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Pond's Unlocks The Secret To Clear Skin

As our way of life continues to evolve, so do the factors that contribute to various skin concerns such as acne. Due to increased pollution, weather changes, and stress levels that are off the charts, more women today are facing “modern acne”, also known as adult acne.

Modern acne is not caused by fluctuating hormones, but by pore-clogging dirt, diets, and bacteria. And sadly, typical over-the-counter acne treatments can’t banish them for good since these types of pimples have “evolved” as well, becoming more complex and resistant to medication.

Luckily, the Pond’s Institute discovered all this and created the Pond’s Acne Clear range, a 2-step regimen that will make acne a thing of the past. Powered by the newly discovered Thymo-T essence, which penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to zap away acne from the root, women will now be able to see a difference in as little as 3 days!

Launched at SM Fashion Hall last 2nd August 2016 in the Philippines, below are the highlights from the sneak peek of these exciting new products!


Beauty demonstration

Pond’s Beauty Council Member and Acne Clear endorser Julia Barretto was joined onstage by fellow Pond’s Ambassadors Alexa Ilacad and Claudia Barretto to give a quick demo on how easy it is to get clear, blemish-free skin using the Acne Clear Facial Foam and Leave-On Expert Clearing Gel. With just 1 regimen, 2 easy steps, and 3 days, you can already have a blemish-free complexion!

Fabulous squad

But that wasn't all! After the beauty demonstrations, Julia, Alexa, and Claudia were joined by the rest of the Pond’s Beauty Ambassadors: Nicole Andersson, Patricia Prieto, Tricia Gosingtian, and Kryz Uy; all flaunting their gorgeous complexions, thanks to Pond's. Can you say #SquadGoals?

Sneak peek of the range

But of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without the guests getting a look at the Acne Clear range; and taking home their own set! Who's excited to try these out?