Perfecting The Flat Lay Shot | Clozette

(cover photo from Jeslyne)

It's all over the Clozette Community, your Instagram feed, blogs, and basically everywhere on both digital and print media. Yes, flat lays are taking the millennial world by storm. But do you know that behind those perfectly-angled, flawless looking shots are a series trial and error styling and a whole lot adjustments? It takes artistry and a good eye to get that one perfect flat lay shot for your feed.

If you're wondering how everybody does a flawless flat lay shot, here's a basic guide for you!



Rule # 1: Establish the Focus

(photo from Junedujour)

The flat lay shot is mostly used by beauty and fashion bloggers where they lay out the products on a flat surface and take a photo of it from the top. Most of the time, everything's just scattered or looks sloppy but for those who take it seriously, they establish a focal point that acts as the subject's photo. By doing this they are able to present their message clearly.

Rule 2: Stick to a Theme

(photo from PhyliciaMarie)

A theme can either be a colour combination, a style, or something related to the product itself. This is the time for you to use your imagination in styling the shot. But don't worry, your flat lay's theme is what makes your photo stand out because you injected your creativity and effort in putting it together!

Rule 3: Add Colour

(photo from itsjustroxy)

A basic white background never fails but a pop of colour never hurts either. Colour breaks the monotony of the usual flatlay and adds mood to your photo's overall feel. You can also use colourful products and play with the colour combination. Just remember to always keep it balanced and put colours that complement each other well. 

Rule 4: Make use of Props

(photo from marieanjelica)

You can't always rely on the products itself. Spark up the photo with some props that are perfect for your flat lay's theme. You can use flowers, sketches, books, pens, and other nick nacks available lying around the house. These are also good as "fillers" if you want to occupy space for a full frame. 

Rule 5: Play with Spaces, Angles, and Lighting

(photo from AnastasiaLove)

It's best to shoot outside for natural light but you can also play around with it and use shadows to add more drama to your shot. Experiment with angles and space as well and place your products or camera in a different angle for a different look. This makes your flat lay worth the "double tap" and your account the next #feedgoal of your followers. 



From oils, to cleansing waters, up to the good'ol makeup remover solution--there's a variety of ways to cleanse makeup off your face after a long day. But there's one favourite that isn't getting as much hype lately: makeup removal via Cold Cream

A multitasking product, cold cream is actually one of the easiest way to remove makeup while providing a host of other benefits to your skin. It breaks down makeup, thoroughly cleanses your face, nourishes your skin, and even works as a moisturiser--preventing that dry-skin feeling after a wash. 

If you're wondering how cold cream works, watch as Fashion Blogger Tricia Gosingtian guides you through the proper way to remove make-up at the end of a long day in this SkinMatters video on ClozetteTV.

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Bobbi Brown Eye Make-Up Remover

This formula soothes skin while gently and thoroughly removing makeup from the delicate eye area without any oily residue. It also has Aloe Vera to calms and comfort fragile skin and Rosewater Extract to leave skin feeling clean and refreshed. This is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and perfect for all skin types.

NARS Makeup Removing Water

This soap-free, oil-free, and alcohol-free water removes face makeup and tones the skin. It gently sweeps makeup away while its soothing botanical ingredients hydrate and add radiance. The result: purified and toned skin.

Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover

This is as mighty as the most powerful, long-lasting product in your beauty arsenal. It can remove even the most stubborn long-lasting makeup formula while still being good for your skin. Its formula includes sea fan extract which combats inflammation and beta-carotene (a good source of vitamin A).

Clinique 'Take the Day Off' Cleansing Milk

This is a gentle, milky makeup remover that dissolves even the most long-wearing face makeup and sunscreen. It features a residue-free formula that helps maintain your skin's moisture barrier. It’s best suited for dry or combination oily skin types.



(cover photo from missrustydotnet)

A girl can never go out of the house without her MOTD's essentials: brows, lips, and blush--the latter one being the most important factor in making any beauty girl look more radiant and flushed. So don't just stick to one blush colour for the whole year, stock up on essential blush shades that fit every season. 

Here are 5 blusher must-haves for your makeup kit!


Rosy Pink

(photo from rainfaith)

To get that perfectly flushed look every time, the best one to use is your rosy pink blush. It gives that subtle, healthy glow for a natural feel. This the best choice for your "no makeup" makeup looks and is even great paired with a dramatic eye or lip.

Bright Pink

(photo from abeeyootifulmess)

For an intensified cheek colour to really brighten up your face, a bright pink blush is the one for you. With this shade, you can opt for a light (but bright) coverage or build it up for an intense blush. It all depends on your mood and they way you handle the brush.   


(photo from AshleyYeen)

Peach blushes are also shades that you can use for that "no makeup" makeup look, but with a touch of summer glow. Its coral undertone complements the apples of your cheeks and works best with a neutral palette. You can even play around with shimmery golds, metallic bronzes, and bold browns to contrast everything. 


(photo from musicalhouses)

Plums and darker pink shades are well suited for the cooler months of the year, easily complementing the Fall/Winter colour palette. It also has that romantic edge to them, making them ideal for evening occasions.

Golden Glow

(photo from fifiliciousify)

To show off your glamorous side, bronze and golden shades are your best bets. They give a delicate trace of golden pigment for a glimmering MOTD. It also functions as a highlighter that can be put under your brow bone and on the bridge of your nose for a hint of sparkle!