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The month of October is known worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, more than ever, the Breast Cancer Foundation, Health Promotion Board, National Cancer Centre Singapore, National University Cancer Institute Singapore and Singapore Cancer Society want to remind everyone and make it known that Every Woman Matters.

Get tested

According to the latest cancer registry report, 1 out of 14 women in Singapore will develop the condition before the age of 75. One woman somewhere in the world is diagnosed with the disease every 19 seconds. And as with any health condition, timing is everything. Early detection helps in treating the condition. Every woman matters, and so every woman should go out and get tested — or at the very least, do self-testing. 

Find support

It has been proven time and again that when women come together, great things happen. Through The Young Women's Network, women aged 44 and below who have developed the disease can find pillars, in the form of other women, to lean on to. 

The role of men and corporations

Going through a serious health condition like this does not only affect the person whose health is in question but also the men and boys in her life. Through the Wear The Pink Ribbon Campaign, men can show their solidarity with women through donning a pink ribbon designed by DDB Group Singapore. 

Corporations can also advocate for the early testing of the women in their workplace. Understanding and support for women who are undergoing treatment is also a crucial part in showing solidarity. 

Walk with them

Show your support by walking with women who have been diagnosed or undergoing treatment at the Pink Ribbon Walk, which will happen on 6 October at the Singapore Sports Hub, OCBC Square.

Show that you believe that Every Woman Matters. Learn more about the initiative here.



It's a new month! September swung by so fast, didn't it? Are you ready for new and exciting things October will bring? Let's kick it off with some of the latest and hottest news in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Origins makeup

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Origins is known for its botanical skincare offerings, but they've broken into the makeup scene through a line of lipsticks. Their Blooming Bold lipsticks are made with flowers — crushed petals, repurposed buttery flower waxes from perfumeries and flower honeys.

Designed by an Angel

Filipino actress Angel Locsin has collaborated with Avon Fashions on a collection of bags. With the modern Filipina in mind, she designed styles that can be used from day to night.

Nike's new Air Max 270

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Nike has just released a new colourway for their Air Max 270 and it's inspired by a certain Southeast Asian country. Can you guess which one?


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Estee Lauder Companies wants to not only bring awareness to the disease but also put an end to it. Support the campaign by going here. Learn how Estee Lauder and your favourite beauty products can help here.

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Look back at what happened last week here.



Fashion plays a huge role in human history and culture. It may seem like a 'vain' and 'snooty' industry to some,  but it truly shapes many things — from trends to fabrics to even advocacies manifested on the runway. This is why whenever a change in its major players or dynamics become present, people have polarising opinions. One perfect example is what happened in this year's SS19 run of the highly anticipated Paris Fashion Week. 

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that French fashion brand CELINE lost the accent in its logo in line with Hedi Slimane taking the reins from Phoebe Philo as the label's new Creative Director. Slimane's masculine and hard-edged aesthetic — as well as his liking for identity turnarounds for houses he's taking charge of — is dominantly present in his previous stints at Dior Homme from 2000 to 2007 and at YSL (now Saint Laurent, thanks to him) from 2012 to 2016. With this, the alteration of both CELINE's logo and creative direction, considering its 73 years in the business, signalled a new era to its patrons. 

But while we already expected changes in the French label's 'female philosophy' style from Philo's decade-long run, this year's collection truly came as a shock to both fashion enthusiasts and the brand's long-term consumers. The brand's previously femme-centric, trendy chic and colour-induced pieces were replaced with sleek, androgynous looks, complete with a noir-esque palette and grungey appeal. 

As expected, many people went to Twitter to express their take on this complete fashion house overhaul.

Someone noted that Slimane should just stick to what he's good at — menswear. 


Another user seemed to agree and even went as far as saying 'RIP' to the brand. 


One pinned it down to a simple Human Resources issue. 


Apart from these tweets, a lot of people noted that it's not just the physical changes in the label that disturb them, it is also the fact that the 96-look collection is subversive to the label's previous 'what women want' and 'female first' ideology. The move was considered an antithesis of feminism as the catwalk was ruled by the menswear line, with female designs that people claim are 'offensive,' 'lazy,' and 'obviously subject to the male gaze'. It was also called out for 'whitewashing' and 'promoting toxic masculinity'.

However, other onlookers have noted that Slimane's CELINE is actually interesting as it does not simply adopt its predecessor's legacy. It was also made clear that the menswear pieces that seemed to have stolen the spotlight in this year's showcase are also available in women's sizing as if to signal the 'designs for all' and 'gender inclusive' catch to the collection. People also noted that Slimane's signature designs actually have its own 'cult following', so it would not necessarily result in the label's downfall. Most highlighted that Slimane takes the 'ready-to-wear' approach to his designs wherever he goes, making it more accessible to consumers and even more profitable to brands. 


Even personalities like Lady Gaga and K-pop star CL (of 2NE1 fame) showed their support for this new era by donning the collection's new pieces prior to their runway debut. Social media maven Bryanboy also expressed his opinion on the growing issue by tweeting "Phoebe Celine is dead. Get over it," firmly going by the principle that fashion is ever-changing and it's always been that way. 


"Even bad press is good press" is an expression that has always been well-tied to the fashion industry. This is why even the craziest fashion pieces ever created continuously get sold out even when we think people should know better. And we're sure it's the same with this 'new' CELINE. All the buzz it's getting just got more and more people anticipating Slimane's next move. Whether or not old patrons of the brand stick with this rebranding, the experimental and 'darker' take on the label has definitely piqued the interest of newer audiences. We may not be sure if this will continue to be an issue in the Fashion Weeks to come, but we know we'd be keeping tabs on the French brand. The question is: will you continue to watch out for Slimane's CELINE, too?

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