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Vlogger Marzia Bisognin or more popularly known by her username CutiePieMarzia shocked the YouTube community this week by announcing that she's quitting the platform, leaving behind 7.5 million subscribers. Although it was surprising to her fans, Marzia shares that she has been thinking of going a different path for some time now. "All I have is this feeling that it is time for me to try something new in my life," Marzia said in her farewell video. It was six years ago when Marzia started uploading videos on her channel covering fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. What started as a hobby suddenly became a profitable, full-time career, which was nothing but groundbreaking at the time. 

Marzia was not the first to get some time off the limelight. From Colleen Ballinger of Miranda Sings to Natalie Tran of Community Channel, several personalities have taken a break from uploading new content. To many, giving up such a huge following especially when so many aspiring creators are struggling to cultivate an audience is quite ridiculous. But considering the toll on their mental health and their personal goals, it's not at all an absurd idea. It can even be seen as a natural progression of a creative career. Maybe in order to grow, you must start anew. It's been seen time and again, like how Audrey Hepburn left acting to work with UNICEF and recently with the Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger leaving the giant social media app to the hands of Facebook to explore something else. 

Many have theorised that notable vloggers quitting YouTube is a sign that the platform is meeting its end. However, that may not be the case at all. Every day, there are countless aspiring vloggers who upload their content on the site so YouTube is far from being irrelevant. You can say that what is happening is simply a passing of the torch from an older generation to a new one. 

Despite working with the same platform, the new breed of vloggers are entering an entirely different landscape, with stricter restrictions on what videos should be monetised and which ones should be banned, and often these regulations are not clearly defined. Not to mention that there's a new rule that one should have at least 10,000 lifetime views in order to be eligible for their partner program — a far cry from the early days of YouTube where even micro vloggers can make money. There's also the problem of content saturation and the pressure to showcase originality in an environment where similar videos pop up every hour. 

With all these considered, is becoming a successful YouTube vlogger still an attainable dream? Of course, provided that you're dedicated to uploading regularly to accommodate the algorithm that favours users who upload frequently. Like anything in life, having the talent combined with a perseverance to constantly improve yourself is vital but still, it's not a guaranteed recipe for success in vlogging. In the end, you'll never really know for sure until you try. But one thing is for sure, with veteran vloggers taking a break, there are empty seats to be filled.

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It’s been a while since we’ve been in college, but some pieces from our wardrobe essentials back then still stay with us. Think comfy cardigans and denim jackets, cute shorts with just the right length to follow dress codes, some polo shirts, tees and dresses that are both stylish and presentable for class.

We may not wear some of these pieces as much anymore, but they still make perfect weekend and holiday outfits. Make the most out of your current wardrobe pieces and try these chic college girl-inspired ensembles for your upcoming vacation.

For cafe hopping in Bangkok 

The Elder Statesman cropped cashmere cardigan, USD1,615 (net-a-porter.com); Michael MICHAEL KORS Pointelle-trimmed cotton-poplin midi dress, USD175 (net-a-porter.com); Stuart Weitzman LessNudist suede sandals, USD400 (net-a-porter.com); ASHLEY SUMMER CO Honeycomb Woven Rattan Shoulder Bag - Beach Straw Basket Bag, SGD89/~USD64.89 (zalora.sg

The cafe scene in Bangkok is vibrant, so make sure you partake in it. Wear something that will let you move around the metro easily. Another thing to consider is the humid Bangkok weather, so opt for lightweight fabrics and sleeveless cuts like your favourite midi dresses. Don’t forget to bring along your knit cardigan from college for warmth once you enter the air-conditioned cafes.

For museum visits in Osaka

T BY ALEXANDER WANG ribbed wool turtleneck sweater, USD275 (net-a-porter.com); Miss Selfridge Yellow Grey Check Pinafore Dress, GBP35/~USD45.68 (missselfridge.com); RENÉ CAOVILLA crystal-embellished jersey over-the-knee sock boots, USD1,090 (net-a-porter.com); Gucci GG Marmont quilted leather belt bag, USD1,100 (net-a-porter.com); CLYDE rohmer wool-felt beret, USD95 (net-a-porter.com

Osaka may be less bustling than Tokyo, but it has its own charm. Aside from the Universal Studios and Dotonbori area, the city is also home to Japan’s most interesting museums and historical landmarks. Spare a day to visit the most popular ones like the Osaka Castle, Mint Museum, and Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, which showcases a recreation of Osaka’s street scenery during the Edo Period and many more.

Put on your favourite pinafore dress together with a sleek long-sleeved turtleneck top. If you’re visiting during the summer, sock boots will do, but if you’re visiting in winter, simply swap it for leather boots. Add in fun pieces like a beret and a belt bag to complete the look.

