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For beauty lovers like us, luck is in finding the right colour of foundation or discovering a skincare product that actually works. But did you know that when it comes to luck in life, you can also factor in beauty?

The Chinese use fengshui to guide them in making sure that they get the most out of life. But while we're more used to the side of fengshui that involves house decoration, its teachings also apply to beauty.

So to welcome the Chinese New Year, we asked the help of Way Fengshui Group to guide us in finding out which types of looks to don and what beauty trends to subscribe to for good luck. Here's what we learnt.


Get bright

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In fengshui, it is advised to put on makeup depending on your facial features. But since the economy in the Year of the Rooster is perceived to decline, you can try to brighten up your mood by wearing light colours all over your face. A few things to try are an ombre look for the lip, glowy and rosy cheeks, and a touch of blue and green on your peepers.

If you're inclined to wear dark colours, though, don't worry. Shying away from bright colours won't diminish your luck.

Brows on fleek

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Keeping brows on fleek became a colossal trend last year. But did you know that your brows can also affect your life in general? The brows affect one's charisma, which in turn affects one's ability to attract wealth, career, and romance. So groom your brows to suit your features.

For fans of the Korean style of grooming the brows, though, there's bad news. Straight brows are said to invite bad “tao hua,” which means you may attract people who do not exactly have good intentions.


Flawless base

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Flaunting clear, bright skin is everyone's dream. Apparently, there's also good luck in having good skin. Blemish-free skin, especially on the forehead, gives you the ability to attract powerful mentors and gain insights into important things. So start paying more attention to your skincare routine for a flawless base for your makeup.

Try minimalism

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Contouring and excessive highlighting were all the rage last year. While it's always fun to play with makeup, the principles of fengshui advise that we apply colour to our faces in moderation. Enhance features instead of covering them up in order to let your personality shine through.


Contour for luck

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Wearing minimal makeup is advised, but you can also opt to contour when necessary. Those with flat chins are said to be prone to bullying. You can counter the bad by contouring to make your face more V-shaped, but make sure not to make your chin look too sharp as these people tend to be the object of jealousy.


Curious to know which trends will rise this year? Here's a list of our predictions.



Last year, we had a blast feasting our eyes on mind-blowing beauty and fashion trends. From mattes and tons of glitter to nudes and avant-garde shades taking the spotlight, the beauty and fashion industry became really diverse. We figured 2016 was just the beginning, though. 

Since it's a new year, we can't help but anticipate bigger and better things to come in terms of beauty and style trends. 

In keeping with our way of delivering the latest in fashion and beauty, we came up with our list of predictions for how 2017 will shape future trends. 


Crazy for curls

Just like what everyone said in 2016, stick straight hair is so 10 years ago. That's why we're calling it -- this year, tighter and bolder curls (think corkscrew and coiled locks!) will take center stage once more and become the base for all the crazy hair trends that will emerge. 

Still crossing over nudes and bolds

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No one really suspected that when nude shades became the biggest thing early last year, it would share the crown with big, bright, and bold colours -- but hey, it happened! From mixing and matching wild and loud prints with muted tones and pieces to balancing a pastel-inspired beauty look with a strong, monochromatic ensemble, we're still expecting a myriad of paradoxical yet pleasant trends to make its way both on the runways and the streets.
A new wave in skincare

K-beauty continuously takes the world by storm with the philosophy that the secret to an amazing beauty look is an extensive and effective skincare routine. And if ampoules and face masks made their way into our daily regimens last year, we are definitely counting on revamped versions of serums, emulsions, and even entire skincare kits to hit the market in the months to come. 

The 80's making a major comeback

Denims, chokers, and '90s grunge, in general, made their resurgence in 2016, which made us hope and yearn for more throwback trends to hit the runway once more. And one era that hugely influenced the modern fashion scene is none other than the '80s. We already have crop tops and animal prints present, so this year, why not make power suits, funky (faux) fur, chunky accessories, and even scrunchies a thing again? Give it a modern twist, perhaps?


Speaking of trends, give 2017's Pantone Colour Of The Year a try with these styling tips!



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