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'Parasite' Hangover? Binge On Park So Dam's TV Shows & Films

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With all the acclaim Bong Joon Ho’s film, Parasite, is receiving from both Korean and international viewers, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most artfully-made films in the past decade. Scene after scene, it was one sucker punch after the other and the cunning — oftentimes amusing — twists of the Korean thriller wouldn’t be as impactful as it was without its stellar ensemble. And among them, our attention was caught particularly by Park So Dam. The 28-year-old actress perfectly portrayed the complexities of her character, Ki Jung, the witty and crafty baby of the family not afforded the break to fully showcase her artistic talents until she took on the persona of Jessica. Witnessing that, we surely can’t get enough of her captivating performance. If you’re one of us who are dying to see more of her acting prowess, read on and see which of Park So Dam’s TV shows and movies are worth binging.

The Priests

If you’re into supernatural thrillers, then make sure to watch this 2015 South Korean film featuring spiritual warfare. The Priests, as you can assume from the title, revolves around two priests working to save a girl possessed by an evil spirit. Named Young Shin, the possessed girl was — you guessed it — played by none other than Park So Dam herself. Her performance was so hair-raising garnered her Best New Actress awards from numerous film award-giving bodies. 

The Silenced

Park So Dam seems to shine the brightest when starring in mystery thriller roles, so don’t miss out on her performance in The Silenced. Set in a girls’ boarding school during the Japanese occupation of Korea, the film revolves around young girls experiencing mysterious happenings in the school, causing their body to undergo superhuman changes. Here, Park So Dam stars in a supporting role as Hong Yeon Deok, helping the protagonist Cha Ju Ran (played by Park Bo Young) uncover the truth behind the horrors they’ve experienced.


Another one of the most noteworthy Park So Dam TV shows and films you should watch is the more recent film, Fukuoka. Just released last year, the movie presents a multi-layered narrative that begins when a second-hand bookseller is convinced to travel from Seoul to Fukuoka, Japan by So Dam. There, he meets his long-estranged college buddy and they both go on to explore their past. The trio brings their chemistry to the story with their witty dialogue, with Park So Dam’s enigmatic charm at the heart of the dreamlike story.

A Beautiful Mind

Though she only began acting in 2013, the list of all of Park So Dam’s TV shows and films go quite long, but with her focusing mostly on big-screen roles. Nonetheless, her TV roles are still worth watching. For one, there’s the 2016 series A Beautiful Mind, where she stars as a traffic policewoman helping an unsympathetic neurosurgeon involved in bizarre deaths fall in love and recover his humanity. This medical drama was inspired by the gothic novel Frankenstein, so it would be quite interesting to see how it adapts the classic story.

Cinderella and the Four Knights

For a more light-hearted viewing, there’s also Cinderella and the Four Knights, featuring Korean heartthrobs Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, and Choi Min. Park So Dam leads the modern-day retelling of the fairy tale, complete with elements that make a Cinderella story. Here, she deals with the death of her mum, the cruelty of her step-mum and step sister, with one twist: she’s caught in a love twist with three billionaire cousins and their bodyguard. The K-Drama is mostly comedic, but isn’t saved from a few tear-jerking scenes.

Youth Record

After Cinderella and the Four Knights' release in 2016, Park So Dam hasn't taken in any TV roles. But finally, after four long years, she has accepted a role in a tvN drama entitled Youth Record by creators of Memories of Alhambra and Doctors. Set to release mid-2020, the series is still in the early talks of development, but we know that this would revolve around the journey of young people struggling in the modelling industry. Aside from Park So Dam, two more actors have been confirmed to join the drama’s line up, namely Park Bo Gum and Byun Woo Seok, playing the first and second male leads, respectively. With its stunning cast, we can’t help but be excited. Surely, it’ll all be worth the wait once we see their faces on the small screen.

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