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The human race has been fascinated with animals since the dawn of time. In the age of the Internet, we can now take an interest in the lives of animals from all corners of the world, thanks to the efforts of their human companions, and the power of social media. If you're an animal lover, check out these adorable accounts that have been dominating the non-human population of cyberspace.


Kicking off this lovely list is none other than Juniperfoxx, the account that tries their hardest to provide a thorough understanding of how foxes (and other wild rescued animals) live and survive in captivity. With her vulpine family currently at three foxes — Juniper, Fig and baby Elmwood — owner Jessika has her hands full managing their shenanigans and educating the public on animal welfare and conservation.


Boasting 1.8 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Maya is arguably the most famous Samoyed on social media. Maya brings joy to millions of people all over the world with her adorable antics and meme-style content, lovingly curated by her human. Maya also shares tips on raw feeding, training and adventures to neighbouring European countries to meet her fellow animal friends.


Unlike most lazy felines, Suki the Bengal cat is ready to take on the great unknown. With 1.6 million fans, this bold cat takes you on adventures with every post. Suki's account documents the beauty of nature while sniffing around the Canadian countryside with her owners, who strongly advocate bringing your cat along with you as you explore the world, no matter how many weird looks you get. From fresh forest streams to snow-capped mountain views, Suki is always hungry for more.

Maple & Morty

These two are the epitome of sibling rivalry, with sweet, shy Morty getting the short end of the stick most times, while sister Sass Queen Maple reigns supreme over their house and their humans. Their hilarious antics are often caught on camera, peppered with captions that easily turn into memes for the enjoyment of other humans around the world.

Mr. Bagel

If you’re looking for an unusual furry friend to love forever, Mr. Bagel encourages you to adopt, as well as live an anti-fur life so he and his brethren may live long happy lives. Aside from being an activist, Mr Bagel also enjoys grocery shopping, napping, snacking and posing for the cutest headshots you ever did see.

(Cover photo from: @juniperfoxx)



Most people would pick the colour black as their go-to outfit colour. While it's sometimes considered bland and boring, it definitely offers boundless possibilities in terms of styling. That said, here are some great outfit choices as styled by the Clozette Community using the colour black. 

(Cover photo from: astrityas)

Shop these black outfits to set the mood!

For the most part of fashion history, vests were worn by men — until women saw the potential of the piece. Now, these sleeveless garments are a wardrobe staple for many ladies the world over. Vests, however, can be quite tricky to wear no matter your gender. For us gals, the challenge lies in its flimsy coverage and boxy silhouette. However, there are ways to overcome these. Keep reading for five easy and fashionable ways to wear a vest.

Go for a fitted vest

Pink Vest Suit
Pink Vest Suit
Pink Vest Suit
Pink Vest Suit
Pink Vest Suit
(Photo from: Leannelow)

Fitted vests that hug your body is a great option for petite ladies. They showcase your body shape instead of it being drowned by the boxy silhouette of a traditional vest. These tailored pieces also pair well easily with slacks, dressy shorts or a knee-length pencil skirt.

Dare to wear a printed vests

Printed Vest
(Photo from: QingPineda)

Talk about a real fashion statement! If you want a splash of print or a pop of colour, adding a printed vest to your ensemble is the way to go. Just remember to wear it with something plain or simple so as not to overpower the beautiful prints of the vest.

Beginner? Pick the vest dress

Long Vest Dress
(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

For those who are just getting into the vest fashion, a long vest is a recommended piece to start with. It can be worn just like any dress, just make sure that it's long enough to offer coverage (better if the length is close to the knees). Simply pair it with some stylish mules and a nice purse and you're good to go for the office or a casual hangout. The vest dress can also be paired with some dressy shorts or stylish slacks. 

Layer with a denim vest

Denim Vest
(Photo from: Aldora_Muses)

The denim vest is definitely one of the most popular vest options. No matter what your basic outfit is, it will just look much cooler when you layer a denim vest. Wear it with jeans or over a little black dress to give your whole ensemble an instant glam rock appeal.

The little black vest

Long Black Vest
(Photo from: Enabelle)

If you manage to get your hands on a nice tailored black vest, hold on to it!  A black vest basically goes with almost anything, whether casual or dressy. This seemingly ordinary piece will give your ensemble an instant upgrade and can make the day's look instantly feel elegant and sophisticated.

(Cover photo from: StilettoesDiva)

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