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The holiday season is upon us again and with it comes festive beauty launches that are sure to catch your fancy. These goodies can be the perfect gift for your best gals or just a year-end treat for yourself. From cute nature-themed skincare sets to exquisite fragrances, here are the latest releases that you should check out. 

The Body Shop Christmas Collection

Olivia The Owl, SGD36/~USD26.18; Liquid Eye Shadow, SGD18/~USD13.09; Star Stamp Liner, SGD20/~USD14.55; Colour Crush Lipsticks, SGD22/~USD16; The Sparkler, SGD28/~USD20.36

You can always count on The Body Shop to unveil cute packaging and fun limited edition items for the holidays. This year, we have Olivia The Owl, which is filled with six treats in strawberry and coconut variants: shower gel, bath bomb, hand cream, shower cream, bath bubble and hand cream. For makeup, we have the Winter Trend makeup collection, which includes The Sparkler in pink, three limited edition sparkling shades of Colour Crush lipsticks, liquid eyeshadows in gold, plum and holographic, plus a Star Stamp liner.

The New Lancôme Absolue

Absolue Soft Cream, SGD450/~USD327.28 (tub), SGD360/~USD261.83 (refill); Absolue Rich Cream, SGD480/~USD349.10 (tub), SGD380/~USD276.37 (refill)

Lancôme reinvents Absolue, the brand's most luxurious skincare range. Starting with the packaging, a new container is developed to be suitable for product refills. It retains the same opulence as the previous jar but is now more resilient and eco-friendly. Next is the texture, which has been refined for a more luxurious and comfortable experience. Finally, the improved formula features The Grand Rose Extracts that are made with a complex of roses and promises amplified regenerating, revitalising and illuminating properties for the skin.

Dior J’adore Absolu Eau de Parfum

USD110 (Spray 1.7 oz)

Behold the latest fragrance from J’adore Parfum line — the J’adore Absolu Eau de Parfum. It's a sweet, floral perfume with notes of Magnolia Absolute, Grasse Jasmine, Rose and Honeyed Orange Blossom. Encased in an elegantly designed bottle, this lush, full-bodied perfume is made for anyone who adores aromatic scents.

Estée Lauder Beautiful Belle

SGD150/~USD109.09 (50ml)

A modern reinterpretation of Beautiful, their bestselling heritage perfume, Beautiful Belle is created for the modern woman who wants her fragrance to be as carefree and confident as she is. It's a floral oriental hybrid that features sparkling notes of Lychee, Mimosa and Marzipan Musk. A lightweight fragrance that's perfect for lifting up your mood. It's now available at Sephora and Estée Lauder stores.

Amo Ferragamo & Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo

Amo Ferragamo, SGD166/~USD120.73; Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo, SGD158/~USD114.91

To spice things up, Salvatore Ferragamo Creative Director Paul Andrew dresses up Amo Ferragamo and Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo perfumes in holiday limited edition patent black and striking gold studs. Considering to give one of these to your best gals? Pick Amo Ferragamo for the friend who loves intense, tangy scents with floral accents. And for the one who adores sweet, creamy aromas, the Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo is a perfect choice. 

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And just like that, October is over. Welcome the new month with fresh news from the worlds of fashion and beauty. Here are some fascinating tidbits you need to know right now.

innisfree to get a facelift

(Photo from: musicalhouses)

innisfree is introducing a new branding this month. Aside from letting go of their logo, which features "a basket of nature," the brand will also move toward a more modern route. Are you excited?

New stores to visit at ION Orchard

Prep your wallets — and your feet — for new stores to shop at in ION Orchard. Indulge in the sight and feel of merchandise from various cult-favourite brands including Karl Lagerfeld, HUGO by Hugo Boss, HERA and Giorgio Armani Beauty.

SK-II goes Pop Art

Get your hands on the cult-favourite SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in a limited-edition packaging inspired by pop art. Made especially for the holiday season by artist Karan Singh, the bottles will stand out and be a lively addition to your vanity. The limited-edition bottle is now available at all SK-II stores in Singapore.

BOSS at Greenbelt 5

Following the reopening of their flagship store at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Philippine branch of BOSS has been unveiled at Greenbelt 5. Check out the chic pieces in an equally chic store adorned with integrated skylights and granite flooring.

(Cover photo from: musicalhouses)

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With today's technology, we're already far from having to head to actual hospitals to get prescriptions and diagnoses, as well as literally going to the drugstore to get medications. Same with having to go to the spa or the gym to get rejuvenated or get fit. Nowadays, services and products that promote wellness can be easily accessed with a tap on your smartphone. This phenomenon is called 'digital wellness'.

Similar to bespoke makeup that's been an ongoing trend among many beauty brands nowadays, many companies that venture into the wellness industry have captured the same principles of technologically mediated beauty practices. From promoting digital spaces to creating apps and giving everyone access to 'at-home blissful experiences', it really is a silent, but thriving, industry. And one of its upsides? It's not as expensive as personalised makeup. 

'Digital detox' takes on a whole new meaning

We've all heard of 'digital detox,' which is an act of tossing your gadgets for a day or two (or longer if you can) and just relieve yourself from the stresses of social media during this span of time. But because of the digital wellness movement, now it can also mean accessing detox plans and having them customised according to your needs without ever leaving your house. We can give a nod to our previous charcoal detox review as an example. We researched a bit,  got a plan, tried it out, and it was that simple. No fuss, no leaving the house. Just tapped in some deets on Instagram and getting into a detox program has become as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

(Photo from:

There's also the online platform Hers, which provides a streamlined approach to wellness. Aside from providing products and supplements for hair, skin and body care that you can browse through and purchase just like any e-commerce site, they also have a service that allows for prescription medications to be bought and delivered straight to your home. But it's not a free-for-all, mind you! The process involves filling out an online form that will go through their secure medical portal, have a doctor examine and approve such information, before having the products sent to you. Neat, right?

Even sexual wellness is covered

At this day and age, talking about sexual health should no longer be a taboo. And the digital space has proven to be an effective avenue for promoting this message through many online platforms and apps that solely focus on the matter. The website, as well as apps like Clue and Eve keep you informed about STDs, HIVs and even just tracking your period with no shame, no judgement.

Online mental health consultation and therapy

Moving away from physical wellness comes one's mental and emotional welfare. And even if technology has contributed majorly to the increased anxiety and depression rates all over the globe, it's also trying to remedy the problem it has caused by introducing many online diagnoses, consultation, and therapy services that are way cheaper and accessible than face-to-face sessions. Especially for Asia where mental health is still a challenging social issue and psychological and psychiatric care isn't something that comes easy unlike in the U.S. or the U.K., this has become a great innovation indeed that allows users to connect to licensed therapists all over the globe and get sessions according to their budget and schedule. Some authentic websites that are highly recommended by many users and publications are Talkspace and Breakthrough.

There are also multitudes of apps available for both iOS and Android that help with meditation, anxiety, mood tracking and so on. Some top-rated ones that can be accessed for free are Sleep Time, Headspace, HelloMind, Calm and Moods.

Still, take caution!

As we rejoice at how innovations are definitely improving the way we do and consume things, we always have to stay cautious and read every fine print we can trace if possible. Just like how bespoke makeup still has its flaws and rooms for massive improvements, the same goes with wellness — especially since this concerns not just beauty but our overall health. There is a reason why companies are taking great measures to ensure that there would be no fault in issuing prescription drugs online or warning you about possible side effects of self-procured detox methods. Remember, even face-to-face diagnosis and treatments are prone to failure so taking everything revolving around digital wellness with a grain of salt is always a smart choice.