiles from becoming discoloured, we recommend Closeup Diamond Attraction toothpaste for its ability to whiten your teeth from the first brush onwards!

But besides brushing our teeth, we wanted to know about other tips and tricks too! So below, we asked a few of our Clozette Ambassadors and members of the Clozette team for their tips on how they prevent stains on their teeth, and how they keep their bright and confident smiles!


Rochelle Abella (Clozette Ambassador)


"I always make sure to drink water afterwards, brush my teeth with Closeup Diamond Attraction, and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. Most importantly, I visit the dentist at least twice a year to keep my teeth healthy."

Lystra Aranal (INSIDER Editor)


“As much as possible, I try to brush my teeth at least twice a day because that’s the recommended number of times. And if I can, I chug a glass of water right after drinking coffee, or tea, or wine because it helps to clean the teeth and remove temporary stains that may have stuck around.”

Kim Santiago (Clozette Ambassador)


"I brush my teeth right away because my dentist told me it's recommended that you brush your teeth right after to prevent stains from setting in. But I also rinse or drink with water first to neutralise and dilute the acid/ pigment before brushing my teeth."

Jara Lucero (Social Media Manager)


“Ideally, I brush my teeth after the meal that I take with coffee, tea or red wine. But if I'm out for a while, I brush my teeth once I get home.”

Nicole Torres (SHOPPE Manager)


“For red wine, I brush immediately when I can just because the stain sets in quicker than coffee. And for coffee, I brush as soon as I get home.”


What are your tips for preventing teeth stains? Share it with us in the comment section below!