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Captivating Collections From Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest Season 10

Fashion beyond its limits

Last week, designs from up and coming local and international talents graced the Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest runway for their 10th Season. With the theme "Fashion Formation Decoded", the art and craftsmanship of fashion attempt to go beyond its limits. Read on to find out which collections dazzled us.


Yong Davalos

A collage of 3 all-pink outfits. The first is a tweed blazer slightly removed to reveal a pink bra, all paired with a pink cargo pants; the second is a pink plaid power suit, paired with a pink tweed coat with furry sleeves; the third is a glittery pink dress with a low v-neck cut.

The eye-catching collection of Yong Davalos brought us to the scenes of Legally Blonde. With ensembles that mainly consist of pink fabrics, this line-up brings glitz and glam to the utilitarian aesthetic and power dressing.

Kaye Morales

A collage of 3 bold outfits. The first featuring a black leather crop top and snakeskin high-slit skirt; the second a yellow tube top made of strings that says "reborn", which look like police yellow line, paired with a black leather jacket and matching pants; the third a navy utilitarian zip-up polo worn as a dress, with glittering sleeves and pockets, paired with thigh-high leather boots.

Everything’s bold and edgy in Kaye Morales’ REBIRTH. Leather pieces, harnesses, glittering fabrics, and serpentine details are only some of the recurring details in this hip collection that caught our attention. 



A collage of 3 vintage-inspired outfits. First, a two piece, white paint-splattered a-line sleeveless dress with a turtle neck; second is a black long-sleeved buttoned jumpsuit with ruffled striped cuffs; third is a flowy colourful loose bohemian satin maxi dress, cinched in the waist by a yellow satin belt.

The collection, courtesy of the Japanese brand, is a throwback to beloved vintage silhouettes. From pieces reminiscent of the mod era, to psychedelic bohemian looks, you’re brought along on a ride back in time with a much, much colourful twist.

Egay Ayag

A collage of three outfits. First, a black leather blouse, paired with a colourful satin striped slacks, and a green scarf tied around the waist; Second, a powersuit-shorts combo made out of pink native-looking fabric; third, a red poncho with native details, paired with a black leather skirt.

Tradition marries modernity in Egay Ayag’s En Route collection. Featuring native-looking textiles integrated with black leather pieces, the collection gives our favourite everyday clothes a powerful twist.


Dino Lloren

A collage of 3 outfits. First, a white sleeveless long vest paired with white elephant pants; second a bright yellow sleeveless maxi dress paired with a transparent oversized visor; third, a navy collared blouse, paired with a huge white belt and a skirt with black and white feather-like details.

With Dino Lloren’s craft, the runway was greeted with sunny hues, lightweight yet semi-structured silhouettes, and geometric feather-like details. Aptly titled “Urban Isle”, the collection transports you to a relaxed modern tropical island.

(Cover photo from: @manilafashionfestival)