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Overcoming The Power Of Cellulite

With the temperature rising, sleeveless tops and comfortable shorts are more of a necessity than a fashion statement. However, one of the situations that create a feeling of hesitation to wear these breezy clothes is the idea of exposing our arms and thighs and revealing cellulite. 

Clozette had the opportunity to chat with Malaysian personality and fitness enthusiast Linora Low on her personal tips on how to overcome cellulite and achieve a slimmer and more contoured body. Pair her tips with the Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control and Body Shaping Cream for better results--the former is great for slimming and reducing cellulite while the latter reduces stubborn fats.

So if you have concerns about cellulite and need tips on what you can do, read up below!


What is cellulite and how do we get it?

I am not a medical expert but from my understanding, cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women's hips and thighs. Generally cellulites can occur from hereditary, genetics, dietary, lifestyle, or even the clothing you wear. Almost every woman has some form of cellulite, so it's definitely nothing to be too ashamed about. 

Can the food we eat or our lifestyle in general increase or decrease cellulite?

Absolutely! Not having the right kind of diet can influence the increase of cellulite. Great examples are having too much salt or carbohydrates.

What is your cellulite story? How did you get rid of them (or at least reduced the appearance of them)?

Yes. I do have that problem. They however reduced when I maintained a clean diet. I removed starchy carbs and sugar from my diet and paired that with a good weight training program. After all, you need muscles to burn fat. The more muscles you have, the better chances you have in reducing cellulite. Do not skip your weight training girls! And don't worry, it will not make you bulky.

What are the fitness routines that are best suited to prevent and counter cellulite?

A weight training routine called HIIT works for me. Having said that, it is still important to keep track of your nutrition intake. You can work your butt off in the gym and still not see much difference if your nutrition intake is not at the right level. So balancing it out is important. Eat well, work out frequently, and you'll see results.

Do you think that women should worry about developing cellulite?

I believe that women should be more concerned about being healthy and strong. Everyone has cellulite and that includes celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Being conscious over cellulite will only cause unnecessary stress which ladies do not need. We have bigger things to worry about--like what outfit to wear! That was a joke!

Focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Cellulite will take care of itself with the right body slimming products. Apply it every day before and after your workouts.


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