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Going to the nail salon is one of life's simple pleasures. We all love to get pampered with our favourite girls while winding down to the in-house music as the scent of essential oils perfume the room. But before all that, we always struggle to choose the colour we want. Sometimes we want to spice things up but after rummaging through 50 bottles, we end up with our go-to colour. Believe it or not, our choice of manicure speaks volumes about our personality. Read on to find out what your favourite nail polish colour says about you.


Left: paradeoflove; Right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Clearly Quick, PHP295.00/~USD5.43 (

For those of you who love a natural look with clear polish to nude tones, you consider yourself to be low-maintenance gals who prefer a clean and classy lifestyle. Colleagues and peers see you as a reliable, down-to-earth and caring person.


Left: iamczri; Right: Anny Just Glow Nail Polish, PHP495.00/USD9.11 (

Ladies who go for sweet colours like pink are described as sweet and relaxed people. Like pastels, you have a bubbly personality and people warm up to you easily because of your graceful and empathetic attitude. You never fail to look put together and radiate in elegance.

Earth tones

Left: madamelindt; Right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Taupe to go, PHP295.00/~USD5.43 (

Wearing greys and warm earth-tones like maroon, brown or burgundy is a sign of sophistication and maturity. You’re highly self-assured and people see this confidence as sexy. Friends go to you for serious talk and advice because your extensive knowledge of life is rooted from experience.


Left: tesletelandotcom; Right: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On, PHP195.00/~USD3.59 (

You're a little bit of a perfectionist and you take pride in this trait. And when it comes to a manicure, white polish may be the hardest colour to maintain but you're up for the challenge. People look up to you as a trend-setter for always putting in the effort. 


Left: cat_jiajia; Right: Anny Nail Polish in Deep Black Chief, PHP495.00/~USD9.11 (

For the femme fatale, black polish is the way to go. You are not afraid to go against the grain in the name of art and creativity. People are intimidated by your enigmatic allure because you embrace your edgy personality. But behind the mysterious and confident facade is a deep and intense heart.


Left: charleneajose; Right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Go for Gold, PHP295.00/~USD5.43 (

All things shiny like metallic shades and glittery textures are always trendy for your refined tastes. Wearing this reflects your luxurious palate and charismatic personality. You love good drama but you make certain to stay strong and poised.


Left: ianstamaria; Right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Rapid Red, PHP295.00/~USD5.43 (

If you are drawn to red polish, you must be the life of every party. Your life is action-packed and you always have a story to tell. Sometimes you get sassy but friends enjoy how sociable and easy-going you are.


Left: deeyeenjazmine; Right: Anny Supernova Casanova Nail Polish, PHP495.00/~USD9.11 (

Daring and flamboyant personalities tend to be drawn to vibrant orange shades. Being free-spirited makes you impulsive and restless but only because you have an insatiable curiosity and love to have fun. Some people think you have a crazy outlook in life but really, they just don’t understand your sense of humour.


Left: marlinacarlos; Right: Make Up Factory Nail Color In Marigold #578, PHP595.00/~USD10.95 (

As we all know, yellow symbolises happiness and joy. Wearing this colour means you are imaginative and youthful. You love to surround yourself with creativity and a carefree atmosphere. Having an independent personality makes you fearless and a highly intelligent communicator.


Left: penmyblog; Right: Orly Green With Envy, PHP425.00/~USD7.82 (

Green is a dynamic colour that matches your energetic yet composed character. You are down-to-earth but you get excited easily at every opportunity for an adventure. Sometimes, you're also a bit superstitious, preferring colours that are known to bring good luck.


Left: leannelow; Right: Orly Indie Nail Polish, PHP425/~USD7.82 (

Women who go for blue are described as composed and sincere people. Friends are loyal to you because of your trustworthy personality. You appreciate people who respect your need for peace because you love to dive deep into your thoughts. This makes you mysterious to others but this helps you think out of the box when dealing with daily life.


Left: stilettoesdiva; Right: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Orchid-ing, PHP350/~USD6.66 (

If you love purple nails or bright neon toes, you are an artistic individual with a strong sense of self. You live in the moment without being afraid of taking risks because of your optimistic mindset. Others describe you as the perfect friend thanks to your gentle and approachable vibe. People always go to you for support because of your open-mindedness and non-judgmental attitude.

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With that said, here are ways to give your hair a little more lovin’.

Choose what to use

We’re sure you already have a skincare routine, one that consists of several steps that make use of only the best products. We research the ingredients we use for our skincare a lot. Why not do the same for our hair and scalp? After all, our scalp is still skin. We cleanse our faces with the best products. Shouldn’t the same be done for our scalp?

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Go gentle

It could be because it was what we were taught, but we’re sure you once thought that something potent must be good for your hair. If it’s strong, it’s good for cleansing, right? Well, not really. It’s possible to use something gentle but effective, like in the case of the Pantene Micellar Shampoo. Aside from effectively taking away the nasties from your hair, it also retains your scalp’s natural moisture. So you can be sure you won’t have dry, itchy, flaky scalp in the long run. Packed with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula, your hair will also be thicker and stronger.

Don’t forget to condition

Wet, lather, rinse and repeat can’t cut it anymore. For hair that’s healthy — and undeniably gorgeous — conditioning is key. We’ve been taught that you only need to condition your ends because they tend to get drier and more prone to breakage. Shampooing is also meant for just the scalp, they say. But it’s actually important to shampoo and condition from root to tip because impurities are present in all parts of the hair and moisture is needed in all areas as well.

Some conditioners, however, are not suitable to be used on the scalp because they have ingredients that may be too harsh or can cause dandruff. So choose one that’s gentle enough for the entire hair. With the Pantene Micellar Conditioner, you get to nourish your hair from the root to the tips with the help of its ultra-gentle formulation. And the result is hair that’s soft, smooth and healthy.

Listen to your hair’s needs

Just like in skincare, the needs of our hair differ depending on many factors. A good rule of thumb when it comes to finding the right product for you — whether it’s for your face or hair — is to listen to it. The Pantene Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner gives you the liberty to choose according to your hair’s concerns. The Pure and Cleansed line, infused with refreshing cucumber, is perfect for those with normal hair. Meanwhile, the Pure and Moist line, packed with moisturising aloe vera, is great for those who have dry hair.

And once you’ve found the right product, stick to it. With the desire for results, we often don’t wait until the product works its wonders on our skin. After some time, we relegate it as a sham. The same case goes for our hair care! Make sure you use the shampoo and conditioner you choose until your hair concern is resolved. Switching between different products and using ones that don’t target the same problems at the same time often lead to more problems.

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