At the start of this year, we're sure that most of us included 'exercise more' or something similar to our resolution list. It's already August and we're already more than halfway through 2017. How's your progress so far?

To help you maintain your everyday fitness routine, Clozetter and sports enthusiast Cheryl Kieron curated a playlist to get you pumped up for a quick jog. Put on your jogging pants and let's get started!

Cheryl shares that she has always loved sports, particularly soccer. And, when she needs to go for a warm-up run or just the usual daily jog, these songs help her get hyped. It starts with the slow-paced beats of Trndsttr remix by Lucian to slowly get you into the rhythm. Once you get to the second song, which is Bouncybob by Martin Garrix, the tempo becomes faster, just in time for you to pick up speed. Afterwards, you'll be energized with a slew of EDM beats. The cue for you to slow down is when you hear the suave tempo of Despacito remix by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. The playlist ends with Thunder by Imagine Dragons, which is the perfect song to cool down and end your jog on a spirited note with. 

Need to perk yourself up before a meeting? Then listen to these tunes.

The relationship between music and fashion is tight. The two industries influence each other in an almost seamless way. That’s why it’s not unusual that you see fashion collections inspired by musicians or musicians venturing into fashion design. It’s also not unusual to learn that a great musician has a distinct and influential style. With that said, we’ve all encountered and took notes from them. Here are just some of our favourites.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell’s style can be described as “hippie chic.” Heavily inspired by her heyday, Mitchell’s style is a ‘70s daydream. From maxi dresses to wide leg pants, the Both Sides Now singer continues to inspire many modern stylistas. Her style is evergreen, as solidified by her being the face of Saint Laurent in 2015.

Patti Smith

An androgynous icon, Patti Smith’s style is as unique as her personality. While she did manage to put a name to her style, the singer-slash-poet-slash artist remains one of a kind, mainly because she purposefully deviated from what everyone was doing. Smith, who had been often seen wearing big jackets and skinny jeans, didn’t stick out like a sore thumb amongst her peers but stood out effortlessly.

Stevie Nicks

From fronting Fleetwood Mac to making a name for herself, Stevie Nicks was able to do it all… in style. Her bohemian-influenced style has become an inspiration to many. And we can’t say we’re surprised. Her love of leather and lace, fringe, blanket coats and capes sure make us feel regal yet free.


Madonna is a style chameleon who is never afraid of transformation. From cone bras to corsets to classic, Madonna never looks boring. The pop superstar has changed her style so many times since the late ‘70s, but she still manages to push the envelope.

(Cover photo from: @jonimitchell)



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