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Party Beauty Hacks By Real People

For a carefree night

Even if you don't consider yourself a party girl, we're sure you'll attend at least one social event this holiday season. And of course, you'd want to look great and festive while you're at it. So you ace your base, get your brows on fleek and bring your lippie game on. That is until you hit the dance floor and all your hard work starts melting off. We all hate it when that happens. So, we asked real ladies what their tried and tested party beauty hacks are and we got some very interesting answers. Ahead, top tips on party beauty hacks.

One-Stick Wonder

Party Beauty Hacks - Lipstick as Multistick

(Photo from: beautifulbuns)

The winning party hack is from pupuren, who shared that she repurposes her my M.A.C. lipstick as an alternative to eyeshadow and blusher so she'll only need to bring one makeup product while she parties. As much as we want to fully retouch our makeup mid-party, our little party bags can't hold all our beauty essentials. So sometimes, we have to settle for the next best thing which is to repurpose a single, versatile item.

Keep Your Lip Stain Alive

Party Beauty Hacks - Liptint under lipstick

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

@ponyyune shares a hack that will keep our lips luscious even after the afterparty. "Use a brighter lip tint before lipstick. Your lips will stay sexy until everyone gone back home," she said. What a neat idea! This way, the tint will still be vibrant even after the lipstick has come off. 

A Fresh Concoction

Party Beauty Hacks - Make your own face mist

(Photo from: karenlizescobar)

Meanwhile, @joyortega, who shared a simple recipe for a homemade facial spray that will keep skin fresh and hydrated amidst partying. "I want my face to look fresh even at the end of the day, that's why I use a freshening facial spray. I prepare it by mixing aloe gel and purified water in a 1:3 ratio. Then, I pour the mix into a spray bottle. Voila!" We're definitely trying this on our next night out.

For Smooth Skin 

Party Beauty Hacks - Facial oil into foundation

(Photo from: tebisha)

@inrokini's hack is simple but genius; she adds a few drops of facial oil into her foundation to keep skin moisturised and smooth all night long. Party-ready in a jiffy!

Tame That Pimple

Party Beauty Hacks - Pimple patch + tamanu oil

(Photo from: paradeoflove)

This one is not really about party-proofing but more on prepping before the party. According to @seawitchz, she uses the COSRX Pimple Patch then dabs Tamanu oil to soothe and flatten pimples. On the night of the party, the blemishes won't be as glaringly obvious compared to when it first erupted.

(Cover photo from: Enabelle)

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