For food trips in Taipei 

Miu Miu striped ribbed wool sweater, USD595 (net-a-porter); Madewell denim mini skirt, USD80 (net-a-porter.com); Alexander McQueen suede-trimmed leather exaggerated-sole sneakers, USD575 (net-a-porter.com); Dolce & Gabbana Sicily small textured-leather backpack, USD1,375 (net-a-porter.com

To say that Taipei is a foodie haven is an understatement. From Ximending to Shilin Night Market, there are so many unique and innovative food offerings like pig’s blood cake, stinky tofu and torched beef cubes. Ready your palates for one-of-a-kind dishes because you can’t expect less from the birthplace of the popular boba milk tea!

With Taipei’s convenient public transportation, you can easily hop from one food hub to another. Just make sure that you’re dressed comfortably because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. For this, pair your trusty denim skirt with a snug, printed tee and sneakers. It’s a relaxed, Instagram-worthy outfit that’s perfect for this trip.

For nature day trips in Melbourne 

Balenciaga faux shearling-trimmed denim jacket, USD1,950 (net-a-porter.com); Tibi gingham cady slim-leg pants, USD395 (net-a-porter.com); SEE BY CHLOÉ Leather-trimmed suede ankle boots, USD445 (net-a-porter.com); Victoria Beckham Eva leather bag, USD1,510 (net-a-porter.com

For tropical ladies like us, Melbourne’s climate can be unforgivingly chilly; even in the summer season, the average temperature is just around 16 to 24 degrees Celsius. And because Melbourne is famous for its nature day trips, you’re most likely going to find yourself outside most of the time.

Whether you’re going on a Yarra Valley winery tour or visiting the lush forest scenery in Dandenongs, you should bundle up to avoid the chills. Put on your old denim jacket or college hoodie over a cosy tee and match it with something fashionable like gingham pants and combat boots.

For beach outings in Cebu

Vivienne Westwood pianist cotton-poplin shirt, USD375 (net-a-porter.com); Rachel Zoe Miley sequined crepe shorts, USD295 (net-a-porter.com); Saint Laurent logo-embossed textured-leather espadrilles, USD495 (net-a-porter.com); Wicker Wings Kuai rattan and leather tote, USD435 (net-a-porter.com), Moncler aviator-style rose gold-tone sunglasses, USD390 (net-a-porter.com)

Remember those loose buttoned-down shirts that you used to wear for project and thesis presentations? We hope you didn’t get rid of them! There are countless ways to style them so they’ll look more casual and chic. One way is to use it as a swimsuit cover-up or as an off-shoulder top. Pair it with cute tropical-printed shorts and espadrilles for that sophisticated resorts vibe that will fit in well with Cebu’s carefree beach scene.

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Who knew that the very shoes you choose to wear on a regular basis actually say something about your personality. Like Christian Louboutin said, “A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes."

So in this guide, we decode your personality depending on the pair you fancy.


Sneakers are the adventurers of shoes because out and about, you will always find them. Women in these kicks are known to be open-minded and extroverted, with highly artistic traits and skills in multitasking. 


(Photo from: Sheiladytiu)

Oxfords, loafers and ballet flats are versatile shoes that can be worn both in formal and casual settings. Women who wear these kinds of pairs are strong, focused and know exactly what they want. Their strong personality tends to intimidate others so they often find themselves limited to a small circle of friends. For those who see them for who they truly are, know that they are actually humble and modest individuals.

High heels

(Photo from: Jaxlyx)

Subconsciously, pumps and stiletto lovers view themselves as the queen or the boss for being success-driven and highly confident individuals. It takes courage to last the whole day walking in high heels, resulting in unpredictable behaviours for those who are tough enough to wear them. This is because they have gone through many challenges that made them survivors and independent people.

Low heels

Low platforms, wedges and block heels are the passive sisters of high heels. These women are calm in nature and prefer to avoid conflict by living a practical lifestyle that allows them to be flexible and able to compromise. They are straightforward people, but they are quite the romantic and more sociable than others, so they have stronger relationships.


The most casual shoes like flip-flops or slides can be found worn by laidback people who just want to go with the flow. Due to their friendly nature, their friends often describe them as sweet and understanding. But there's a tendency that strangers think they are quite spontaneous and unconventional because of their carefree attitude, which sets them apart from societal norms.


(Photo from: MariaElaine)

Boots were designed for protection in extreme conditions like the weather and rough terrains. Similarly, women who wear these shoes are analytical and strategic planners. They have an assertive attitude because of their desire to live a grounded and practical lifestyle. This makes them skilled in making clear and rational decisions.

Clogs or mules

These types of shoes are often found to be worn by healthcare professionals such as nurses or food preppers such as chefs because they are easy to slip on and move around in. Beyond that, it’s no surprise that women who wear these pairs are nurturing and generous with a big heart for serving others. They are also down-to-earth with a strong lust for life, often seen surrounded by nature and optimistic people.

(Cover photo from: Sheiladytiu)

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