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Here’s Why You Need Charcoal For Your Hair

Try Pantene Micellar Charcoal

Shiny, bouncy strands? Check. Clean scalp with no issues? Yes, please. We’re sure you have these in mind, too, when it comes to goals for your hair. (Who doesn’t?) But we have to admit that they’re easier listed down than achieved. From stress to pollution, our hair can really take a toll. It doesn’t mean getting the tresses you dream of is impossible, though. With proper care — and the right products — you’ll find that it’s still achievable.   

The products in the Pantene Micellar Charcoal range

We’re sure you already have an arsenal of primping products, but we say what you really need is charcoal for your hair. Yes, charcoal. But no, not the one you use for cooking. Activated charcoal may sound odd at first but it’s actually really effective in pulling out the bad stuff from your body. It soaks up to 100 times its weight in impurities. So just imagine how much dirt, oil and scalp build-up it can cleanse from your hair. With its help, you’ll have cleaner, healthier scalp, which makes it easier for your hair to grow fast.

Before you head out to look for activated charcoal, though, we say skip the hassle. The Pantene Micellar Charcoal range has you covered. Made not only with micellar technology that has been proven great for cleansing but also with white charcoal extract, the products are sure to make your hair and scalp free from micro-dirt. While it’s great at stripping off dirt, it’s also incredibly gentle and nourishing, making sure that your hair remains healthy and strong. To top it all off, it has a Fresh Leaves with Mosa-Mint fragrance that gives your clean hair an equally clean scent.

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