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Let’s admit it: we’ve all taken our hair for granted at one point in our lives. Whether it’s by styling it too much or using something that eventually caused damage, we owe our hair an apology. But more than that, we need to give it the care it deserves. With all the beauty trends rising weekly, though, how do we know which one to follow? The answer is quite simple: give your hair the care you would give your skin.

With that said, here are ways to give your hair a little more lovin’.

Choose what to use

We’re sure you already have a skincare routine, one that consists of several steps that make use of only the best products. We research the ingredients we use for our skincare a lot. Why not do the same for our hair and scalp? After all, our scalp is still skin. We cleanse our faces with the best products. Shouldn’t the same be done for our scalp?

Micellar water has been proven to effectively remove dirt and impurities from the skin while leaving it moisturised. Imagine having the same technology for your hair care products. Well, you don’t actually need to imagine anymore. The Pantene Micellar Shampoo detoxes the hair inside and out. Made with the same technology used for micellar water facial cleansers, the shampoo lifts up impurities and unclogs pores and follicles. Plus, it has antioxidants that purify your hair, giving you a fresh, thorough cleanse.

Go gentle

It could be because it was what we were taught, but we’re sure you once thought that something potent must be good for your hair. If it’s strong, it’s good for cleansing, right? Well, not really. It’s possible to use something gentle but effective, like in the case of the Pantene Micellar Shampoo. Aside from effectively taking away the nasties from your hair, it also retains your scalp’s natural moisture. So you can be sure you won’t have dry, itchy, flaky scalp in the long run. Packed with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula, your hair will also be thicker and stronger.

Don’t forget to condition

Wet, lather, rinse and repeat can’t cut it anymore. For hair that’s healthy — and undeniably gorgeous — conditioning is key. We’ve been taught that you only need to condition your ends because they tend to get drier and more prone to breakage. Shampooing is also meant for just the scalp, they say. But it’s actually important to shampoo and condition from root to tip because impurities are present in all parts of the hair and moisture is needed in all areas as well.

Some conditioners, however, are not suitable to be used on the scalp because they have ingredients that may be too harsh or can cause dandruff. So choose one that’s gentle enough for the entire hair. With the Pantene Micellar Conditioner, you get to nourish your hair from the root to the tips with the help of its ultra-gentle formulation. And the result is hair that’s soft, smooth and healthy.

Listen to your hair’s needs

Just like in skincare, the needs of our hair differ depending on many factors. A good rule of thumb when it comes to finding the right product for you — whether it’s for your face or hair — is to listen to it. The Pantene Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner gives you the liberty to choose according to your hair’s concerns. The Pure and Cleansed line, infused with refreshing cucumber, is perfect for those with normal hair. Meanwhile, the Pure and Moist line, packed with moisturising aloe vera, is great for those who have dry hair.

And once you’ve found the right product, stick to it. With the desire for results, we often don’t wait until the product works its wonders on our skin. After some time, we relegate it as a sham. The same case goes for our hair care! Make sure you use the shampoo and conditioner you choose until your hair concern is resolved. Switching between different products and using ones that don’t target the same problems at the same time often lead to more problems.

Change the way you care for your hair. Get your hands on the Pantene Micellar line here.



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A few days before a social gathering, swap your regular sleeping mask or moisturiser for a powerful sheet mask with loads of benefits. It can also do the job of sealing in all the serums plus add more nourishing skincare ingredients to boost your complexion. Try For Beloved One’s Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose sheet mask that effectively reduces blemishes and moisturises skin.

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