Outfit Ideas To Try This Christmas Weekend | Clozette

This year, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are landing on a jolly weekend. With a week left to prep for this grand celebration, we're sure you're pretty busy doing some last-minute shopping and outfit curating.

So to keep your stress on the down-low, we're giving you some outfit ensembles to keep you inspired for the upcoming Christmas weekend.


Chic layers

Aiming for a standout look this Christmas? Take advantage of the chilly weather and play around with textures and pieces by layering. Plus, if there's a time to experiment with your colour blocks, the cool, festive season is definitely the best one for it. 

Sweet and simple

If you find the festive season to be a tad bit overwhelming, give it a touch of simplicity and subtlety in the daintiest way possible by going for a simple off-shoulder dress and neutral-toned doll shoes. 
Fresh and carefree

Speaking of off-shoulder trends, another option is to go for a refreshing look and stand out from the waves of green and red with a white shoulder-baring top. This colour will give you an extra glow and brightness especially in all those holiday photos. 

A pop of colour

Have soft and muted tones in mind for your holiday outfit? Take it one step further by adding an accessory that gives you that much-needed pop of colour. Matching pastel versions of the shades that are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel are your best bet.

Classic cuts and colours

If you're gunning for a more elegant look that won't look too formal for a casual day, classic cuts and colours will go nicely with the occasion. Our top tip? Choose burgundies and emerald greens, a touch of minimal accessories, and a slitted skirt that's ready for both that classy family photo and a night of dancing and partying with your friends. 


Aiming to wear this season's signature colour for your upcoming parties? We've got just the tips on how to style your reds for the festive season. 


As soon as the festive season started kicking off, waves of green and red welcomed us with a bang. With everyone sporting the holidays' signature colour, wearing empowering shades of red can be a bit challenging. With the colour popping up in almost every place and wardrobe, it's easy to run out of ideas as to how you can play with it.

If you're worried about having all the holiday reds wash out the way you're wearing the shade this time of the year, we've got just the ways on how you can stand out with your crimsons this festive season.

Wear it on your lips

What better way to celebrate the festive season than by going with a bold lip? If you want to stand out from the myriad of greens and reds this season, save your crimson-shaded fashion pieces for when the season is over and wear this colour on your pout instead. 

Walk like a queen with it

Make a statement this season by playing with the idea of colour-blocking and mixing your bright tops and dresses with a splash of red on your toes. 

Use it as an accent, not a centerpiece

If you feel like you're missing out on all the "red outfit" fun, no worries! One way to prevent your reds from being washed out is by wearing it as an accent rather than going for a full-on red fashion piece. This way, you can still give off that festive vibe, and give more structure and dimension to your outfit without blending in with the Christmas baubles and wall decors everywhere.

Go for layers

With the weather cool and breezy, putting on layers is a practical option. To make your reds stand out this season, matching it up with fashion pieces that have edgy cuts. Mixing and matching with the idea of playful, sleek and chic will give divine results (trust us!). 


Play with textures and prints

Red is a powerful colour. Combined with the loud and bright festive feel of the season, there are more than enough reasons to kick things up a notch and be more experimental with this bold shade. Give yourself the liberty to reach for plaids, wools, corduroys, and other patterns and prints and be surprised at how this will light up and level up your holiday look. 


Want to take your holiday outfits to the next level? Revamp your outfits in a snap with these tips.


As much as it can be fun, holidays can also be a bit of a drag when it comes to deciding on the outfits we're going to wear. With Christmas parties here and there – and not to mention holiday shopping, decorating, and travel planning looming over our heads – getting a wardrobe revamp in the midst of it all can be a stressful thing. But does it have to be?

The answer is a big, fat no – that's right! There is a way to change up your look and be as stylish as ever in less than a jiffy. We give you our tricks down below.

Tuck in your top

You'll be surprised how this simple trick can change up your look. From redefining your silhouette, to adding more dimension and shape to your outfit, it can transform your look from chill and relaxed, to sleek and chic in less than five seconds. 

Push up your sleeves

Having your sleeves spilling over your wrists can make you look smaller and unflattering, especially when wearing pulllovers. So besides adding structure to your outfit by rolling up your sleeves, you're also putting up an illusion that you're taller and slimmer with more of your skin showing. This is also a nice style trick when you're having a half-body shot taken for those festive photos. 


Be playful with scarves

Living in the tropics does not often give us a lot of opportunities to incorporate scarves in our outfits. That's why with the cool breeze coming up with the festive season, it is time to be creative with this versatile accessory. Turn an outfit from a seven to a 10 by using a scarf loosely hung over your neck, or using it as a wrap-around dress, a shawl, a belt... the possibilities are endless. All the time you need is no more than a minute.

Wear a bold accessory

Probably the most typical tip out of the others, but hey – it has to be included in this list. There's just something about taking an outfit to a whole new level by adding one statement accessory to set the entire look together. Our pro tip? Go for cool-toned silvers as they are easier to pair up to all shades and outfit ensembles than gold accessories. 


Whether or not you have plans for the holidays ahead, make the most out of the festive season with these tips!