Our Top 5 Picks From Escentials' S/S 2017 Collection | Clozette
Escentials’ well-curated selection never ceases to amaze us, and they sure did not disappoint with their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. We’re looking forward to seeing all their new releases, but we’ve already set sights on some we can’t wait to get a hold of.

Eight & Bob Nuit de Megève

Perfect to counter the heat, this fragrance conjures up images of mountain air during winter and wood burning in the fireplace.

Eau de Memo – a bird on a tea leaf

With key notes of jasmine, green tea and leather, this perfume exudes a freshness that’s reminiscent of rich fauna inhabited by singing birds.

Fornasetti Profumi Foglie

As much as we love to sport great scents, we love filling our house with mood-enhancing scents, too. This candle in the limited edition design featuring leaves and foliage is the perfect addition to any home. Aside from the unique olfactory experience, the packaging is also a visual treat.

By Terry Sun Designer Sun Palette Summer Edition - Sunkiss Powders

We’re all about celebrating warmth on the face this season, so we’re excited these palettes from By Terry. Offered in two variations, Tropical Sunset and Savannah Love, are perfect for anyone who wants a luminous, sun-kissed glow to their skin.


Simple yet potent skincare products are what we love most, so we’re already eyeing the serums from Codage. We’re particularly excited for Prêt-à-Porter serums that cater to specific skin needs, but we’re also looking forward to trying the on-demand serums from their Haute Couture line.

If you’re as excited by these as we are, head over to escentials.com now and snag your favourite.



Welcome to the last roundup for the month of April! We often muse about time and how swiftly it passes during roundups a lot, but don’t you agree? There are just so many things happening, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. It’s a good thing we’ve kept tabs on topics we know you’d be interested in.

So if you haven’t had time to read the news or go on social media to catch what’s trending, here are this week’s highlights.

LVMH Takes Over Dior

Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) has expanded its portfolio. The luxury brand has acquired the entire Christian Dior brand for a whopping $13 billion. Fun fact that you may or may not already know: LVMH also owns Givenchy.

Instagram Offline

If that didn’t shock you, here’s something that might. You’ll soon be able to use Instagram offline. The new Instagram update will allow you to use the app even if you have a slow connection or if you’re using free data. There’s a catch, though. Only Android users can make use of the update right now. But we’re sure Instagram will work something out for iOS users in the future, too.

Beauty Buffet In The Philippines

Thailand’s favourite beauty store, Beauty Buffet, has landed in the Philippines. The store, which offers a variety of beauty products in cute packaging, is located at Ayala Malls The 30th.

New Naked Palettes

Urban Decay is releasing two new Naked palettes! But they won’t be for the eyes. The Naked Skin Shapeshifter palettes are for contouring and correcting.

That Blue Bag

You may have already seen it. You know, that blue bag that costs roughly $2000 but looks similar to one that sells for $0.99. Many people can’t help but compare the resemblance between the bags from Balenciaga and IKEA, but what do you think?

They’re Pretty Vulgar

Calling all old souls and lovers of anything vintage. Here’s the makeup line of your dreams. Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics, a brand that takes inspiration from the dainty days of yore, has landed in Sephora.

Lava Cookie Ice Cream

Craving for something sweet? Get your fix at the Creamery Singapore. The famed original lava cookies from Bangkok has arrived at the Creamery, and they are waiting to be devoured.

(Cover photo from: @dior)

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Travelling is exciting, but at the same time, it can be really exhausting especially when you're trapped inside an airplane for over six hours. Let's face it: our skin tends to break out after being in plane cabins where there's usually a change in pressure and lack of moisture.

Flying out soon? Before you go, take these top carry-on beauty essentials that will keep your face hydrated and glowing all throughout your flight!

Makeup Wipes

First, you have to remove all that excess makeup and all that gunk on your face to allow your skin to breathe and to properly take in every skincare product that you'll put on. Look for a makeup remover that cleanses, tones and moisturises, if you can.

Eye Cream

If you have dry under-eyes or you just didn't get enough sleep last night because you're a late packer, eye creams will save you! Say bye bye to those irritating puffy eyes as a cooling eye cream like Tony Moly’s Panda Brightening Eye Base will treat those pesky dark circles and relieve it from dryness.


A must-have in everyone's carry-on bag! Moisturisers will keep your skin from getting dry and dull because of the draining flight, letting you maintain a youthful glow.

Sheet Mask

For extra hydration and nourishment, pack some sheet masks. The boost in moisture and skincare benefits will will prevent acne breakouts and blemishes often caused by stress and dryness.