Micellar water is a blessing to anyone with sensitive skin. While oils, balms and other cleansers can easily irritate delicate skin, micellar water soothes it while effectively removing a day's worth of gunk. It has become popular, with many brands coming out with their own versions. However, there are several brands that have stood out beyond the rest.

But as always in the beauty world, new product innovations challenge current brand champions. Lucky for us because it's always good to have options. That said, we're excited to find out if Estelle & Thild's Biocleanse Micellar Cleansing Water is a worthy contender. 

Just to recap, micellar water contains micellar molecules that act as a magnet to lift up the dirt, oil and other impurities to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Because all micellar water have the same hero ingredient, the edge of a product comes from the other elements added in the formulation. For Estelle & Thild's Biocleanse, it's the nourishing aloe vera and natural coconut tensides.

Aside from its excellent hydrating benefits, aloe vera leaf juice also contributes to skin regeneration and fights free radicals, making sure you maintain skin that is healthy and supple. To boost its cleansing prowess, Estelle & Thild's Biocleanse added natural coconut tensides, which have a mild but effective cleansing agent that gets rid of grease and dirt.

Along with their new Biocleanse micellar water, Estelle & Thild also launched a line of organic cleansing products. The Biocleanse skincare system is designed to wash away impurities and reveal a fresh, silky complexion without compromising the natural skin barrier. 

The Biocleanse range includes the multi-action cleansing gel with new eco-technology that restores skin's moisture level. It also has a silky soft cleansing milk that nourishes dry skin while melting makeup, a multi-action facial toner that hydrates, balances and tones the skin, and a 3-in-1 cleansing foam that forms a soft lather for gentle cleansing. The key ingredient in this organic cleansing line is the Black Elderflower, which is effective in decongesting pores and reducing inflammation.

So what's the verdict? Would you replace your favourite micellar water with Estelle & Thild's?

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You probably already know by now that there are no dull days in the worlds of fashion and beauty, but these hot news will surely remind you. Here are just some of the things you wouldn't want to miss.

Miss Universe history was made

The swimsuit competition is part of just about any beauty pageant there is. But one Miss Universe contestant, Muna Jama, is defying standards. The UK representative wore a kaftan during the competition, and the Internet is loving her choice.

Lady Mmmmmm

Lady M has opened its fourth boutique in Singapore. Enjoy the world-famous Mille Crepes at Scott Square! You can also find other Lady M branches at Orchard Central, South Beach Avenue and Westgate. Indulge in the new boutique's exclusive offering, the Rose Mille Crépe, which features the delicate flavours of rose and creme in between handmade crepȇs. The delicate dessert, which is adorned with rose jelly and edible rose petals, is perfect to pair with a cup of tea.

It's a shopping party

Banana Republic is holding a shopping affair to remember on 11 August, 5 PM, at Greenbelt 5. Rediscover Banana Republic wardrobe staples as well as new releases for 30% off. Treats from TWG and wine from Marks & Spencer will be served. You also get to take home vouchers from I'M Onsen spa and Clinique when you purchase.

ColourPop in Sephora

Now's our chance to snag coveted items from ColourPop minus expensive shipping. The cult-favourite LA brand is coming to Sephora.

(Cover photo from: @msmuna_jama)

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From his debut in Noona Neomu Yeppeo up to this day, Taemin has managed to maintain his innocent, sweet image all throughout. This is partly thanks to his signature polished look that makes his bright eyes the center of attention. Read on as share tips to achieve Taemin’s mesmerising eyes.

Eyeliner only

Keep it clean and minimal when it comes to eye makeup. Just a dash of eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger would suffice.

Almost nude eye makeup

One thing that you have to master is the art of no-makeup makeup. The easiest way to achieve this is by putting on a nude matte shadow on the lid and a hint of light highlighter on the brow bone for that bright eye look.

(Cover photo from: @leetaemin_maknae)

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