Is Google's New 'Style Match' Feature Innovative Or Impractical? | Clozette

It has been recently reported that Google is joining the tech-crossing-over-to-fashion trend with a new feature called Style Match. The feature allows Android users to use both the Google Lens app, as well as the site's search engine, to pinpoint and then buy apparel and objects in real time. The feature can also be used to use an Android phone's camera to immediately understand what an object is. 

But while we can say goodbye to overly descriptive Google search terms with this point-and-search/buy feature, it still raises major questions when it comes to practicality and privacy. 

First, if you want to purchase something you found in-store, wouldn't it be easier to take it to the counter and pay for it right then and there than using the Style Match feature to look it up and purchase it? Sure, it would come in handy if you saw the product in a catalogue but in this day and age, how is it any different from online shopping? 

Another instance is that seeing someone wearing a piece that you are interested in. Using the feature to find out where you can buy the fancy shoes they're wearing can be useful, only if they are standing still and if you can do so discreetly. Otherwise, we believe it would be easier to just ask them where they got the item, don't you think?

Lastly, innovation involving artificial intelligence and the usage of monitoring features like camera access has proven to cause a major privacy issue recently. From face recognition to fingerprint and retina scanning, these may all seem cool and 'once upon a time in movies' advancements, but at the end of the day, it makes it easier to harvest this very sensitive personal information. Who would forget the recent Facebook privacy fiasco, right?

Convenience has a price and we are already living in a world where we are reaping technology's innovations. But with it bordering on the littlest details of our lifestyle, especially considering that this is where the beauty and fashion industries are headed, are we sure we want to test its maximum capabilities?

Next, here are our thoughts on beauty brands that are currently joining the tech wave.



One way to free yourself momentarily from the hustle and bustle of city life is to embrace your love for nature. The greens from the trees and the soft breeze in contrast to the warm weather can definitely ease the senses. Plus, it also makes for a good backdrop for your stunning OOTDs. We're taking a cue from the Community!


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A new week makes us open our eyes and ears to new possibilities and fun learnings — and, yes, that includes our openness to finding out the latest and hottest bits of information in the worlds of fashion and beauty. As always, we serve them piping hot.

Bata Fashion Weekend

Now in its second year, the Bata Fashion Weekend celebrates fashion and craftsmanship with music. Titled "The Sound of Style," the celebration featured the launch of the shoe brand's new song, a showcase of exclusive collections, and the announcement of the winners of the Young Designers Challenge 2018. It was truly a fun-filled weekend. P.S. We were there to celebrate the inaugural run of the fashion event. Check out the highlights of our trip here.

A new Zara

(Photo from:

Head to the newly renovated Zara store at VivoCity and enjoy going around 2,700 square metres of fashion fun. Aside from top-notch architectural features, the store also prides itself on being eco-efficient.

SOOKEE Jewellery

Envelope yourself in the feeling of romance as you go around SOOKEE Jewellery's flagship store at VivoCity. The store's aesthetic is inspired by the hourglass, which gives it a timeless feel. Take your pick from their current collections or have one made especially for the person you love.

Astalift's first makeup collection

Astalift, known for its great skincare offerings, has delved into the world of colour. The Flarosso is their first foray into the makeup world. The collection includes eyeshadow quads, lipsticks, a highlighter, a blush and a couple of brushes. What makes the collection unique is it uses two of Fujifilm's top photography techniques: the overlay effect technology, which boosts the saturation of colours, and edge effect technology, which gives the edges of the makeup more colour saturation.

L'Occitane Cafe

Get yourself ready for the Provence experience in Singapore as L'Occitane Cafe launches in July. Indulge your five senses when you come to the pop-up cafe and discover the history of the skincare brand.

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